Menu for meet and greet family reunion

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menu for meet and greet family reunion

A Family Reunion ~ A chance to share our history. A reason to celebrate our past. as a family. ~ Sections of this quote would make lovely title phrases for your. Cooking a meal for a large group (family reunion or otherwise) takes planning and stamina. Here's a handy guide to food quantities and food safety, and advice . Day of Arrival – Meet & Greet in our. Lush Garden Atrium. Family Dinner and Dance in. Our Beautiful Ballroom. Have some Fun and Picnic at one of our.

Making individual sandwiches take WAY too long and require too many people in the kitchen. You want something quick that your hungry family members can grab and go so you can get on with your family reunion activities. These can be made earlier in the day and be stored in an air-tight container or bag for later.

You can cut them into pinwheels or serve by slicing in half. These are especially great if you are planning to do a family lunch at the park or lake. An easy, on-the-go lunch for your busy family reunion schedule! Makes depending on the size of wrap you use wraps so you will want to double or 1.

Turkey Over Italy Sandwich: This recipe calls for the sandwich to be served on Foccacia bread but when I make this for a family reunion or crowd I will make it on French bread the big loaf you can find fresh daily at the grocery store. This one is definitely a crowd-pleaser because the flavor is fantastic! Just wrap it in plastic wrap and slice it when you get to your destination.

Plan on doing about 1 Lb. To feed 20 with this recipe you will want to quadruple the recipe so 4 French Bread loaves. Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta: This is another great make-ahead recipe. I like to prepare this the night before and toss it with spaghetti noodles then put in bags and refrigerate.

I like this pasta served best COLD or at room temperature.

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If you pull it out the next day and it seems a little dry, just toss it with a little more olive oil and vinegar and you will be set.

I usually do 1 Lb. This recipe makes sandwiches if making into a croissant sandwich or wrap so I suggest tripling or quadrupling this recipe if feeding 20, depending on how big of eaters you have.

I love these wraps for family reunions because you can cook and dice the chicken ahead of time refrigerate after dicing and when it comes time to serve, you toss everything in a big bowl, scoop it, and wrap it. Lunch will be ready in 5 minutes. This recipe is for a small batch so you will want to x the recipe… which is really easy to do.

After a long day of activities and fun, there is a lot of pressure to make a delicious dinner that everyone will love! Here are our favorite dinner ideas for a large group: These are perfect for a large group or family reunion. Everyone can make their own to their liking 2. Not even plates or bowls! These are always a HUGE hit, even with the kids.

Cajun Grilled Foil Packets: This is another great one if you are looking for easy clean-up. Prepare what you can ahead of time and have everyone create their own foil packet. Keep in mind, these may take a while to cook through so have everyone start making their packets about an hour before you are wanting to eat. Have each person write their name with a permanent marker on their packets so they can find their own packet easily when it comes off the fire.

You will want to 5x this recipe to serve 20 people. This is one we had this all the time growing up. Our mom would cook up the meat a day or two ahead of time and freeze it and then thaw and heat the day of the meal. We would just need to bring the shredded beef, toppings, and tortilla shells and we were set. You can read more about it on the actual recipe. If making for 20 people, you will want to triple the recipe.

This chili is awesome when making for a big crowd. You can easily use the huge restaurant-sized cans in place of the smaller cans just switch out straight across. If using the large cans, you will probably want to use Lbs. This will actually serve people so if you are aiming for 20 people, x the original recipe.

You can make this ahead of time and freeze in freezer bags or just cook the meat and onions ahead of time and leave everything else in the cans— totally up to you depending on how you want to transport it all if making ahead. This is one that MANY people have used our recipe for to feed a large crowd see the comments section of this recipe and you will see what I am talking about and I am getting e-mails all the time on how to double and triple it.

So let me break it down for you right here and right now. For a group of 20 you will want to 4x the sweet pork make things easy on yourself and make and shred the pork ahead of time— it freezes greatx the rice, 5x the beans, x the dressing and get the same number of tortillas as people eating. Plan on about 2 c. I would say get 3 Costco-sized bags of the chopped Romaine and you should be fine. More Recipes for a Crowd Here are some more recipes that are easy to prepare for a large crowd.

Prepare meat ahead of time and freeze! Super easy family reunion meal. Make your life easy and buy some pre-made meatballs in bulk.

Prepare the sauce a day or two ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to use! You can completely make this ahead of time and freeze in disposable foil pans. Thaw and keep the lid on and bake checking after the specified time on the recipe and cooking longer if needed to heat through — 3x for 20 people. Prep hours ahead and have dinner cooking while you play!

You can even cook the rice early and keep in disposable foil pans, refrigerate, and heat in the oven, keeping the lid on, when needed. Some family reunion dinners or lunches you may just want to cook burgers and hot dogs or something quick on the grill, which is great!

Side Dish Recipes Please note: If there will be several sides, you will want to make the recipe as-is and it should easily feed 20 people. This salad is quick to whip up and can be made up to a day ahead of time. If this is the ONLY side dish being served you will actually want to triple this recipe. This is made at every. When making for a family reunion, this can easily be made a day or two ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to serve if it seems too dry when it comes time to serve, just add a splash of milk.

This is another great one that you can make ahead of time and that everyone will LOVE! Chopped Cabbage Salad aka Pai Mai: Cook up the chicken for this a day or so ahead of time and prepare the rest easily the day of!

menu for meet and greet family reunion

You can also make this a day or two early and refrigerate until ready to serve it actually tastes BEST if you do! Here are some great ideas for some easy family reunion snacks that ALL ages will love! This can literally be thrown together in 5 minutes so if you want to make it last-minute, that is totally fine.

menu for meet and greet family reunion

This will also taste great if made a day ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to use. If making for 20 people and you are just throwing it out on the table for people to snack on, you will want to double the recipe. This is a great snack along with accompanying fruit for family reunions.

menu for meet and greet family reunion

We like to make this up ahead of time and serve as a mid-morning snack for the kids adults love it too. Triple this recipe if serving 20 and get LOTS of fruit! This one only takes 3 ingredients. In addition to this, after our reunion was over, I complied the messages into a spreadsheet and sent it out both via mail and email so everyone could see the beautiful messages that were written by each family member.

Smith & Robinson Family Reunion - MEET & GREET PT. 1

After the family reunion, have everyone submit their favorite photo or photos from the reunion. Take these photos and create a digital photo memory book or album. Then you can sell these as a fundraiser for the next reunion or family reunion fund. Trust me your family members will purchase these books.

However, you will have to increase the price to make a profit. Once you find out the total cost for printing each book, including taxes and postage, you can add in an additional amount to factor in a profit.

I have created several family reunion digital photo books for my family and other families as well including the Family Reunion Memory Book… and these books sell like hotcakes! They certainly deserve the highest honor and the highest praise. They are true heroes. I was elated and my heart leaped with joy back in October when President Obama announced that the nine year War in Iraq was coming to an end and our troops were coming home.

Beginning inwe begin a special recognition to honor and salute our family members who were serving. We set up a display table which was decorated in patriotic colors which had photos of each family member who was serving. In addition, on our banquet night we had the hotel to set a banquet table for them. No was allowed to sit at that specific table.

During the banquet program, a special acknowledgment was given for each family member serving and an explanation regarding the empty table. Also, a page was included in each family reunion journal showing their photos as well as a special salute. The photo above is the our Military Honor Board which my sister designed and created for our last reunion. It was displayed on a floor easel at every event except the picnic! Sweepstakes Contest This is certainly one of the gems of our family reunions.


The first fifty 50 adults to pay their reunion fees in full are entered into the Satcher Family Reunion Sweepstakes. The drawing takes place at our Family Heritage Banquet. This is not only a great way to initiate excitement about the reunion but it motiviates family members to get their reunion fees paid early! Coloring Contest Calling all artists and coloring stars! Or should I say, mini-artist! For our little ones ageswe have coloring contest. We simply use one the family specific coloring pages located in their kids activity booklets.

With some pre-planning, actually you could have the parents forward actual photos of the little ones who will be attending the reunion and make coloring pages or sheets using their images.

Be sure to award the these little mini coloring artist as well as display their colored pictures. Click this link to find out how you can create really cool, one-of-a-kind family or family reunion specific coloring pages like the one below. I will be detailing more information about this on a separate forthcoming page on the website. However, the basic concept and idea is a set up a special and separate area, a little village, so to speak, specifically designated just for them.

This village is supplied with coloring books, crayons, games, etc. Poster Contest A poster contest is great idea for a family reunion. We have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Be sure to display the posters at the reunion. Essay Contest An essay contest is wonderful idea to integrate into a family reunion. For my family, we actually have two essay contests. One for ages word essay and one for ages word essay. We provide monetary prizes for this contest.

You will have to formulated and develop rules and guidelines.

menu for meet and greet family reunion

Click this link for information on an ultra unique creative face painting and body art idea for your next family reunion! Fun and meaningful for all ages! The Mic Is Open! Open Mic Family Reunion Idea!

An open mike or open mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone. Incorporate an Open Mic into your next family reunion by opening the mic for family updates by allowing family members to take the mic and personally share their updates, good news, etc with the family…marriages, anniversaries, births, promotions, graduations, scholarships, honor roll, etc.

After all is it not the responsiblility of a family to congratulate and celebrate its own. A creative way to applaud and celebrate your family members accomplishments! Click here for Family Reunion Decorations Ideas, and corresponding activities for a great time. Generational Dance Each generation has had its own unique dances and moves! Have a Generational Dance Night or simply incorporate a Generational Dance into one of your family reunion events. Family members from each generation simply share the dances they did in their generation and teach them to the other generations.

Also, be sure the DJ mixes slow and fast. This will leave your family members not only laughing and smiling but snapping their fingers and humming their favorite tunes throughout the event and after.

menu for meet and greet family reunion