Nami and zoro relationship questions

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nami and zoro relationship questions

Along with Nico Robin, Nami is one of the smartest of the Straw Hats and the relieved to hear that if they helped with Sanji's problems then he would rejoin. AU: Secret relationships and paparazzi! Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/ Friendship - Nami, Luffy - Chapters: 15 - Words: 39, -They sometimes give interviews at the end, so you can ask questions with your reviews. To Zoro, it's because Sanji feels forced into their relationship. And what does Sanji do that makes Zoro questions anything they had from the beginning? Robin waited for Zoro to get up and then both crew members exited.

The crew waited for him to come! Luffy ran further to the Jump studios and ran towards the One Piece section. Only Sanji and Zoro were prepared. Nami-swan kicked me out of her dressing room Luffy ran away to the dressing rooms "He's such an idiot Luffy walked to the dressing room seeing Brook, Chopper and Franky. You can write on them if you want" grinned Luffy "Write on them!

But they are to white Luffy pulled out his jeans and lay in on his chair with his name on it. He put his shorts on and looked into the mirror. He grinned and put his vest on. You only wear a speedo Luffy grinned and turned to his hat.

He smiled seeing his precious hat. It even valued to him even though he only wears it for the show. Luffy put it on his head and looked into the mirror again. He saw Nami's and Robin's reflection and grinned.

nami and zoro relationship questions

Luffy turned and still grinned "Ne, Luffy In the anime, that is It's not for that long right? Brook shrugged his shoulders "That's for Oda-sama to decide" "Yea They ran towards the stage, seeing Usopp, Zoro and Sanji already.

He kept the door open for the other crew members. Luffy his clothes he had after the photo session. Zoro had a thick vest with an easy pants and Nike shoes, Sanji had a white sweater on with a black tie, a not to tight black pants and classy shoes.

Chopper had cute clothes on, just the clothes he always wore. Please read text bubbles from right to left. He protected someone who was a total stranger to him after he saw her determination to save his captain. He is even asking her whether she is injured, and Nami is still surprised to give a proper reply, because she is surprised someone saved her when she thought she is going to die.

If Zoro didn't strike at that moment, Nami could most probably be seriously wounded or even dead. It surprised me to see him saying the pirates are attacking on one girl when he doesn't care about gender. I think that in a way, it was more pointed at them - that the fact men usually don't just attack a girl, and definitely not when her backs are facing them.

It is also nice to know that in this moment, he somehow has "her back". He didn't know who she was, but earlier, he did hear about her from other Buggy pirates and he was honestly amazed by her abilities, he even wondered whether she would join them despite the things he was told about her. Even before he witnessed her abilities, he already acknowledges she must be special to have such an ability. Nami however was very surprised to know that a well-known bounty hunter like Zoro is actually a pirate's friend and despite knowing his bad reputation, she haven't shown to be afraid of him.

She can't understand why a pirate hunter could want to become a pirate.

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However, she immediately categorizes him as one because of his relationship with Luffy. That is also why his later actions surprise her so much - despite the fact he was a pirate, he still decided to carry his captain in a cage although he was injured. Knowing a pirate hunter is now a pirate, and then witnessing his resolve to go to such lenghts to save his pirate captain - these two moments are moments where Nami's opinion of pirates were shaken once again previously it was with Luffy - when Luffy hinted her not all the pirates are the same and this time even more greatly because Zoro's actions were really extreme.

As if it wasn't enough, she has showed to worry about his injuries despite knowing each other not long. It is very strange how Nami reacted, because whenever she hears about someone dangerous, the first thing she does is being terrified by that person.

And yet, she didn't react that way and not only did she worry about him, she is also close to him and they have conversations going. Later, she even tells Luffy to leave Zoro alone because he is still injured.

Nami sits next to Zoro and he doesn't mind it in the slightest. Although Zoro and Nami got along well, it can't be said that Zoro trusted her completely. After all, the thing Zoro heard Nami say is that she is a thief, and if Luffy didn't say she is their navigator, Zoro wouldn't even remember what he heard about those Buggy pirates. Knowing she can steal treasures is something to be already suspicious of, but the fact Nami used him to get out of an oil floor doesn't really help either.

Zoro declares he will teach her a lesson or even kill her - note that he is very angry. However, when he later shows up, he shows these emotions only momentarily and eventually, he stops being angry anymore. Despite the fact he didn't trust her completely because of that, he still cares about her - it is seen in many snippets - he takes one of Usopp's shot to protect Usopp and Nami from harm, he is concerned about her as he is seen to be a bit distracted by her when she starts running from her hiding place and lastly, he immediately tells Nami to duck when an object was flying towards her.

His distrust towards her however seem to never slow him down in his reactions as he immediately reacts or warns her. What is the most interesting is the fact Nami understood Zoro very quickly despite knowing him shortly.

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She realized that the moment Zoro was shot by Usopp was because he tried to protect them. Since Zoro didn't have all three swords with him, he had troubles fighting the enemies. By this point, Nami already knows he is very strong and she believes he would be able to turn the tables in their favour if he had all three swords with him.

What does she do to help him? She knows that if she won't do anything, all of them will be killed and thus, she puts her life on the line and decides to take back Zoro's swords from the enemies since Usopp is wounded too.

What's also interesting to note is the fact how both of them think similarly here - Zoro thinks and wishes he needs at least one more sword and Nami thinks and decides she has to get his swords back if the situation goes on. Although she didn't handle his swords with much care, Zoro is still very glad and thankful she was able to get them for him.

From her actions, despite his distrust, it's clear that she is a good person and Zoro knows that. He saw her putting her life on the line just for the sake of getting his swords back. And I definitely like how both of them are smiling from Nami's success. The next important moment for their relationship is when Nami indeed does do something to abuse their trust they had towards her - she leaves with all their treasures and Going Merry. Zoro is clearly taken by it and he is angry for letting his guard down around her.

No matter how I look at it, he was already starting to fully trust her, but this was shaken with Nami running away and stealing from them. When Zoro goes after Nami to take her back, he encounters Arlong's pirate crew. Zoro clearly doesn't like the guy and he tells him he is here to look for a single woman, betray or not.

He was there mainly because of Luffy's orders - remember, the guy was earlier angry with Nami who ran from them with all their treasures. And yet, when Zoro finally finds her, his face clearly says he is very shocked and surprised.

He can't believe Nami could be a part of Arlong's crew and he also questions her about it, asking her whether what she is saying is truly her true self.

I don't know what exactly was on his mind by this moment, but the fact he asked her whether this is her true self implies he is trying to cool his head and think this situation through.

He didn't immediately jump in what she said and he suspected she could be lying and not saying truth. After all, why else would he still notice a change of her expression?

If he already believed every shit she just spouted, he wouldn't have a care for the face she made. If he truly didn't trust her like he claims here, why else would he jump in the pool knowing full well Nami could just leave him be?

He already found hard to believe Nami would be a part of a crew with Arlong, but her changed expression after Arlong accused her of being a witch was something that ensured him the most that she is not so cold Arlong described her to be. By jumping in the pool Zoro was probably trying to test out Nami's trust and you know what, he was right. He knew she was trying to act though and he not only saw through it, he even pointed it at her. That must have frustrated Nami a lot, knowing someone she thought she could deceive in the end wasn't deceived by her and he even points out her flaws in there.

This is also an important moment where Zoro was able to very deeply understand Nami 1 although he didn't know her too long 2 and even though all the facts about Nami betraying them was pointing at him, he didn't believe it completely.

More than anything, Zoro never truly knew what happened exactly in her past, he was truly just observing what happened here and there and he must have realized Arlong had something to do with the death of Nami's parent too. Aside from the trust, he has also shown a lot in previous times that he cares about her and he knows she is a good and caring person after all.

The swordsman is later freed from the prison thanks to Nami and she tells him to leave the place but? Zoro didn't do so, because apparently, he has nothing to do outside of there.

Only after he says that line does he also add he promised Luffy to bring her back. Something tells me Zoro already decided to save her or at least defeat Arlong, promise or not. Zoro later decides to go and save Usopp because Arlong wasn't present in the park.

When it is revealed Nami probably killed Usopp and she even declares it, Zoro rans towards her. This is one of the most rocky moments these two have. However, what I find interesting here is that he knows Nami can put a facade in other to save herself and her friends too - and this facade is something Zoro already saw through previously.

He knows Nami is pretending here again, and because he has enough of it, he charges at her in order to wipe that facade off her face. However, he is stopped by Sanji who as Zoro said, doesn't know much in the first place. If Zoro was truly so angry at Nami for killing Usopp and he wanted to kill her, why doesn't he show to be angry anymore when Sanji asks him about what Nami previously said?

Instead, he is smirking a bit, and what he states implies he didn't truly believed what Nami said either. As if I didn't say it.

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Besides, he already suspects Arlong is the cause and the death of Nami's parent played a role here too. The only thing he didn't know is the fact Nami was trying to buy back her village from Arlong - but on the other hand, knowing him, he could be smart enough to realize Arlong was doing something not so good to her village.

All the time during their fight against Arlong, the crew has shown how much they care about Nami, and I find a moment where Zoro shows Nami that Arlong is going down to be extremely nice. However, the most surprising moment was when Arlong took Zoro's bandages.

It is clear from Nami's face she is very worried about Zoro's wounds and she realizes he has lied to her about it earlier in order to protect her.

If Zoro told her he got his wound from a Shichibukai, I doubt Nami would be able to hit him in his wound, which however would make her more suspicious to the Arlong. He knew that Nami has a soft spot when it comes to these - she has shown to be very worried about his wounds that weren't that serious like this one and if she knew how serious this one was, there is no way Arlong would be able to trust her. After Nami saw the excess of his wounds, she must have felt guilty for hitting him there.

In the battle, Zoro is seriously injured and he is shown to be unable to fight. However, when an officer Nezumi shows up, Zoro doesn't like the guy's actions at all. He catches him with ease and he tells him the guy isn't really nice for trying to ruin the moment where people were celebrating.

No matter how I look at it, Zoro was seriously angry that someone was trying to ruin the moment where Nami was truly freed from Arlong, his severe injuries weren't that significant to him at that moment at all.

To the point they shouldn't. Nami's first victim in her money schemes is Zoro who needed to borrow some money in other to buy swords. However, he definitely lowered his guard around her as he totally didn't catch her talking about interest - while Nami is very happy he fell for it what a sly move Nami-san!

Zoro is however the first and only victim who Nami happilly lended her money to without the past debts as he by that point didn't do anything he has to repay her for. A Reverse Mountain arc is a very important arc where it is clearly shown how much a navigator is needed.

Zoro pays attention to Nami as she tries to explain why is Calm Belt dangerous, but before she can get to the crucial point, the whole crew experiences it.

nami and zoro relationship questions

It's not like he didn't respect her or something, he just found hard to believe a storm is safer than Calm Belt who wouldn't and it's not like he totally dissmissed what she said, as he still asks for her point. In the first place, Zoro asked why didn't they just head south to Grand Line instead of using a mountain entrance, he couldn't know Calm Belts were dangerous before he experienced it.

Later, he admits that Nami was right and they have to use the entrance although he still finds it hard to believe. Later, they succesfully enter Grand Line and also get two new passengers onboard - Ms. The crew then sails to their next destination but along the way, they have to overcome many weather changes.

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All crewmembers had their hands full of work, but Zoro alone was able to sleep through all of it. When he wakes up, he doesn't have much time before Nami mercilessly punches him for his idiocy. Although Zoro shows he wanted to go back at her It's not like he is really afraid of her or anything, but rather, he didn't even have a chance after she beat him real good.

Zoro borrowed some money from Nami. In Whiskey Peak, it is shown Nami can make Zoro do what she wants despite the fact he is very strongly against it and he even goes to such lenghts as to argue with her about it. Most interestingly though, it's Nami's sentence about the promise that actually makes Zoro do what she wants. Nami wasn't there when Zoro made the biggest promises in his life to Kuina and later to Luffy. She wasn't there, and yet she knew what he deems as important, the fact promises are things he would never want to break.

With that said, Zoro has to go even though he doesn't want. Their debt is this way wiped out and it is not mentioned anymore at least in manga. When Zoro for example gets lost, he is very happy to see "Nami" because he knows she can help him.

This is already a moment that shows he trusts her completely when it comes to navigation.