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Marty Deeks is one of the main characters of NCIS: Los Angeles. He is also the main love interest and partner of Kensi Blye. Nate soon begins to question Deeks about his relationship with Kensi, pointing out the close . While both are disappointed, Kensi again shows her feelings and trust in Deeks by opening the . Kensi and Deeks are sent in undercover to uncover the truth behind his death. I 've been a fan of NCIS: LA for a while now so I'm excited to be getting into It's a retreat center for couples whose relationships are struggling. . Kensi knows she can trust her, knows she will not accidentally slip up to Eric or. Trust is a key element of any good relationship, and the writers and showrunners gave it its due with Deeks and Kensi. It's been a key recurring.

Sure, she could be sarcastic from time to time, but she was never truly playful. She never laughed, or should I say cackled, like she does now. Deeks taught her how to loosen up, how to enjoy the silliness in life. That relaxation in turn allowed her to embrace the funny. What a wonderful gift. Deeks helps her deal with all these issues, freeing her up to move forward with her life. Deeks has had his own issues to deal with, from coming to terms with his traumatic childhood to handling the — dare I say — murder of his ex-LAPD partner.

Kensi is right by his side through everything again see 5helping him move from hiding his past to being able to discuss it openly. When he joins the team, he plays up his apparently shallow nature, flirting with nightclub managers and bragging about lying to his dates, but I think he is just hiding his real self.

Over time, the safety and love he finds with Kensi allows him to reveal himself to her and the others. Being able to share the darkness of his past and to be vulnerable with another person has helped Deeks mature. But over time, they get better and better. Sure, there are still a few issues around secret-keeping that need to be addressed, but these two are now fully capable of discussing difficult subjects like actual adults, and that was not the case when their partnership began.

Loyalty and support Deeks: His brake lines were rigged with a small explosive. Looks like he was murdered. Not for a second. They also support one another in nearly everything. He is never threatened by her, merely awed and maybe a little turned on by her talents and skills. Stereotype-bending role reversal Deeks: Okay, so why is he carrying a. She can slit your jugular vein 11 different ways. She generally kicks butt. She is pretty great at communicating her feelings now, but for a long time, she kept a lot inside.

Deeks is the character who sometimes shows vulnerability. In short, he can be emotional, at least more so than his partner.

As Kensi has said, he is the stereotypical girl in their relationship. Love that Deeks is the more emotional part of the relationship. Still, within these procedural constraints, we do occasionally get moments of true drama, moments of real emotion that make me gasp or make me cry. Many have come courtesy of Densi. These two characters have individually endured a lot, and the scenes where their partner comforts them are always beautifully done.

And so many more. High caliber acting and improv that adds a special spark I mean, look at that. One of the things that has helped them stand out is their ability to improvise. Their ability to improv imbues many of their scenes with a sense of unpredictability and naturalness that other character interactions can lack. To the end of time and back. He simply smirks back at her. And would you say your main problems are at the workplace or at home? Kensi raises a challenging eyebrow at him.

Well, that's partly true. Have to maintain some sort of cover, she supposes. The therapist cuts in. What we have here is a foundation to work on. Now, have you ever tried talking about these issues?

Kensi can't help but look over at Deeks, who is now wearing a semi-serious frown. Their minds are likely on very similar paths. They dance on the boundaries of their partnership and never discuss them ever again. The therapist leans back, nodding, looking over at Deeks for confirmation. Returned home two years ago after spending three years at sea.

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He has a wife, Callie Neilson, thirty-two, works as a kindergarten teacher. Kensi nudges him back, hard, and notes his overly dramatic flinch with a smirk. Kensi arches an eyebrow. It's a retreat center for couples whose relationships are struggling. Struggling relationship, dead husband, seems pretty cut and dry to me," Kensi says.

They've been active in Chicago for around thirty years, but police have yet to find enough incriminating evidence to make any arrests. Petty Officer Neilson appears to have done some work for Joe Maggio, the family's boss, before his second deployment. She pauses when Eric enters Ops carrying two folders. He hands one to Kensi and another to Deeks. He had lots of valuable intel on how the Maggio family operated and several names to give police. He was set to meet with the Chicago Police Department after the retreat with his wife.

Thirty years old, married to a sculptor from San Diego named David Wilson. Wilson claimed that she and her husband were having communication issues and that he was accusing her of cheating. We pulled up her phone records and it shows that she wasn't calling a lover-" Eric begins. A woman who looks a lot like her. Hetty enters Ops at that moment with Sam and Callen behind her. You will drive down to Lake Affetto tonight, claiming that you were held up at work," Hetty states.

Kensi exchanges a questioning look with Deeks. As usual, they discuss nothing of what was said in there. Just like they didn't discuss the "cover kiss". It's easier, better that way, Kensi rationalizes. Kensi allows herself a giggle and presses a soft peck to his cheek. She chooses to ignore the shiver that runs down her spine as her lips meet the soft scruff on his cheek.

She clears her throat to hide it. She hopes she is, or Deeks will not let her live it down. Kensi suppresses the urge to roll her eyes as the two continue down the footpath.

It's sunny today, she notices. He would surf, and she would sit with Monty on the beach, reading a magazine or novel and yes, watching him.

Deeks seemed like a completely different person on the waves. He was agile, graceful, and yes, with his wetsuit on she could see how in shape he was. Sometimes he would notice her watching him and do a trick. When he succeeded, she would cheer for him. Cheering was so unlike her, yet she found herself doing it every time. Must be the effect of the sun. Many times she would find herself over at his house after his surfing. She would dig through his pantry while he showered to find something with sugar or pop some popcorn and once he got out, they would watch a movie.

It was surprising how. Kensi prays he doesn't feel the shudder traveling down her spine. The grin he's wearing tells her he does. Hetty was right, he was a cheeky bastard. Deeks hand curls around her waist, giving it a little squeeze.

She is going to kill him later. Kensi lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. As they near their cabin, Kensi knows exactly which bathing suit she is gonna wear. She allows a smirk settle on her face. Revenge will certainly be sweet. Most of what she packs is her clothes from her whole married op, which she still hasn't completely unpacked from. She absent-mindedly grabs for a bra, and pauses when she picks up a pink one. The bra from his sock drawer.

She purses her lips for a moment, considering, and then tosses it into her suitcase. Okay, um, tell me about yourself. Nothing we haven't done before.

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You know that right. Most of the issues you will have to discuss are going to need to be real. Nell keeps studying her. The lines between your alias and yourself will be fuzzy at times. I know Hetty will give you this talk too, but I wanted to tell you as well. I don't think you would tell Hetty that. I promise I will not tell anyone. No, Nell is not the problem. Kensi knows she can trust her, knows she will not accidentally slip up to Eric or Callen and Sam or even Hetty. The problem is that admitting her feelings for her partner go far beyond what is professional or appropriate means admitting it to herself.

And she cannot let herself do that. A smug smirk is set on her lips. Deeks will definitely enjoy this. She is wearing a black halter bikini with a small golden ring in the middle. The bottom is fairly modest, but she admits to herself that she doesn't need to look sleazy to make her partner drool.