Octavia and lincoln relationship

SDCC 'The ' Star Marie Avgeropoulos Teases Octavia "Takes a Really Dark Turn" in Season 4

octavia and lincoln relationship

The Marie Avgeropoulos on Octavia's Struggles with Lincoln and off this coming Thursday, her relationships with Lincoln and Bellamy. Octavia kept hooking up with random dudes (boring), and the writers sexed up The other relationship I really liked was Octavia and Lincoln's. Octavia and Ilian is the relationship between Octavia Blake and Ilian. he reminds her of how Charles Pike executed Lincoln in the same way.

octavia and lincoln relationship

To learn more about what's next for Octavia, check out our interview with Avgeropoulos below. Octavia is currently a woman in between worlds, with no clan to call her own. What are the psychological and emotional repercussions of that?

octavia and lincoln relationship

Octavia's always been the girl who really has no identity. And through Lincoln and discovering the Grounders, she really found out who she was and became confident in making her own decisions. She has proven to everyone where her loyalties lies and she's willing to do almost anything, even if it comes down to lethal force, to do what she really believes in.

octavia and lincoln relationship

Octavia, this season, uses her skill set to fight not just for a specific tribe or clan or crew. This season, you're going to see Octavia really stand up for what she believes in in a very honorable way.

The Marie Avgeropoulos on Octavia's struggles with Lincoln and Bellamy in Season 3

Octavia is running away from her emotions by throwing herself, full force, into this assassin lifestyle. How long can she keep that up and what will her breaking point look like? Octavia is definitely using her skill set, which is the kill or be killed mindset, to get over the grief of Lincoln.

But we all know if you keep bottling things up there will be a tension point where it explodes.

octavia and lincoln relationship

And you will see that towards the end of the season. Do you think Octavia will ever feel like she has a real home and people can rely on again? Octavia has such trust issues with pretty much everybody.

octavia and lincoln relationship

And that trust with Bellamy was broken last season again because she does hold him slightly responsible for Lincoln's death. Whether or not that's actually true, Octavia definitely believes that inside her heart.

The 100: Marie Avgeropoulos on Octavia's Struggles with Lincoln and Bellamy in Season 3

I don't think Octavia will ever feel like she has a home. The only place she did really feel at home was with Lincoln. And now that that's gone, it's sent her into a really dangerous spiral. Where is Octavia's head at when it comes to her relationship with Bellamy right now, and what will their relationship look at as the season progresses?

They disagree on a lot of major issues that are really fundamental to Octavia. They will be at odds as well, for sure, to say the least.

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The transformation of Octavia has been one of the most amazing and coolest things, I think, on the show. Will there be more transformation in Season 3? Plus, I get to swing swords and ride horses, so my job is pretty cool. You kind of just lead me into my next question. The action side - you had that awesome moment in the Season 2 finale, sliding down on your knees down the hallway. Is the show continuing to throw things at you, action-wise?

Octavia Blake {Castle Walls}

Oh yeah, my stunt repertoire of skills in my back pocket that I have learned and taken from this show is really amazing and something I pride myself on to be doing, is all my own action. Does she have any sort of hope of maybe getting accepted again by the Grounders or does that seem like it was cut off?

'The 100' season 4 spoilers: Can Bellamy repair his relationship with Octavia?

She was already illegal and the other kids treated her differently. She was the black sheep but she really found acceptance with those people, at least she thought she did, to just have it shoved back in her face. What can you say about the introduction of Alie and the whole AI idea? We just had this little glimpse of it at the end of last season but it seems like an interesting, bold place for the show to go.