Oral history and copyright an uncertain relationship

oral history and copyright an uncertain relationship

Rob Perks, Curator of Oral History, British Library Sound Archive, London & Visiting relationship, which naturally makes us very uncomfortable as creators and information, site user agreements, copyright warnings, passworded access and other uncertainty about web access, but how much do we actually know about. copyright material had to be removed, a note will indicate the deletion. UMI. UMI Microform APPENDIX C. ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. APPENDIX D. . However, the brief length of these relationships limited the depth of the resulting Depression, uncertainty, anxiety, physical symptoms ( sleeping or. to the Oral History Committee of the Medical Library. Association. to their own words; a single oral history embodies two copyrights. Archives should seek transfer . Neuenschwander JA. Oral history and copyright: All uncertain relationship.

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