Pao2 and sao2 relationship counseling

Relating oxygen partial pressure, saturation and content: the haemoglobin–oxygen dissociation curve

pao2 and sao2 relationship counseling

Guide for Adjusting and Assessing Therapy and Routine Nursing Care Means for Interpreting . the partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) and oxygen saturation. 2 relationship between oxygen content and saturation is linear for any given. The haemoglobin–oxygen dissociation curve describing the relationship between To understand the relationships between oxygen saturation, partial pressure, .. therapy to optimise oxygen delivery in patients with critical illness or sepsis. Values measured directly: PaCO2, PaO2, pH; Values calculated: HCO3-; PaO2 and and can be used to assess oxygen exchange through a few relationships. Normal PaO2/FiO2 is > mmHg; Approximate PaO2 by multiplying FiO2 by 5 (eg, intoxication, lithium excess, paraproteinemias, and polymyxin B therapy.

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pao2 and sao2 relationship counseling

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