Phineas and isabella relationship

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phineas and isabella relationship

This page is about the romantic interest between Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. Although there is a strong argument about how it is spelled (i.e. Everybody knows Isabella loves Phineas. But does Phineas want a Relationship ? What will they go through to be more than Friends? Chapter. Phineas and Isabella are in a secret relationship and they are finally going to reveal themselves to their friends. PxI CxJ. Love Snowflake.

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I, unfortunately, do not own Phineas and Ferb, and I don't own any of the characters. What if Phineas and Isabella were together, secretly, and that Phineas' obliviousness was just a cover story for the relationship?

What would happen a year into their love story, when someone finally found out the truth? Shhh, It's a Secret! The sun was out, the birds were singing, Perry the Platypus was off fighting Doofenshmirtz and there was a contraption being built in the backyard. Today's big idea was an invention to create the nicest, sweetest, sugar and dairy-free drink ever known.

Around lunchtime, the invention was complete.

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Phineas pushed the button to create a jug of the drink, and out came the liquid. Then, from out of nowhere, a medium sized hand dangling from a flying scooter picked up the machine, leaving only the finished product, and the ingredients, on a table in the yard.

Candace dragged Linda into the backyard, trying to bust the boys, yet again. Linda just looked at the table, sighed, and asked the kids: When Mom calls everyone in for snacks each afternoon, I would make up a reason for me and Izzy to stay outside.

phineas and isabella relationship

I never lie; I just don't tell them everything that we do after finishing tidying up. When they were done, five minutes later, Phineas walked over the Isabella, put his hands on her hips, and spun her around, so she was facing him.

They smiled at each other, and leaned in for a kiss.

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Whenever the two kissed, they felt like they were falling in love with each other over and over. Your basic Disney romance. There were fireworks that would put a Phineas and Ferb 4th of July to shame. They wanted to be together with no one doubting their relationship.

As long as they had each other, they were happy with the secret. I wandered out the back door and saw a sight I thought I wouldn't see for a few more years: It was so sweet, so I stayed silent for a few moments just to let them finish their moment.

Happy one year anniversary," Phineas mumbled, just loud enough for me to hear. I was shocked that my brother wouldn't tell me her had a girlfriend!

Phineas And Ferb - Happy Birthday, Isabella

I would bet Ferb knew. But then Isabella said something that put my thoughts at ease. I just don't think we can hide it for much longer. We're older now, maybe everyone will except that we have fallen in love and not try and change our minds. They were hiding their relationship because they thought everyone would say they were too young for love!

phineas and isabella relationship

I thought that was ridiculous, seeing as everyone already basically knew that they were in love, even if they weren't together! We can tell them if you want.

Isabella and Phineas's relationship

Do you want some, honey? What did you say? Do you want some honey? With the way this sentence is phrased, all Phineas is asking is if Isabella wants to have some honey to add to her iced tea as a sweetener.

Phineas and Isabella's Relationship

It all gets very complicated — talk to your local English teacher for more details. Then again, Phineas might not know the full encompassing meaning of holding hands. It gets all strange here. The following may or may not count because in the continuity of things, it never happened.

phineas and isabella relationship

So, what exactly happened when Isabella kissed Phineas right before Carl turned on the Amnesia-inator? Was he trying to avoid forgetting all of that? Or was he trying to make time to punch Isabella in the face? He did sound pleasantly surprised upon the action taking place, though that could have just been from the shock of all things.

phineas and isabella relationship

So I guess Phineas is enamoured as long as Isabella is dressed as a Oriental princess. Another clear sign of love. Do you actually not like zucchini? Isabella, you wanna go next? How about a romantic dinner for two? Oh, okay I understand. You know you want to keep yourself open to other drink options.

phineas and isabella relationship

When Phineas faltered there, it seemed like he was about to say something, but then he decided to go a different path. The falter that we see there either symbolizes one of three things: Chances are it was the first one.