Plankton and karen relationship poems

plankton and karen relationship poems

Becoming Giselle: Poem in Two Acts . Collage Poem for Wigan Pier. by Luke Kennard Long Distance Relationship with a Mountain .. by Karen McCarthy Woolf Twenty tourists in a motor boat watching marine plankton bioluminesce . Anaconda, Time, and Plankton: About damn time Karen got out of her About damn time Karen got out of her abusive one-way relationship with Plankton I the wrong line / The right poem, the wrong rhyme / and a piece. Read Take your time (plankton x male!reader; part 2/3) from the story bed, I was tired and forgetful and just wanted to forget Karen and leave that life behind.

Man, I want to know how that got woven into your life. We will be doing a similar thing in this assignment, but now we will do it using the time period of when you were conceived. A Time to Reflect. This was inspired by Christopher Howellwho at the end of one of his semester-long creative writing classes would have students write a paper on what they have achieved with their poetry in the semester. This assignment will be similar.

You are to respond to the following questions.

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The response can be in journal entry form, essay, or however you want. What are you doing with your poetry? Where would you like to go with your poetry? What would you like to see happen to contemporary poetry?

plankton and karen relationship poems

Oh, be honest with yourself! Walton Litz New Directions, The New American Poetry It is the poetry of the privileged class. Its vases hold gold-stemmed roses, not ponds with logs from which turtles descend at our approach, neckfold leeches shining like black droplets of blood. Its father is Gertrude Stein, not Whitman, who despises it, though it will not admit it.

Old women with children do live in it. It does not harvest thought, or associate with farmers.

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It does not serve in the army, or follow a story. Inviolate, buttressed by its own skyhook aesthetics, it revels in skewed cubes, elliptical appositions. Ultramarine critics praise it, wash their hands of subject matter.

It is tar-baby minus the baby, minus the tar. Its city is not the city of pavement or taxis, business or bums. Deer that browse beneath its branches starve. Its emotions do not arise from sensible objects. It passes rocks as though they were clouds. It does not flood out is muskrats.

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It sustains itself on paperweight petals. It does not define, catalog, testify, or witness.

plankton and karen relationship poems

It holds models before the young of skillful evasion, withering heartlessness. It lifts only its own weight for exercise, does not body-block, or break up double plays, or countenance scar tissue.

In his afterlife, Rimbaud smuggles it along infected rivers. Used by permission of Etruscan Press. So here are some questions you can ask yourself about your poetic tasks. What are the three most important things you do to make your poems sing. Reflect on what are the three most important aspects of your poetry right now? For instance, for me: Doo wop doo wop doo waa.

Creating the poem that extends beyond itself. Can the poem convert lead to gold, etc? And why or why not? What will you try to improve or make more significant? For example, waiting to make my list: Imagination — or longer starings. Pivots — unique turns or shifts, wonderful seamless leaps. I'm glad you're on my te-am. He starts to cry. In " Plankton Gets the Boot ," Karen changes her screensaver to look pretty for Plankton, who tries hard to win Karen back.

In " Plankton Retires ," Karen feeds Plankton from a bottle like a baby. In " Spot Returns ," Plankton helps Karen instead of getting the secret formula, and if he does not help Karen he would have had the secret formula. In " Spin the Bottle ," Karen tells Plankton that he looks adorable in his genie outfit.


Plankton and Karen about to kiss In " Grandmum's the Word ," Plankton and Karen have a romantic date in a tub full of oil. Plankton dims the lights, sets up scented candles and rose petals, and dresses up nicely. Plankton tries to kiss Karen, but gets interrupted by his grandmother. Plankton blows kisses to Karen while she sleeps and says "Good night, honey. This episode shows that Karen has factory-like centers inside her hard drive dedicated to Plankton, like a love center called the tunnel of love.

Puff try to convince her that she should prank Plankton. I can turn into a skyscraper! This section is too short. You can help the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it. All you do is make stupid schemes about making stupid sandwiches! In " Krabs vs. Plankton ," Karen tries to encourage Plankton by saying "Maybe today will be the day? She takes it a step further by showcasing "Sheldon" in various fonts on her screens, making Plankton's cousins laugh hysterically.