Pros and cons list of relationship questions

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pros and cons list of relationship questions

Questions have to be self-answered before ending a relationship, it's time for you to weigh the pros and cons, and take the next best step. If making a breakup a pro/con list helps you organize your thoughts and serious questions about your relationship — and about yourself, too. Relationships are full of pros and cons. Sometimes a guy 9 Easy Questions To Test Whether Your Partner Meets Your Standards .. There was a guy I had given up on completely, but going through this list I can say 'yes' to most of these.

But that would be crazy. Anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that relationships are not about eliminating conflict, but about managing it. How do you decide then, whether your partner is meeting the standards of the person you should be with in the long-term?

But these nine questions are meant to highlight general areas of dissatisfaction — and your answers will help pinpoint potential problems that are a common source of conflict for you.

Do I like the way my partner chooses to spend their free time? Lifestyle Believe it or not, this matters. That means if his idea of a relaxing Saturday is to go to a sports bar and get drunk on a weekly basis, or sit home and play Xbox all weekend, when all you want to do is read books and go to the gym, after a while this conflict will grate on you or him.

Does my partner have a healthy way of communicating a problem in our relationship? Too many arguments though mean either you or your partner probably have an unreasonable way of communicating problems. Moreover, when you do argue, notice how your partner approaches conflict. Does he fight dirty and call you names? Does he get furious and become impossible to reason with?

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Does he just run away and ignore the problem? All of these are big warning signs.

pros and cons list of relationship questions

Look instead for the guy who wants to understand your point of view, even if he disagrees or finds that view ridiculous. Also, when tensions have finally been quelled, see if your partner a shows signs of wanting to make amends and b is willing to admit some fault.

If he never does either, be very very wary. And the other person did the same to get into the relationship with you. Now that you guys did that you're just kind of existing in your relationship, and while there are always things to deal with there aren't like major barriers in the relationship anymore. You've already gotten to know one another deeply, and you've already come to terms with who you are and who they are, and you've seemed to accept it and worked things out.

Same On the other hand, when you get complacent in a relationship or overly comfortable, you just might not be motivated to change in a positive way, either. In reality, we should really be changing all the time because there's always room to grow and there are always new things to try.

It's impossible to not meet new people or try new things and have those experiences change you in some ways, and hopefully, as we make mistakes along the way which we all do that we're learning how to do better every time. We are offered choices every single day and if we're not making good ones eventually it will catch up to us.

Questions One Should Surely Ask Before Ending a Relationship

If we're not ever changing we end up stagnant and not living up to our potential. Even if we try specifically not to change for some reason, the rest of the world has a way of moving around us which renders our standing still meaningless, it's actually easier to go with the flow than not. Dynamic relationships will encourage us to change and grow in good ways all the time. You Know Everything About Him When you're totally comfortable in a relationship, you might know pretty much everything that there is to know about that person, which can be awesome.

You don't have to ask to know where they would want to go to dinner, you know why they're in a certain mood even when they aren't communicating with you directly, you can offer them advice that's relevant because you know them pretty much as well as you know yourself. This can be a really nice place to be when the other person is receptive to hearing your ideas, because it just serves to help you two work as a single unit, as a team.

There's a closeness that can't be replicated with people with who we know well. It's fun, and it gives you the freedom to be yourself all the time because you know exactly how they will react or not react to your behavior and thoughts.

Same If you feel like you already know someone incredibly well, that can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

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People who are very close tend to bring up different things in one another than a stranger might. There are certain questions that must be asked before resorting to this final step. Questions have to be self-answered before ending a relationship, and they would help you to assess the situation in a better way, rather than flying off the handle and running away from the problem.

LoveBondings Staff Last Updated: Dec 10, No one falls in love by choice, it's by chance. No one stays in love by chance, it's by work.

And no one falls out of love by chance, it's by choice. The world seems like a much better place to live in. You look for the good in everything. And then, one day, you decide 'it's over.

pros and cons list of relationship questions

When things go sour in a relationship, you think to end it. But maybe there is a better way out, like talking things out. After all, this is the same person you loved and yearned to spend every single day with; the one whose voice cheered you up on a dull day, and someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with!

pros and cons list of relationship questions

So, some questions you need to ask yourself before ending a relationship. These questions should hopefully help you to make the right decision, and ultimately find true happiness.

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You want to spend as much time as you can with your special someone, and it is still not enough. Constant texting and frequent phone calls are part of your everyday routine. This may not necessarily be the case a few months or years down the line.

But whoever said it must stop! Communication and spending time with each other is extremely important for any relationship, if you wish for its growth. Lack of communication usually leads to misunderstandings.

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Effective communication is required to know and understand each others requirements and needs in a relationship.