Ralph and vanellope relationship goals

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ralph and vanellope relationship goals

The relationships between Vanellope von Schweetz and other characters in Wreck-It Ralph. When Ralph and Vanellope first met, they didn't exactly see eye to eye. Like Ralph, Vanellope was tired of being mistreated by the other members of her game, and wanted to be accepted. Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) heroic duo's relationship is really tested when their individual goals veer. I absolutely love Disney, and once Wreck-It Ralph came out I knew I wanted to be Vanellope. My boyfriend pretty much goes along with my ideas so he agreed.

ralph and vanellope relationship goals

He leaves his video game and sets out to earn one by traveling through the electric cables to another game. When the arcade opens the next morning Ralph isn't there to wreck things -- meaning that Felix has nothing to fix and the townspeople and Felix go into a panic, running around everywhere looking for Ralph.

This causes the arcade owner to mark the game out of order. Here is where the movie takes a unique twist.

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Ralph is a good person -- who has been programmed to act in a certain manner. The characters dislike him for the role he plays, but they now come to realize that without his wrecking, there would be no need for fixing, and if there were no one to help fix the town, then there would be no hero, no need to rise above anything and more importantly -- no game!

This is a difficult concept for humans to accept.

ralph and vanellope relationship goals

We can't understand why God's order contains struggle. Why can't there just be good? And yet we create the same. We write books and movies and video games with good and bad guys. We even create heroic tales of man against nature, monsters, spirits and more.

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The deeper truth is that we have programmed ourselves to think just like the characters in this story. We all wreck things.

We wreck our health, our environment, our relationships, our world and more -- and we look for heroes to come and help us, even to save us.

ralph and vanellope relationship goals

If anything, the real-world process was even more arduous — according to story artist Jason Hand, "literally every single one" of the sequences in the film had been changed over the course of developing the story. At a press day in August, Trinidad, Hand, and story artist Natalie Nourigat shared some of the other visions that had been considered.

Ralph, meanwhile, was put in jail for failing to understand the distinction between "going viral" and "becoming a virus," and had to find his way out with KnowsMore, a defective search engine that got every third answer wrong.

Once out, that pairing went in search of Vanellope, "who was changing dramatically, going from the Vanellope that we know to this dolled-up internet celebrity and forgetting who she was," Trinidad recalled.

Another suggestion basically swapped those roles, having Ralph become a self-obsessed internet celebrity. That plot also had a completely different villain, an "internet super cop" that was essentially antivirus software.

This is almost equivalent to what the mother-daughter fishing scene was supposed to be in Brave. This was a scene that had to give Ralph and Vanellope something to bond over, and had to clearly shift their dynamic again.

Vanellope sees the car and loves it. When Vanellope takes Ralph to her place, the parallel between her and Ralph grows even stronger. Ralph agrees to help Vanellope figure out how to drive directly after seeing what a dump her place is and hearing about how badly everyone treats her.

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' almost had a completely different plot

Again, he sees himself in Vanellope. This moment solidifies their relationship into a friendship that had been developing since they built the racecar together.

ralph and vanellope relationship goals

The reason this scene hits the audience so hard is because of ALL the established character development that happened before it. In spite of how hard they worked and how much he knows Vanellope wants to race, Ralph still wrecks the car.

ralph and vanellope relationship goals

The character dynamic has clearly shifted again.