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Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (RCF) is Insomniac's fifth At the end of each cycle, these pieces were brought together, often resulting in a play Another big help was our "first party" developer/producer relationship with Sony. At first glance, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction isn't a huge that our characters could in engage in, really expose relationships. The end result is nothing short of breathtaking; the attention to detail, and to the. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is different because it takes As it turns out, Ratchet and Clank's relationship is good for more.

Plot[ edit ] On planet Kerwan, Ratchet and Clank are working on a hovercraft. Clank receives a distress call from Captain Qwark. At the last second, the duo slip past him and escape on his private cruiser.

After experiencing a deep hyper sleep, they wake up to find themselves on planet Cobalia in the Polaris galaxy. Learning that Tachyon has already conquered many neighboring planets, they decide to learn more about him. In the course of their investigation, Clank is visited by small creatures called the Zoni that only he can see. The Zoni explain that Clank was built for a special purpose, and provide him with new abilities to aid Ratchet. The duo eventually discover a remote space station in an asteroid field, where they meet Talwyn Apogee and her allies Cronk and Zephyr.

With their help, Ratchet learns of the Great War, a conflict between the Lombaxes and the Cragmite Empire that ended with the complete eradication of the latter; however, he also learns that the Cragmites were not killed but instead banished to a distant star, using a powerful Lombax device known as the "Dimensionator", a helmet capable of opening wormholes to other dimensions.

Years later, a single Cragmite egg was recovered on the Lombax home world, Fastoon.

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Rather than destroy it, they decided to raise it as one of their own. However, when the young Tachyon learned of his true origins, he raised an army and attacked Fastoon.

Unable to defeat him, the survivors used the Dimensionator to escape, leaving behind its guardian and his young son to hide it from Tachyon. Sacrificing himself to protect his son, the guardian sent him to the planet Veldin in the Solana galaxy. Ratchet realizes that the guardian was his father and becomes determined to find the Dimensionator so that he can save his people.

Using clues left by Max Apogee, Ratchet locates the Dimensionator on planet Jasindu, defeating the Kerchu tribe sworn to protect it. The device is swiped by space pirates led by Captain Romulus Slag, but the duo pursues them and reclaims it. With the Dimensionator now in his possession, Tachyon frees the Cragmites and sets out to conquer the rest of the galaxy. After a fierce battle on Fastoon, Tachyon offers Ratchet the chance to rejoin his fellow Lombaxes, but Ratchet refuses and challenges him to personal combat.

As Ratchet, Clank and their allies gather to celebrate, the Zoni show up, now visible to everyone.

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As his friends gather around him, Ratchet silently vows to rescue Clank, leading into the events of Quest for Booty. Many new worlds and weapons were introduced into the game like in previous installments of the series.

Last year, the Full Moon crew coded circles around the competition and walked away with the only real "Triple A" launch title on the system. What's great for consumers is that the team's follow-up is even better. It's a return to the franchise that paid the company's bills over the last five years and it's one of the most adored and acclaimed series in the PlayStation library -- it's Ratchet and Clank in case you missed the headlineand it's really, really good.

Interestingly, Insomniac's latest Lombax adventure is a little different from those that came before it --and not because it's the first one to make the jump from standard-def to HD. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is different because it takes itself a little more seriously.

Yes, you can dress up as a pirate. Longtime fans needn't worry, though. Clank doesn't womanize or gamble, nor does Ratchet have a drinking problem -- they've just grown up a pinch and it shows in the storytelling.

One of the most surprising things, actually, is just how much story there is.

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Where did Ratchet come from? Where are all the other Lombaxes? And why is Clank seeing invisible soft-spoken robots Zoni every time something important happens? These questions and several more are addressed before all is said and done, and the writers manage to derive some genuine emotion out of it. As it turns out, Ratchet and Clank's relationship is good for more than just a few dozen laughs.

But as you'd expect, those laughs can still be found at every turn. Captain Qwark's buffoonery is at an all-time high and the number of one-liners and ridiculous observations he makes should force even the most serious gamer to chuckle.