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Bandai Namco shared in the latest issue of V-Jump a first look at a new Akira Toriyama for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as well as Tien and Yamcha. Choose 1 card from your life and add it to your hand: Look at up to 2 cards from the top of your deck, choose up to 1 red 《Frieza's Army》 card from among them. I just want to know what the relationship between Chiaotzu and Tien is, why Tien has a third eye, why Chiaotzu looks like a ghost, why Chiaotzu.

Full Power Masenko Info: Full Power Milky Cannon Info: Full Power Kamehameha Info: Ultimate Maiden Burst Info: Hyper Blast Cannon Info: Godlike Dragon Fist Info: Dual Edge Slash Info: Numero Uno Title Info: Beam Struggle tip Habib Jackson: Don't pass it off as your own work 2.

Keep the info free 3. Neoseeker No profit is made from this guide View in: Both versions however, will go under certain projectiles, making this a solid approach option. The EX version of this attack is actually a command grab that starts the 3 hit series. This can be great to throw out at full screen to keep your opponents in check and to allow Tien the opportunity to advance and start mixing up the opponent.

Keep in mind that, while this looks like a grab, the opponent can most definitely block the attack, and punish the ending lag of your special with a guard cancel. It has very good frame advantage on block though and if they don't guard cancel you can hit them with almost anything before they are out of blockstun.

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The interesting thing about this move is that the first 2 times you use it, the move will function as intended, but the 3rd time, the move will actually come out and do nothing at all, leaving you vulnerable for just over a second. After that, the next 2 will function normally, and so on. So keep that in mind when using it. Super Move List[ edit ] The following moves are classified as Super Moves, read on to learn tips on how to use them effectively.

This move does pretty solid damage for a level 1. Krillin soon figures out that Chiaotzu needs to have his palms spread out in order to continue with his attack.

When Krillin asks Chiaotzu a basic math question, Chiaotzu needs to use his fingers to come up with the answer, which stops his Telekinesis technique from working each time he counts. The second time this happens, Chiaotzu is punched out of the arena after Krillin breaks free from the Telekinesis, thus causing Chiaotzu to lose the match via ring-out, making Master Shen wish he taught Chiaotzu math.

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Chiaotzu preparing to help Tien with telekinesis During Tien's match with Goku in the final round, Chiaotzu is ordered by Master Shen to use his psychic abilities to constantly paralyze Goku during the match.

Eventually discovering this, Tien demands that Chiaotzu must stop since he wants a fair match. After Tien refuses to kill Goku and rejects the path of an assassin, an infuriated Master Shen orders Chiaotzu to kill both Tien and Goku. Chiaotzu refuses, as not only does he want to see how the tournament ends, but he also doesn't want to kill his best friend Tien, who is fighting at his best, even if his master orders it.

The Crane Hermit then grabs Chiaotzu and threatens to kill him instead. Master Roshi puts an end to this by blasting Master Shen out of the stadium with a Kamehameha, thus saving Chiaotzu and allowing Tien and Goku to continue their match.

Tien declines the offer, stating that he and Chiaotzu cannot follow the teachings of another, even if they have both betrayed their master. King Piccolo Saga Main article: King Piccolo Saga Chiaotzu and Puar find Krillin's body The good mood is short-lived, however, as Turtle student Krillin is unexpectedly killed while separated momentarily from the group.

Along with his body, a note was left at the scene, with the character " demon " on it. A concerned Master Roshi tells everyone that it represents an incredibly powerful Demon King, King Piccolowho was sealed away inside an Electric Rice Cooker centuries ago by Master Roshi's and Master Shen's old master, Master Mutaitoby using the suicidal Evil Containment Wave technique, but is now apparently free again.

On hearing this, Goku, still not fully recovered from his battle with Tien, rushes off to seek revenge. Chiaotzu stops bullets with his telekinetic abilities Realizing the gravity of the situation, Chiaotzu and Tien volunteer to help in any way they can. They are informed of the seven Dragon Ballswhich when collected summon Shenrona mystical dragon that can grant any wish.

Along with Master Roshithey venture out on a desperate quest to retrieve them in order to have the Dragon revive Krillin. When Chiaotzu and his friends eventually arrive at a Mercenary Clan 's location to retrieve a Dragon Ball, Chiaotzu uses his telekinetic powers to a great advantage when the clan fire many bullets towards Roshi, Tien, and Chiaotzu.

After finding several of the Dragon Balls, the Dragon Radar shows them that the remaining Dragon Balls are actually coming towards them, meaning King Piccolo is also seeking the Dragon Balls and is coming for theirs.


He then afterward tells Chiaotzu that there has been a change of plans, and to refrain from jumping into the fight and to remain hidden, whatever happens. Chiaotzu, along with a semi-conscious Tien, can do nothing but witnesses Master Roshi's ultimately unsuccessful stand against the powerful Demon King, dying in the process of giving a small speech. Afterward, King Piccolo wastes no time joining the Dragon Balls together to summon Shenron and have his wish for eternal youth granted.

To combat this, Chiaotzu is ordered desperately by Tien to quickly make a wish to destroy King Piccolo before the Demon King can make one himself. Chiaotzu appears from the shadows and attempts to change the wish, but he is quickly killed mid-sentence from a blast by King Piccolo, an act Tien can only watch in horror. King Piccolo continues to make his wish and then destroys the Dragon afterward, knowing it is the only thing that can stop him. When King Piccolo leaves, Tien respectfully places Roshi and Chiaotzu's corpses close to each other neatly, and soon Chiaotzu is placed in a Freezing Capsule to preserve his body.

Chiaotzu and Tien after the latter was resurrected After Goku manages to defeat King Piccolo, Chiaotzu was later wished back to life by Bulma and company, after Goku convinced Kami to bring Shenron back to life, thus reviving the Dragon Balls. Saga Chiaotzu flying Chiaotzu then trains with Tien, Yamcha, and the newly resurrected Krillin until they are informed by Master Roshi that, to be able to compete with Goku, they are going to need to find better ways to train than are available at the Kame House.

They all head to Korin Tower and train with Korin before each going their own separate way. He, as well as the rest of the group, is surprised to see Goku, now a teenager, and looks forward to the upcoming fights. Chiaotzu uses his mental powers to fix the ordering of the matches When the lots are drawn up to determine the order of the fights, Chiaotzu carries out Tien's request to manipulate the cards so that none of the group Tien, Yamcha, Goku, Chiaotzu, and Krillin or Piccolo Jr.

The early matches seem to be going as usual, with the group quickly dispatching their opponents. When Chiaotzu faces his opponent, he turns fearful, with Tien then receiving a horrible sense of something happening to Chiaotzu. He races to the scene and finds Chiaotzu heavily wounded and unconscious, his opponent turning out to be the now cybernetically-enhanced Mercenary Tao.

Tao explains that after his seeming death by Goku, he was rebuilt into the half-man half-machine before them, and had returned to take revenge on Tien and Chiaotzu for disgracing the Crane School, and Goku for defeating him before. Chiaotzu had suffered serious injuries, but was treated at the nearby hospital and later rejoined Tien and the others after Goku defeated Piccolo Jr. Dragon Ball Z Main article: After completing Kami 's training, he then continues to train with Tien until the Saiyans arrive on Earth.

As Tien and Chiaotzu make their way to the battlefield, Tien requests that Chiaotzu stays behind.