Relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

The Start of a Relationship Chapter 1, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

Austin and Ally have only been friends for a short while, but the to Ally's locker and waited for her to finish gathering her things for class. Ally laughs and shakes her head. And then she stops and makes a mental note to warn Austin about their rather volatile relationship. Austin and Ally have been a couple for three years, but they've hidden . I mean its one thing to secretly date for a month, maybe two, but three.

I take my arms off of her and she bravely steps forward. I hang back and watch, ready to pounce when needed. I didn't know what you'd think, and whenever I tried to tell you I just couldn't.

I deserve anything you do to me. I'm sorry," she says, her voice catching at the end and tears filling her eyes. Lester relaxes a little and wraps his arms around his beloved daughter. If this thing that you and Austin have makes you happy, then who am I to disturb it? I am mad, not just because you two are dating, but because you hid it from me so long.

And I forgive you," he says, before strolling my direction. Be careful with her fragile feelings. She throws her arms around her dad and whispers 'I love you Daddy' in his ear.

Lester smiles and walks out. Ally throws her hands around my neck and begins to cry once again. You finally admitted it! Like a huge weight has been lifted from my 'fragile' shoulders!

I laugh with her. Suddenly her face straightens and she goes back to looking miserable. I miss the sunny, always happy Ally that I fell in love with. I sigh and wrap my arms around her. I pull her in for a quick, comforting kiss. We yank apart from each other and Ally starts chewing on her hair. Ally's POV Oh great, now what? I guess we just admit it, just like I did to my dad. I'm still pretty surprised I got the guts to do that. Suddenly an idea hit me. It could happen, ohh. Trish raises an eyebrow, obviously recognizing the line from when we took revenge on Austin for reading my book.

I nod slightly, urging him on. I begin to cringe, afraid of the wrath that could come from the short girl. I look at Austin and raise my eyebrows. He shrugs his shoulders and wraps his arms around Trish. I know exactly what he's trying to tell me. Thus the 'exclaims' 1.

I shake my head quickly. I think they may be ringing. You know, mine do that sometimes. It's really annoying to hear this little ''sound while someone's talking and you can't hear them because your head feels all jumbled-" I am interrupted.

Although I wish they were, because you were talking again," she says sympathetically, placing her hand on my shoulder. My mouth opens and I recoil. I turn my head towards him and look at him expectantly. He catches my eye and pulls out a small box. I wasn't so sure before because you were so unsettled and I figured we couldn't live a life together in secret, so I waited, and finally I can ask you the question I've wanted to ask you since 2years ago.

Will you marry me? I gasp and feel my hands rise to my rosy cheeks. He waves her off and turns to the stove, his back now to her. I'm trying to win brownie points with your friends, here. Your darlin', handsome boyfriend cooked us this most delicious meal?

Why, Allison, honeh, you've found yourself a man of true husband material! Ally stares at him, expressionless, for a beat.

Austin shrugs and shakes the wok back and forth. I'm actually pretty good at that one, too. Ally rolls her eyes but laughs anyway as she walks up to him with the chicken in hand. She points at the wok and he nods, gesturing for her to go ahead. She carefully dumps the cut-up chicken into the wok and steps away as it starts to sizzle. She washes her hands and dries them on a towel. They focus on their separate tasks in companionable silence for a while. After Ally presses the 'cook' button on her tiny rice maker, she turns to look at Austin's back.

She walks up to him and stands at the stove to be by him as she watches him cook. She shakes her head and sends him a faint smile. It's amazing, Austin," she murmurs, sounding awed as she eyes the delectable looking stir fry. The smells and the sounds are making her mouth water and she suddenly realizes just how hungry she is. Ally jokingly slugs him in the shoulder with a tiny fist.

He laughs, barely feeling this particular punch. She smiles and her eyes flutter close from the feeling of his lips against her skin and his nose burying briefly into her hair. And yes, her heart still skips a beat, if anyone was wondering.

They're setting the table, when she suddenly remembers her mental notes about her friends. His eyebrows furrow at the one plate he's set down on the table. Surely, there's nothing wrong with that plate, right? He looks up at her in concern. Her eyes dart down to the plate and back up to him. Ally follows with the silverware. He pauses, an eyebrow rising. He's used to his girlfriend's much more impressive vocabulary, so a word like 'shouty' comes as a slight surprise. You want me to shut the door in their face, as well?

Before she can begin to over-think things, he laughs and gently takes the silverware out of her hand, finishing the job for her. She immediately starts fidgeting with her hands and he smiles at her nervous tic. And have your best interests at heart? Austin grins at her. Ally smiles and exhales in relief. She looks at him gratefully and throws her arms around him in a hug.

His eyes soften and he smiles quietly from her hug. He looks down at her and wraps his arms around her smaller form. How are you gonna be when I'm meeting your dad? She freezes in his hold and he winces from the slight tightening of her arms. Maybe he shouldn't have made that comment. Ally takes a deep breath and quietly exhales.

With napkins and glasses, I mean," she sighs as she sets off into the kitchen again. She's on her tiptoes in the kitchen, reaching for her cabinet with glasses, when Austin hears a knocking at the door. There was a box in the woman's hands, as well. The man and the woman look at each other in surprise and then back at him.

Her eyebrows furrow in shock as she glances up and down at him silently. The once over she gives him is more calculating than lascivious, which makes him grateful.

He'd thought for sure that this was Trish and Dez. The redhead frowns and scratches his head in confusion. I could have sworn that this was Ally's apartment You've got the right apartment, after all! Their eyes bug out in the most comical way.

Austin & Ally - Kiss Scene from "Relationships & Red Carpets"

Finally, after their perfect imitations of floundering fish, they manage to find words. He raises an eyebrow at their reaction. That's me," he says slowly, with a friendly, albeit awkward, smile.

She grins happily at them. Come on in and—gah! Austin stumbles backward a few steps and he clumsily catches the box before it drops. Why don'tcha do me a favor and refrigerate that pie for me? Thanks, pal, you're a doll! Trish gives her an overly excited look, practically bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. That's the guy you're seeing? She flushes a little and fidgets with the hem of her top. Just last night you were all, 'Oh, golly gosh gee, he may not be my boyfriend but I sure do think he's swell!

Trish ignores this and raises an eyebrow. When did this happen? The official boyfriend and girlfriend titles coming into play, I mean. Trish lights up at the mention of the blond's name. She nudges Ally and throws her a suggestive glance.

Can we just take a moment to talk about how Austin is so totally—" and then she breaks off guiltily and turns to her respective boyfriend, who'd been watching them with amusement etched into his features.

Because my God, is Ally dating a beautiful man. Ally stares at him bemusedly. Thanks, Dez," she says uncertainly as her brow starts to knit together. Trish gives him a disgusted look. Like, naked and tied up in your basement? Flabby, lookin' extra flab-tastic today Ally's head drops into her hands. With one hand still palming the side of her face, she extends her free arm and points emphatically down the hall. Trish rolls her eyes.

She turns to the taller brunette. Trish snorts derisively and waves a dismissive hand. Ally, why haven't you tapped that yet? Ally takes a deep, calming breath and holds up her hands to quiet her friends for a minute.

Embarrassing me is fair game, fine, whatever," she pauses before continuing with a wince, "I mean, at least keep the embarrassment factor to a minimum, if that's not too much to ask. But please, please, please try not to completely harass and horrify Austin. He's the innocent in all of this," she pleads with a wild and crazed gesture between the three of them. Trish and Dez exchange a look and finally decide to give their friend a break.

Intentionally and too much, anyway. I'll take it," she finally agrees with a resigned nod. Austin made it, actually," Ally answers, beaming with pride. Trish's jaw drops in an impressed manner. Especially after his confession about only eating his own food to survive. Dez rubs his hands together. I'm really glad you're back," she says softly before turning her back on them to open the door to her apartment. Behind her back, the couple exchanges a secretive look.

She makes it a half a step into her living quarters before Dez and Trish hug her from behind and obnoxiously coo that they've missed her, too.

Ally stumbles from the added weight and takes a second to steady herself. She can feel their cheeks nuzzling against her back and she flushes. You couldn't wait until I was in my apartment? What if someone walks by? Ally sighs resignedly and opens up her arms to him. However, Austin sees the laughter alight in her eyes as she makes 'come, come' motions with her hands. Trish and Dez, one on either side of her, both throw an arm out as well. The end result is a human blob with four arms welcoming Austin into a giant group hug.

He grins and bounces up to them, wrapping his arms around the three friends. When Trish nods as she helps Dez spoon some onto his plate—less it ends up on his lap or something—he nods solemnly and points at Ally. She didn't do a single thing, didn't even lift a finger to help, like the slave driver she is. Ally sputters indignantly and glares at him. Trish and Dez laugh at their friend's sullen expression. Ally rolls her eyes, but laughs a little anyway. I think this is the first time he's cooked something on his own.

Well, something that didn't involve breakfast foods, anyway. The guests both take a bite of their stir fry and turn to Austin. Austin gives them a small smile. I'm glad you like it," he laughs. Ally swallows her own bite and turns to him as well. Thanks for making dinner for me and my friends," she praises with a sweet smile. The blond ducks his head and bashfully pushes his food around on his plate. Trish and Dez share a look, already starting to approve of this new guy in Ally's life.

She does feel a little guilty for interrupting their intimate staring contest, but she's eager to get the deets on their relationship. Ally holds her breath and focuses on channeling her energy and thoughts into telepathic messages to send to her best friend, all of them begging and praying for her to behave. At least that's a simple, normal question.

Austin and Ally share another glance. The blond scratches his temple thoughtfully. The very first time? Or the first time we actually made introductions? She wracks her brain desperately but manages a wince after she comes up mostly empty-handed. All she has are images of brief, passing hellos and quick, muttered apologies whilst diving out of each others' way.

He laughs again and then shakes his head. Been here three, maybe four, days and I'm stepping out, about to run to the store to stock up on groceries or something, and then this tiny, itty, bitty thing gets out of the elevator. Ally's eyes narrow at his description. Ally slumps in her seat and pouts. Austin chuckles a little and continues. Like, they're covering her face from view and she can't even see over the top of them.

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

And she's even got some bags hanging off her elbows, too. Right, so, I run over and I'm like, 'Hey! You need some help here? If only he knew how much that hurt me. To hear him sum up my life like that, in a few careless sentences. And to completely discount himself as my friend.

He looked confused for a second, and then his face relaxed.

The song will be done soon, I promise. But the more you bug me about it, the longer it'll take. The next day I tracked him down during lunch. He used to sit with Trish, Dez and I. But now he's famous, he sits with the popular kids. The cheerleaders, the jocks. We all did, at first, but it was obvious that Austin was the only one who really belonged on that table. So Trish, Dez and I soon started eating as a group of three, and Austin didn't even bat an eyelid.

I have the new song. The two gorgeous, blonde cheerleaders, whose names I don't know, that were clinging to his arms glared at me, and everyone turned to look at Austin. He just looked at me blankly, then took the piece of paper out of my hand. Could you maybe speed it up a little with the next one? My face fell and I scowled at him. I felt my eyes well up at the jab, but I refused to cry in front of these people.

Most of them were sneering at me, and a couple were openly laughing. Maybe you should find a new songwriter. I took two steps before he called me back. I turned, hoping for some kind of apology, or a thank you. I sighed and turned away again. That was the last conversation we had for two days. You constantly blow me off for your stupid dates. We need to practice!

He sighed dramatically and I almost heard him roll his eyes. Missing one rehearsal won't make a difference. Besides, this is Becca Gideon. You don't just cancel a date with Becca Gideon. She's more in demand than Megan Fox! I bit back a snarky retort and took a deep breath, controlling my temper. How are you ever going to get better if you don't practice?

Come on, Ally, please? I'll love you forever…" he pleaded. I could almost see the puppy-dog eyes. After a few seconds I sighed. But if you suck at your next concert, don't blame me. See you tomorrow, okay? I promise, I won't blow you off. And even though I know he most likely will blow me off again, I tell myself he won't. Even though I know he will say he won't do it again, he will. It's just one big continuous cycle.

He makes a promise, he breaks a promise. And I let him get away with it. You treat me like 'one of the guys'. I groaned, finishing the word I was writing and closing my book. I thought she understood how it was, just a one-time thing, but she called me yesterday and asked me out for a 'second date'.

I don't want to piss her off and make her tell the press, but I'm really not interested in a serious relationship. What should I do? I gaped at him. Or are you just being particularly jerky today? You can't just hook up with a girl and expect her to move on!

Sex is a big deal for girls! Why are you being such a dickhead lately? It's not like I said I liked her or anything. I took her for a meal, and then we went back to my apartment. Why would she think I wanted something more?

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

For fuck's sake, Austin, what is wrong with you? You never used to be like this! You used to respect girls! He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down onto the couch beside him. I guess I should have thought this through. Sometimes I just forget that you're not one of the guys, you know? I don't mean to be disrespectful. It's just…my career is just taking off. I can't be dealing with relationships right now. I sighed, still angry. I'll be better, I swear.

Hell, I'll even go on this 'second date' if you want…" he offered, but I could tell his heart wasn't in it. I shook my head, not in the mood to argue anymore. Make sure you actually sound sorry, though. And do it face to face, Austin. Don't you dare do it over the phone.

If she cries, you need to hug her and tell her it's okay, that there's someone out there for her. If she slaps you, take it like a man. You're on your own for this one. You always look perfect, even when you've just woken up.

Sneaking and Secrets Chapter 1, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

He jumped, bashing his forehead against mine and sending me flying backwards. He looked around frantically, then spotted me on the floor and relaxed.

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

I rubbed my forehead, moaning in pain. You need to leave before my dad gets home, or he'll kill you. As if anything would ever happen between us. Even your dad has to know that. I looked up at him, and for a second I was frozen, lost in his eyes. Then he looked away, towards the window, and frowned. I couldn't help but notice how perfect he looked, even with his hair messed up and puffy eyes from lack of sleep.

I didn't even want to think about how I must have looked, hair tangles, bags under my eyes. He was right; no guy like him would ever want anything to do with a girl like me.

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

Unless she was his songwriter, of course. It's still dark outside. We had fallen asleep right next to each other, and our body heat probably kept us warm, but now I wasn't next to him I noticed how cold it was in my room.

Why did you wake me up so early? Even if there's no way anything will ever happen…if you caught your teenage daughter in her room with a guy who obviously stayed overnight, what would you think?

I know a guy like you would never see me that way! There's no need to rub it in! That wasn't what I was trying to say at all.

I just meant that everyone knows we're just friends. What does that even mean? Is it more or less than friends? Am I just the girl who writes your songs, who's just like another guy to you? When I said we were partners, I meant that we were friends and more. How could you think I only see you as a songwriter? Whatever, let's just forget this. You need to leave, though, because my dad will go mad. He smiled, getting off the bed and stretching.

His shirt rose up a little to show the bottom of his abdomen, and the clearly-defined V-shape that only came from hours spent in the gym daily. I stayed sat on my bed, listening to the sound of his footsteps going down the stairs, across the hall and then sliding and banging of the door opening and closing.

And then I can breathe again, because he isn't in the house anymore, just us, without any adults…and I can't see how gorgeous he looks. You never compliment me on anything. Well, almost ever… "Come on Ally, you've been in there forever! We can't be late for Prom! I sighed, glancing at myself in the mirror once more and fixing a strand of hair that had escaped the harsh bun. I was wearing a twelve-hundred dollar dress, and Trish's parents had hired a professional celebrity hairdresser, for six-thousand an hour, might I addto do our hair, yet something just didn't feel right.

Shaking my head, I turned and opened the door, deciding that if I stalled for any longer I wouldn't ever leave. Trish glared at me for a second, but then she was grinning. I thought I looked good, but…wow. You're the one that looks great, Trish.

She was wearing a bright pink and blue leopard print dress and glittery pink heels. Her hair was, shockingly, straightened and her make-up was flawless. Thankfully, Trish's parents didn't have to hire a make-up artist, since Trish's mom was a make-up artist on Broadway for seven years.

I laughed and nodded, knowing that was the best I was going to get. I didn't want to turn things into a full-scale argument. We got down the stairs and Trish's parents were waiting for us. They both grinned when we walked in. Ally, dear, I've never seen you look so radiant. Who is it you're going with again?

relationship things austin and ally fanfiction

I smiled but my heart wasn't in it. Well, he's one lucky guy judging by the way you look tonight. After many photos and compliments, the door finally rang. Dallas and Dez weren't really 'friends', but they had hired a limo together for Trish and I.

When we arrived at Prom I was surprised to find myself the centre of attention. The amount of girls I had never spoken to before that told me I looked 'stunning' or 'beautiful' and the amount of guys that asked me to dance or tried to hit on me was hard to believe. Maybe I did look as good as Trish said I did. Finally, near the end of the dance, Austin found me.

I smiled slightly at him, not sure if he was in one of those moods where we were sort-of friends, or if he was in one of those moods where I was just his 'songwriter'.

I'm pretty sure even he himself didn't know the difference, but I sure did. You look bored, you wanna dance? I shrugged, and he rolled his eyes and took my hand. I laughed as he held me at arms distance and started pulling me around in an awkward circle. He looked sceptical, but relaxed and assumed a natural dancing position anyway.