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Guest Editors Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst on the Trans Mission

The couple that plays together stays together -- and exhibits their Filmmaker Rhys Ernst and artist Zackary Drucker have a name for Though the festival entry represented a major lifelong goal of his, Ernst recalls having to. Explore Ashton Blyth's board "Relationship - Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Couples, Photography gallery and Daily. Is that on purpose, to show how normal your relationship is? Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst_This is the first picture (Relationship, #1)_

We never showed the images on social media, either. How soon into your relationship did you start this process of taking photographs of your lives? It was right at the beginning of our relationship. Yeah, the very first image, is one of us where I have short platinum blonde hair wearing a bra. That was about a week after we had met. We are both artists so it was a natural impulse for us to document our lives.

Rhys had been documenting his own transition and his own life but when you get two artists and two filmmakers together — Rhys Ernst: Zackary is right when she says that before we met, when I was living in New York, I was taking a self-portrait every day and I intend to do that for years and make a time lapse. I did it for a year or two and then it became more inconsistent so when we met it became a continuation but in a more reciprocal way.

How did they eventually come into a public arena to be discussed for the exhibition? I had a studio visit with Stuart Comer, who was preparing to curate his floor of the Whitney Biennial.

He thought they were suitable for a more public audience. It was very unintentional in that respect. And the photographs were so easy: They were just what was happening.

They were our daily lives, and it felt, for us, too easy to be work, to be art. But anybody walking by a set of documentary photographs has 90 seconds to absorb the content.

It wasn't complicated by language or the person speaking back to you, so it reached more people.

The photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together | Dazed

Do any of those analogies speak to you? I'm sure there are common denominators. I think Nan Goldin loved people through her photographs, and the love that Rhys and I were sharing is communicated through our photographs really effectively.

  • Guest Editors Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst on the Trans Mission
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I have a very traditional photography background, but I think Relationship is more influenced by filmmaking and by narrative. We certainly edited it as a photo project and as a book, with a narrative arc. We were really thinking about how to construct this story, not necessarily in a linear way, but in an abstract way.

It's loosely chronological, but there are many times that the sequencing falls out of that chronology Before this project, I was always taking photographs as a documentation of performance.

The photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together

Relationship is a life performance. So I think elements of other mediums and performativities are infused in the photographs. Did you feel that way? The thing that I respond to about what you just said is that when Rhys and I were taking the pictures, the only time we thought of [transitioning] was when there was that picture of the Band-Aids on our butts.

Like, that is a trans photograph. But otherwise we were just photographing the person that we were in love with and obsessed with.

We were really just enamored with each other. There was no piece of that that was like "this is the photograph of my trans lover. Kate is just a huge archetype for both of us. Maggie Nelson is such an incredible writer, a person we both revere and read avidly. And Stuart was like a third collaborator on the project. Both you and Rhys are powerful advocates for trans folks.