Rin and haru relationship

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rin and haru relationship

A Rin and Haru Fanfiction. This is probably my second fanfic. Enjoy!. By contrast Rin is a swimming rival who Haru didn't even get to know very well until his final .. Makoto and Haru's relationship to me is more endearing than a. It is shown that she does care a lot about Haruka, as well as other members of the swim club, and is very worried over Haruka and Rin's dramatic relationship.

This constant tug of war is brought to light in episode four when Rin corners Haruka in the yard. He leans forward and whispers to Haru: Haruka is willing to return to competitive swimming, something he detest and brings nothing but sad memories to him, in order to help Rin; more importantly though, Haruka simply wants to be able to swim with Rin freely like they did before as a team.

This is why when Rin does eventually triumph over Haruka in episode seven and gleefully states that he will not swim with Haruka again — the boy is left utterly devastated. Haruka falls to a second deep depression and begins questioning why he swims. In the span of the entire series his actions has caused Haruka to be depressed, guilty, depressed again, panicked, and on the verge of tears on numerous occasions.

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Since what they have is the definition of a nice, smooth, and easy relationship. There is no fighting, no grudges, and no misunderstandings. Haruka did not give up on Rin no matter what and at the end of the series we see a return of a much happier Rin running besides Haruka, smiling. Now, can we say their relationship during the series was healthy? However, most relationships have their ups and downs, good times and bad times.

It cannot be disputed that these two have a profound effect on each other, capable of bringing each other the greatest joy and the greatest despair. Is that a dangerous thing?

Sure, we saw that. But that is love and when one falls in love they are opening their hearts to a lot of pain at times. In other words, he thanks Haruka for helping him through his dark trial, but he never acknowledges that Haruka has suffered just as much as him. Now, with a season two of Free! What will be great to see happen is for Rin to showcase that he is capable of stepping up and helping Haruka when the other needs him.

If another incident occurs like the one in the first season in season two — then we can definitely rule that their relationship is unhealthy. Happens once it is only an isolated incident in their relationship that they can move past; happens twice than it is only a sign that Rin is no good for Haru since his actions will only turn into a dark pattern that will be never ending.

Rin however says it's too cold to be swimming, and then it starts to rain. He later confronts Haruka and Makoto about what they want to do with their futures, with both of them not knowing. Haruka is secretly jealous of Rin, whom is a "dazzling being" in his eyes. He is jealous that he has a dream when he himself does not. In Episode 3 Haruka and the others spy on Rei, only to see Rin is teaching him all the strokes. In Episode 6 Rin and Haruka face off against a m event freestyle with Haruka barely winning against him.

In Episode 9 Haruka, feeling pressured by everyone to do well in his match so he can get scouted, stops in the middle of swimming in his event, feeling no longer that the water is free but a cage. Rin later confronts him, telling him to take swimming more seriously and to consider his future in it competitively. Haruka retaliates angrily, saying that he doesn't have a dream or future, he's not like Rin.

He then later walks away, and the screen shows the light leaving Rin's eyes from when Haruka says this. In Episode 10 Haruka witnesses Sosuke's confession about his shoulder to Rin, therefore leading Haruka to tell his team to put their heart into it the relay. Iwatobi wins the relay narrowly. After the rolling credits of Episode 11 Haruka is very depressed from all the pressure to have a dream and future from all his friends and people closest to him.

He is curled up in his bed when he hears the door ring incessantly. Annoyed, he finally answers it, surprised to see Rin at the door. Rin tells him they're going on a trip. Haruka is perplexed by this but Rin tells him he's taking him to Australia. In Episode 12, the two arrive in Australia and after Rin takes Haruka on a bus, the two are later seen by a fountain.

rin and haru relationship

Rin leaves Haruka for a brief moment, causing Haruka to panic. Rin is shown to just have been getting drinks, and Haruka tells him not to leave again. Rin apologizes, and they both sit on the fountain. Rin later apologizes for his actions at the tournament, saying he ignored how he felt and forced his own feelings on him.

He also tells him that he wants him to understand that he'd always admired him. Grateful that he got that off his chest, he then takes Haruka to the ocean, hoping he'd be more relaxed by the water. Upon arriving he invites him to come in but Haruka refuses, saying he doesn't feel like it. Rin asks him if something happened to him since he usually would jump at the first sight of water.

Noticing that Haruka is upset because he had his first fight with Makoto, Rin does his best to console him.

rin and haru relationship

He then talks about how the ocean made him feel better upon arriving in Australia. When he looked over it he would think that Haruka and the others were just on the other side, feeling like the ocean connected them.

He then goes on to tell Haruka about his experience in Australia, explaining how he was very frustrated and sad since even if he was good at swimming in Japan it meant nothing here. He quickly fell behind the other students, hitting a wall with his swimming.

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Haruka tells him to stop, because he understands that while he was in Iwatobi Rin had seen and done many great things. Rin smiles at this before taking Haruka to meet his home stay parents, Russell and Lori. Once at their house they have dinner with them, and they comment on how Rin always looked up to Haruka and talked about him all the time, telling them that Haruka had "eyes as clear as water". Rin becomes embarrassed and refuses to translate for a curious Haru, instead brushing it off as unimportant and avoiding his questions.

At night when arriving at their hotel Rin is surprised to find the room only has one bed.

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Haruka wonders if its normal for Australia, and Rin tells him it's not. They then get into a small quarrel where they argue that it's because of each others girly names that they only got one bed. As both boys retort "Your fault" they become closer until Rin realizes they have grown too close and turns away, saying he's done fighting and intends to go to the front desk.

Rin tells the receptionist that there is some sort of mix up. They however don't get a room change, and must sleep together in one bed. At night Rin can't believe they got stuck in this situation, and Haruka tells him once they're asleep it doesn't matter. Rin agrees and turns the light out.

A few seconds later Rin asks Haruka if he's awake, asking him if he remembered when he said he admired him.

rin and haru relationship

He then proceeds to ask him if he remembered the first time they met. He didn't think anyone could beat him, but when he saw Haruka, all frustration vanished when he thought, "There's someone more amazing than me, I want to be able to swim like him.

Without him he has nothing to aim for. Haruka tells him he too remembers. They later reminiscence about the time they set a new tournament record together earlier in the season. He says that when he felt Haruka coming up next to him, he knew for sure he was going to "enter the same world as him". They then get through the rest of the night. The next day when waiting for the train Rin asks Haruka what he would do if he did find a dream.

The scene then cuts to Rin and Haruka on the train, their reflections shown in the glass as Rin points out sights to him. Rin takes him to the Aquatic Centre, where the best swimmers in the world race against each other.

This is the place he states he wanted to show him. He then says they should go swim.

rin and haru relationship

They spot the National Team, and Rin says this is where they practice. Haruka is uncertain if they can swim here, Rin reassures him by saying no one with out the guts would swim next to the National Team. He asks Haruka what he wants to do, and it shows a picture of Haruka's surprised face. When he steps onto block 6 a member of the National Team steps on text to him.