Rosalie and bella relationship quiz

How well do YOU know TWILIGHT?

How well do you know the story of Edward, Bella, and Jacob? Are you a true Twihard? Test your love for the Twilight saga with this trivia quiz!​. Take this quiz to find out! Hopefully it should be fairly easy! In New Moon, what do the Volturi say Bella is to Edward? His 'La Tua Cantante'. edward: i could easily snap & kill you within seconds if i wanted too. if you fuck me there's a high chance of you ending up dead bella.

rosalie and bella relationship quiz

In addition to skillful, he's also a bit twisted, so he lures Bella somewhere sacred, where she once felt safe. Question 18 What ability does Edward have that doesn't work on Bella? The ability to control peoples' thoughts The ability to read minds The ability to steal and alter peoples' memories The ability to physically control others Every vampire has a basic set of special abilities that the entire species has, like super strength, speed, and being unnaturally alluring.

Each individual vampire also receives an ability that is unique to them. Alice has visions of the future, sometimes immediate and sometimes down the road. Jasper can influence peoples' moods.

Rosalie's beauty surpasses that of even the most breathtaking vampires, and Emmett's strength is multiplied by a million. Edward has a special ability of his own too - although it doesn't work on Bella, which is part of why she startles him so much at first. Question 19 Why was Bella so deeply unhappy on her eighteenth birthday? She had to move back in with her mother She became physically older than Edward She didn't want to grow up and become an adult She knew that she had to get a job Eighteenth birthdays are usually a time for celebration!

But maybe not when you're an awkward girl who's just moved to an entirely different state and weather system to live with your dad, while your mom gallivants around the world with her professional baseball player husband.

Bella Swan's eighteenth birthday is a somber occasion for her. She forces a smile or two, for her dad's sake, but she's remarkably depressed the whole day, even at the celebration. Why is she so bummed? Question 20 Why does Edward leave Forks and Bella behind? He is tired of her bringing him in contact with the werewolves Jasper tried to attack her when she bled in front of him He is worried about getting her family hurt He doesn't want to turn her and she won't take no for an answer Have you ever felt like your back was against the wall and you didn't have any choice other than the one you were about to make?

Edward Cullen certainly has. He had to leave Bella Swan, the love of his life and his best friend in the world, behind and flee from his home in Forks, Washington. This broke Bella's heart, of course, but it broke Edward's too. What made him decide that he had no choice but to leave? Question 21 What scent of shampoo did Bella use? Raspberry Almond Honey-Vanilla Bella's hair is absolutely beautiful - long, flowy, an idealistic shade of brown. It's shiny and bouncy, with just the right amount of curl to be something she can just run a brush through and bail.

Can you tell I'm a bit jealous of that manageability?! Anyway, she uses a particular scent of shampoo religiously, and the scent of it is strong enough that it carries throughout her classroom when she steps into the path of a running fan. What scent is it? Question 22 Where did they spend their honeymoon? Paris, France Milan, Italy Phoenix Edward and Bella's honeymoon was a sweet escape for them, the first time they were ever able to truly be alone for an extended period of time without having to worry.

He chose where he was taking her and whisked her away for a reprieve of chess, gourmet cooking, and She even got to comfortably wear shorts and soak up some much needed sun for the first time in a long time!

Where did the two of them go? Question 23 Why did Bella's pregnancy almost kill her? The baby was aggressively attacking her from within throughout the pregnancy The baby grew faster than her body could accommodate and was tearing her apart Her body recognized the baby as dead tissue and began trying to get rid of it The baby would not accept human food instead of blood Being pregnant is hard enough when the baby is human and the mother is too, but I would take a gamble that it's significantly harder when the baby is part-vampire!

If Bella's pregnancy is anything to go by, I would win that bet. Within weeks of learning about her pregnancy, she found herself rapidly losing weight and becoming gaunt, with her hair falling out in clumps.

She was always tired and grew remarkably fragile. Carlisle and the entire Cullen family were distressed except for Rosalie, whose main concern was the baby about her well-being, but thankfully They eventually figured it out. What was the cause of Bella's near death pregnancy?

Question 24 What power did Bella develop after being turned into a vampire? The ability to heal the wounds of others The ability to tell peoples' fortunes The ability to run faster than anyone had ever seen before The ability to form a mental shield Like all vampires, Bella Swan developed a special power of her own when she was transformed into a vampire.

After she discovered what it was, she adapted very quickly to having to use it. Which of these powers was hers?

The ability to heal the wounds of others simply by placing a hand over it; the ability to tell peoples' fortunes by staring them into the eyes; the ability to form a mental shield around herself and others; the ability to run at a speed that no one in the Cullen family or anywhere else had ever seen before.

Question 25 Who did Edward and Bella trust to protect Renesmee during the confrontation with the Volturi? Carlisle Cullen Jacob Black Charlie Swan When he tried to kill himself, Edward attracted the attention of some seriously mean vampires - the Volturi, an ancient coven that are the closest to royalty that the vampire world has.

They're also sort of the police, because they go around enforcing the laws. When they catch wind of the fact that Edward has gotten Bella pregnant, they immediately begin planning an attack, planning to kill Renesmee.

Edward and Bella rally their friends and anyone they can who is willing to fight for their child's life - but there's one person in particular that they trust to lay themselves on the line to protect her, no matter the cost. Question 26 Why did Edward resist taking their relationship to the next level, physically speaking? He didn't want to be her first time He wasn't interested in that kind of thing at all He didn't want to hurt her He was worried he would disappoint her Bella is the kind of girl who makes it obvious what she wants, once she knows what it is, and one of those things she wants is something to do with Edward.

She wants to do It with Edward, and he throws her for a bit of a loop when he refuses to do it, initially putting up a fight - even showing some hesitation after they're already married!

What is it that makes him so reluctant? Question 27 What were they going to name their baby if it was a boy?

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Charlie Jacob Edward Renesmee Carlie Cullen is a mouthful of a name, and it seems like it would be an awful thing to have to learn how to write as a kid. The Volturi are the largest and most powerful coven in the entire vampire world. Aro, Marcus and Caius were already incredibly intimidating on their own, but they liked recruiting vampires with remarkable skills to their group to make it even more formidable. Which Volturi member's powers would be the coolest to possess?

Question 21 In a beautiful field filled with flowers.

rosalie and bella relationship quiz

Inside of an old, traditional church. On the beach at sunset. Since the Cullen family is incredibly wealthy, money wasn't really an issue for Bella and Edward's wedding—they could get married pretty much anywhere in the world they wanted to! The couple opted for a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Forks, surrounded by their family and friends. Choose the perfect wedding spot!

Question 22 Tell Charlie the truth or keep him in the dark? Charlie could have handled the truth, and Bella should have given it to him.

rosalie and bella relationship quiz

Telling Charlie the truth would have just put him in danger, Bella was trying to protect him! He tried his best to be a good dad, but in the few years Bella lived under his roof, her life was threatened countless times, she was courted by both a vampire and a shapeshifter, she had her heart broken and fell into a deep depression for several months, she traveled to Italy, and she got seriously sick and basically passed away during childbirth Should Bella have told Charlie what was really happening or was she right to keep him in the dark about what was really going on in Forks?

Question 23 Stay young forever or choose to grow old? Become an immortal and never age. Grow old alongside a loved one. Bella desperately wanted to become a vampire so she could be with Edward forever, but Edward was hesitant to turn her until complications during childbirth forced him to do so. If given the choice, would you choose to stay your current age with a soulmate forever, or would it be better to grow old with the one you love?

rosalie and bella relationship quiz

Question 24 Naming a baby Renesmee—love it or hate it? When Edward and Bella consummated their marriage, Bella miraculously got pregnant with a half-human, half-immortal child. She struggled to come up with a good name for her daughter until she gave birth, when she named her "Renesmee" after her and Edward's mothers.

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Many fans scoffed at this ridiculous mash-up name. How'd you feel about it? Question 25 Embrace Jacob and Renesmee as a couple or send Jacob packing? Jacob can't help who he imprints on, they're clearly destined to be together! Jacob totally crushed on Bella and now he wants to be with her daughter?

How well do YOU know TWILIGHT?

No way, that's too weird. Bella and Jacob struggled for years over their feelings for each other, but when Bella gave birth, everything seemed to make sense—Jacob's fixation on his best friend was actually because he was destined to be with Renesmee, Bella's daughter! It was not until she was introduced to her friend Vera's young baby, Henry, that she realized what she was missing. This is why Rosalie has so much animosity towards Bella once she is pregnant; she is jealous of her.

Thankfully, those feelings of jealously wind up turning into feelings of love for her niece Renesmee.

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However, their human lives did share similarities: Since she was born in New York, this was a very wealthy profession. Considering that they both wound up the son of a doctor, they have been able to maintain their upper-class lifestyle. Edward's father was a lawyer, which has always been a respected and well-paying profession. This afforded them many advantages in life, which have further been put to use in the after-life.

While most of the novels do not include Edward and Bella being intimate together because she is human, this eventually changes once she is turned in Breaking Dawn. Since they are now both at similar strength levels, it gives them the opportunity to be intimate together. In a moment of awkwardness, Edward lets Bella know what it was like when Rosalie and Emmett first got together.

It seems that smoothness is not one of Edward's super powers. As if being vampires not only preserved them perfectly, but also heightened their beauty. In the case of Rosalie, this is exactly what it did, but the other members of the family are also easy on the eyes.

When Bella Swan first meets the other members of the Cullen family, she can't believe how attractive they are. While she is certainly already smitten with Edward, she is also taken with the other members of the family, especially Rosalie.

The way that she describes Rosalie is similar to how she describes Edward — as captivatingly beautiful. In fact, there are very few people who would disagree with her.