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He ran quick as a flash to retrieve his ukulele, waved goodbye to Sora, and disappeared in the same flash of light. Kairi rubbed her temples, easing the stress.

The session barely started, and she was already developing a headache. Let's please get to the main reason why you are here. He had that same silly grin on his face, recovering quickly from the disappointment of not getting to finish his song. If she were anybody else, she would wonder if he was confident, or just incredibly stupid. At least he was talking. Maybe she could get some insight into him if she just humored his train of thought for a while.

She had just recently left a shower, set to her perfect temperature just below scaldingand sat down on the couch to read a book. Or at least, that is what she would tell people, when instead she spent a lot of that time drawing filthy images involving characters, of said book. Images that Kairi would never know about. Her shameful hobby aside, Namine took a break to enjoy a cup of tea, facing the large window. They had a wonderful view of the island, and the ocean off to the side. The sun was not as bright and shiny as it often is on her new, beautiful home, but she did not mind so much.

There was no glare to bother her eyes, the temperature not so high as to damage her skin. Not any more than her showers, anyway. Maybe she would finally break out of her shell and explore for once today? She stared thoughtfully toward her and her roommate's place of work just across the street, considering her options. As Namine kept staring though, she thought she saw something… off, in Kairi's office. She always thought it was neat that she could occasionally see Kairi in action, sitting up in her seat and exercising the patience of a saint.

But now, she was leaning forward by the couch, leaving Namine extremely confused, but intrigued. Her appointment was still going on, so what could she be doing? She kept looking when realization dawned on her, her face slowly falling, eyes widening, jaw dropping. Kairi was on her knees, head bobbing up and down over the large couch Namine knew she had.

It couldn't be… but what else? No, it is definitely what she thinks it is. She could not look anymore. Namine got up from her seat, unable to believe what was happening.

Should she do something? No matter what, those acts could not continue. She would only be looking out for her friend. She had to suck it up no pun intended and have a talk with her about this when she got home. Kairi walked in through her door rather stiffly, less relaxed than usual and feeling the need to sneak into her own home. It made no sense, surely what happened could not be known by anyone else.

She finished her work day dutifully, but guilt had long since been gnawing at her. Her tone was uncharacteristically stern, but maybe she was just imagining that? Nobody needed to know. How was your day?

Was it really long and hard? Kairi tried to keep her smile natural. You know how I can see your office window from here? Only after the fact did she remember the curtains were still open, but there still no way someone could see! Then again, it was a bit cloudy, and her lights were on… "U-uh… what do you mean?

The sweet, innocent as far as she knew girl's blue eyes bore a hole through her. She didn't have to say it out loud, there would be no playing dumb with her. Kairi could not stand it and caved, putting her hands to her face and drooping her shoulders. A match Kairi was doomed to lose. He's like a wizard!

Somebody could blackmail you or something! You could be fired and plastered all over the papers! She also knew that she deserved this from her roommate. I know it was wrong. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you for a roommate. Namine wanted to continue scolding and hammering the gravity of this situation into her head, but what else could she do, really? She knew what Kairi was really asking. That is, if she would keep her secret. This never happened, it stays here forever.

She could only hope this was the end of the story. Continuing with the story, the next appointment with Sora came much quicker than Kairi would have liked. For the past few days, Namine had kept her promise in work, but there was still the anxiety of wondering if somebody could have seen from a nearby window.

Sora bursting into her office with a happy-go-lucky smile, as if nothing had occurred, did not help. But this whole mess still had to be dealt with, whether she liked it or not. Sora sat down heavily on the couch, as if he owned the place.

Aqua though in the meantime, had tears falling fast from her eyes. She cupped her hand over her mouth, muffling a choked sob of laughter. Even with each year that may pass, it was hard to believe that all it took was a matter of a day to make a difference. Dusk was already settling in through the windows, projecting clear skies for tomorrow. He stole a glance over to Larxene who was busy counting money behind the registrar.

He grinned shrewdly at her when noticing the soft color of red upon her cheeks. There was no one around, and it left her vulnerable. Slipping the wet cloth around the string of his apron, he slowly made his over to her. She was on guard towards his advancement, glaring furiously at him with suspicion. Leaning over the counter, Axel pushed his face closely to hers, hoping to earn a kiss. Larxene blocked his pursed lips with her hand though, "Don't even think about it.

You know I'm the flirt around here. Not that she even cared, since she was too engrossed by his fiery lips to even respond. Sora had almost forgotten while packing his stuff inside the boxes. Memories poured into him by each item he stored, making his movements a bit sluggish as he went. He stopped for a moment to collect a sigh, closing his eyes shut as he pinched his nose.

The dust to the apartment was getting to him, filling his nostrils with a sick temptation to sneeze. Luckily, the sensation went away, and he got back to packing. When opening one box in particular though, he was surprised to find a certain accessory that was absently displayed at the bottom.

Digging his hand inside, he brought the necklace up to his face to examine it. It was the crown-shaped chain Ventus had given to him when he was child, right before his death. He shook out of his trance though when he heard someone knocking on his door. He bit his lip anxiously and headed over to the entrance. He didn't need to look through the peephole, as he already knew who the mysterious guest was.

He grabbed the handle and pulled the door back, "You're late. Did you get it? So you can stop drooling now.

He gracefully took the bag from her, making his way around the kitchen to place it on top of the counter. Xion strolled and examined the half empty apartment, amazed by how much he got done on his own.

Sora took out the container that held his dessert, fetching a fork from within the drawer at the same time. He hummed a certain tune before stealing a glance at the ebony beauty behind him. Xion quickly turned her head towards him and declined his offer, "No Our relationship is superficial after all He gave a short sigh of hilarity, feeling sort of hurt by her words, "You call moving in together not real?

Besides, it's probably only a place for you to run and hide in So you can stop right there. Throughout all her years of studying therapy, Sora was the most difficult person that she couldn't dare understand.

His way of thinking was always spontaneous, and more importantly, sincere. It was a one-night stand, nothing more; it shouldn't have meant anything to them. The older Hikari obviously had other plans though. He wasn't just digging his sorrow into her like those wasted nights at the bar.

She became his salvation for something better from what he hadn't explored or realized yet. Their visits became frequent, the sex, she must admit, breathless and raw. Each night in bed almost became like a ritual to them. Then, he had to ruin it all, by actually talking about "us". Within the four months, he actually proposed for them to live together.

She foolishly accepted the idea, since she didn't like the thought of living alone. But what she didn't prepare for was the intimate scenario of them actually being a couple. They wouldn't be sneaking around behind the others' backs anymore. Still, what made her so suddenly special in his eyes? And did he really not care what the others might think? He may be willing to surprise them, but it certainly didn't mean shewas ready.

With that thought in mind, she voiced out her opinion, "It's just I don't want this feeling anymore of being some type of puppet being passed around. He roughly scratched the back of his head, "Look, just eat this papoucake with me, and Sora silently brought the papoucake over to the table between them, and handed her a fork.

Like an old couple, they started eating peacefully together, slicing the soft texture evenly for the other to have. Xion took a cautious bite from the tip of her fork, "I just don't want to be a rebound for you.

Sora paused and took a glance at her, "Shouldn't I be saying the same thing? I knew we weren't in love. Not like your relationship with Namine.

I've at least accepted one thing for sure. He nodded firmly, "Answer the question, Xion. Do you love me? He smiled and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs, "I could feel your heartbeat, Xion. She whimpered from the contact, their tongues intertwining slothfully with passion. Her body's temperature rose drastically, urging her hands to move forward to touch him. He stopped her though and withdrew from the heated kiss before it became intense. He could sense her disappointment, "Not after you answer me first.

He pursed his lips, "Must you always be difficult? Then what are you going to do about it? She searched around the room for some type of ammunition, and she found it. Lifting the papou cake roughly with her hand she flung it to his face. Sora gasped from the assault, taking a moment to wipe the pastry off his face in shock.

Xion cupped a hand over to her mouth in order to stifle the laughter that wanted to escape. He suddenly pulled her body over the table, causing the young woman to squeak in alarm. She thought he was going to retaliate, but instead, he went with a better punishment. Sora wiggled her legs apart and pinned her down against him. Despite the new tightness inside his pants that wanted to penetrate her, he remembered to be gentle.

Xion gasped from the shadow of his erection, enticed by how hard he was already. Sora buried himself between her legs, hoping she wouldn't refuse the offer of committing to his desires.

In the meantime, they just stared at each other. Xion lifted her hand up and caressed his cheek, "It must have been hard for you to even tell me that. He turned his head and gave her palm a chaste kiss, "You have no idea. I want to, but then She hissed from the taunting bulge, "I I think I can Xion responded eagerly and captured his lips with approval.

She slipped her tongue inside his damp mouth, drinking in the remains of the fruit that lingered across his teeth. With their lips occupied, their hands decided to join in and perform their own investigation of intimacy. Xion hastily unbuckled his pants, zipping the lock to his appendage that pulsed wildly for her touch. Sora promptly ripped the buttons to her shirt across without breaking them, meeting the black brassiere that awaited him. He fervently unclipped the link to her bra and hastily tossed it to the side, along with her shirt.

The raven-haired female held no shame in her nudity, begging desperately to feel his warmth. Almost sensing her plea telepathically, Sora reached over and greedily gripped her tender bosoms. Xion gasped and tossed her head to the side, letting out a soft whimper as he mold the globes together. He flicked his fingers over her taut and pink nipples, pinching them gently between his digits.

His lips soon left wet trails under her round chin and slender neck, piercing each spot with sparks of divine pleasure.

He complied with her wishes, already unfastening her pants to reach her stain undergarment. Still, he couldn't resist toying with those delectable ivory spheres, giving them a soft lick with his innocent and curious tongue. Xion moaned irritably at the sensation, digging her hands into his hair for more. She was the one who was supposed to be showing him how she felt, so how did it get like this?

Before she realized it, they were both completely naked. They had managed to create a feast by using each other's skin. It was a fitting way to use the kitchen one last time before the new residence decided to move in. Sora buried his hand beneath the space between them and successfully captured her clit.

He rubbed her cum over it, providing friction before sinking his fingers inside her. Xion twisted her back upwards, letting out a gasp of ecstasy from the blissful invasion.

She was at the brink of passing out, her eyes becoming hazy from the heat of the room. Sweat seductively dripped off her pale skin, enchanting the brunette above her. Her trim and wet garden was tempting him to devour the sweet elixir that was dripping out of it. Xion was aware of his desires and halted him from doing so, "No I need you inside of me, Sora Xion got into position above his member and slowly edged his length inside her cunny.

A timid like moan rumbled within her throat, his timber plugging each empty space possible. It pulsed wildly against her tube, awakening her fluids to trickle out even more.

She flushed deeply from the feeling, placing her hands over his slender hipbones for support. They never really tried this position before, even though they had experimented many things in the past already. She gazed down at the brunette for a signal to start thrusting, she giggled though when she noticed cake still on his face. Leaning down to the point where their chest touched, she daintily licked the frosting off his nose and cheeks. Sora became flustered by the procedure and gripped her rear instinctively in embarrassment.

Xion yelped from his hold, stretching her legs apart even further. He breathed heavily with wonder, "I hope this table is strong enough She rubbed her hands into his spikes and kissed him tenderly, "Let's just say I rather be with you than a dog.

They created a familiar rhythm after months of collected sexual encounters. He leaned his back and inspected the room, thrusting forward without faltering, "I say that can It wasn't just sex anymore, this round between them felt different. Someday she would tell him how she felt; since it wasn't like the feelings he had grown for her weren't mutual. Still, there was a deep fear that lingered inside her heart. Would he turn away from her if things didn't turn out the way he wanted?

These types of thoughts plagued her mind constantly without remorse. Being merged with him like this though, she knew there was a chance that she may never want to leave his side.

That should mean something, right? It was like she could trust him to bear with her own pain and memories. In a sense, like she belonged to him. For Sora, he had journeyed through the sea and passed over the waves of the abyss. When the tides came though, he knew there was no way in turning back. He would peacefully drown himself in it, rising with the currents with a seashell in his hand. All it took was one crack for him to find the pearl within it.

It was comforting and warm, recovering the sleep from his eyes after being lost for so long. With Xion, everything seemed possible.

He had to keep his image strong, so he wouldn't lose composure. When making it to the end of the hall, Zack kindly directed him to a seat at one of the phone booths. Ansem only nodded and took his seat casually with patience. The officer left the room, leaving the old man to his thoughts. He shifted his gaze side to side at the other empty booths, finding most of them to be unoccupied. His wait wasn't long either, spotting a familiar scarred face at the other side of the window. Zack stood behind the criminal and ordered him to sit.

When taking his seat, a grin was plastered across his face with irony.

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In the meantime, the officer assigned to him decided to wait around the corner by the door. They had to take caution in case one of the prisoners tried to escape; it was out of safety procedure. I've only come here to say goodbye. Since I know you'll be rotting in this prison for the rest of your life. You're only thinking about cleaning your own slate.

I'm doing this for my grandchildren. Man, isn't that a kicker. You sure have a screwed up lineage, sir. And I don't find your comment very appealing either. It's best that they never know either. He will get back at the Hikari family of what's rightfully his. I'm willing to protect them from the truth. I will be punished by keeping such secrets from them. There's a party my granddaughter is planning for tomorrow, and I was kindly invited to attend. This will probably be the last time we would ever see each other.

Zack came behind Xigbar at this point in time in order to lead him back to his cell. The eye-patched man grinned with a sinister gleam in his eye. She leaned back to examine her work, squinting her eyes curiously while swaying her head side to side. She wanted to make sure everything was evenly spaced out and perfect for tomorrow. Luckily, the weather this evening was comfortable enough for her to do that. She stepped off the stool she was using and turned her head to the sky with a satisfied grin.

The sun was barely visible now, the golden tones of twilight settling in for the night. Having faith that her task was done in arranging everything for tomorrow, Namine went off to head back inside the house. She stepped up onto the porch and walked pass through the open screen before closing it behind her. She smiled affectionately at the faces that greeted her inside, placing a hand on her cheek with amusement. Soren and Vennis were wrapped up inside their personal baskets, blinking harmlessly at their mother.

Ven released a yawn while his brother hiccupped silently. Their features were more evident now throughout the months. Vennis was the splitting image of Roxas, besides his pale skin and hair that resembled his mother's. Soren had Namine's silky tresses and features, although with him, his skin and hair was tan like his father's.

They both possessed hazel-blue eyes, containing dark shades of green around the rim of their pupils. Roxas turned his head back, already preparing their bottles, "They got up just a few minutes ago while you were outside. Namine put on a face, puffing her cheeks up in order to mimic them, "Daddy is taking too long is he? Vennis seemed to play off a glare towards his father, not liking that idea of taking the blame.

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I never have to touch a stove again. My husband can be in no way associated with Roxas. Sora looked up with teasing eyes. Then, Aerith set her eyes on me. Kuroki immediately started to help his wife. That was our excuse for his little pep talks. That might help me. When nothing seemed to ring a bell, I decided to try and give a reasonable answer. We were able to resume our meal in peace. When dessert was passed out, Aerith's phone rang. She excused herself from the table and went to the corner of the room to talk in hushed whispers.

The Kurokis stared after her. I examined all three of their faces. Sora's was fairly calm, but he was frowning and for a cheerful teenager such as him, that was not normal. I assumed he knew what the phone call was about and was waiting for news. His optimistic eyes shined as he waited. Kuroki looked serene—no, resigned. It was obvious what was going to happen, at least to him.

His eyes fluttered back and forth between his children as if to monitor their distress. Roxas had lowered his head. I could tell he was expecting the worst from whatever was about to happen. The phone shut and Aerith took her coat off the rack. I don't have time… They can explain it.

Roxas walked into what I suppose would be the living room and sat down. I was still awkwardly at the table, not sure what to do.

Finally, I decided I would follow Roxas. His scowl almost made me turn around, but I pressed forward and sat next to him. I decided it would be better for us both if I didn't interrupt him—at least not yet.

Roxas stared across his perfectly clean cream carpet complimented by beige walls and tan furniture. I reached out and touched his shoulder, just to let him know I was there. At her mental facility, she constantly mistakes the doctors for monsters and… she kind of tries to kill them. With anything she can reach—that's bad because there are needles for medicine all over the place. I decided to comfort him with a simple, "I'm sad for you.

Mondays were horrible in and of themselves. After school, I had newspaper. That was also the day Roxas and I would pick out which letters to print. He wasn't mad anymore—I guess he really couldn't be after Saturday. This time I didn't argue. It might make him happier. He tossed it to me with hardly a glance. I looked up with the most truthful smile I have ever given him. I removed the envelope and began to read.

Dear Nobody, I have been in love with one of my younger brother's friends for a long time, but recently, I found out she considers us enemies. I always thought we were just teasing playfully, but I think she must've taken our arguments seriously. Recently, I purchased tickets to a sold-out show that she's wanted to see.

I know from her conversations with her friends and my brother's girlfriend. I'd like to ask her to go, but I'm not sure if she'd agree. Nobody, I'm absolutely sure I'm in love with her and not to scare her or anything, but I do want marriage to be an option. If you have any advice on how to ask her and clear up all our misunderstandings at the same time, I would be very grateful. Sincerely, Key of Destiny I smiled at the sweet letter. How in the world could somebody as rude as you pick out such a great letter?

And we're running it right before Valentine's Day too! This paper could be our best seller," I cheered and accidentally tossed my pen over by him. He walked over and returned it, glancing at my blank paper. Dear Key of Destiny, First of all, stop arguing with her! If she considers that an act of dislike, you know that it's not something you should be doing. If this girl wants to see that show, she'll go even if she has to go with you.

By the way, don't creep her out by such a commitment. It's high school—neither of you are ready for that jump. Just tell her that you've always considered your arguments friendly and you're sorry that she felt otherwise. Don't immediately jump to love, but you can explain that you have feelings for her and would like her to consider you her boyfriend. You seem to be nice enough, so if she can't see past your bickering, you should consider looking for other ladies.