Rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

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rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

The age difference, in my opinion, is not an issue because they are both But yes, RumBelle is probably the most toxic (romantic) relationship on the whole. Belle chooses to go with Rumpelstiltskin, and her choice is made his emotional problems, and implies heavily that their relationship (or the. Rumple stating to Belle that she has never been his weakness but his The problems started in season 4 although I could even rationalize that.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

Many of these characters take on an array of roles in the connective narrative. Sustaining itself into the currently airing Season 7, the show has remained popular among fans, affectionately known as Oncers. But this does not mean the show is without its issues which go beyond the departure of many series regulars.

The relationships you ship can be problematic, and the world-building wildly inconsistent as the show juggles a vast ensemble of characters. Here are 15 major problems fans don't want to admit about Once Upon A Time.

Beauties and Beasts on TV: The Problem with Rumbelle

This didn't mean the timeline of all events was as specific as, for example, Emma coming to Storybrooke 28 years after the Dark Curse was cast.

However, at least fans had an idea of when all events took place before or after the first Dark Curse. As more Dark Curses have been cast and the passage of time became more vague in both the present and flashbacks, the timeline has become quite convoluted. Forgiveness is an important theme in the show, but that doesn't negate the years of Rumplestiltskin's lies, empty promises, and alienation.

This made it really disappointing that so much of her story revolved around her relationship with Rumplestiltskin both in the present and in flashbacks. Rumplestiltskin and Hook lived for hundreds of years before even meeting Belle and Emma. Emma was in her late 20s and early 30s for most of her relationship with Hook.

Belle's exact age is unknown, but her age is likely similar to Emma's, if not a little younger. The victim is often but not always either physically, emotionally, or sexually abused, or witnesses some kind of negative behavior on the part of the captor.

When given the opportunity to escape, the victim often does not take it this is not true of all cases. When the captivity is over, the victim is found to sympathize with the captor, with varying degrees of affection or loyalty.

Discovery Health goes on to state that, in a case of Stockholm, the victim, "come[s] to identify with and even care for [his or her] captors, in a desperate, usually unconcious act of self-preservation Well, in my opinion, we find a few bumps.

First, it should be noted that Belle, unlike the typical Stockholm victim, is not forcibly abducted, lured, or explicitly coerced into captivity by Rumpelstiltskin. Belle chooses to go with Rumpelstiltskin, and her choice is made knowingly; in fact, it has to be in order to be a true sacrifice - the kind that only a savior-figure like Snow, Emma, and even Regina at times can make.

Some have argued that Rumpelstiltskin's deal with Belle her family's lives at the hands of the ogres in exchange for her life's service as his personal maid is enough to qualify her status as an unwilling or coerced victim; however, Belle's father and Gaston seem fairly sure that an alternate solution is available, even if Belle isn't, and as we learn from her later, the opportunity to do something brave was an event she had been waiting for.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

That anticipation and full acceptance and knowledge of the consequences of her actions negates much of the indication that this is a typical Stockholm victim-captor relationship.

Second, the nature of Belle's captivity and her attitude toward it and her captor are not at all typical of many cases labeled as Stockholm Syndrome. Unlike usual captives, Belle accepts her captivity with good grace, but without fearing her captor, consciously or unconsciously.

She is often startled by him, or disgusted by his actions usually voicing her disgust and displeasureand even amused by him, but she is almost never afraid of him. She demonstrably disagrees with him, with his philosophy, with his very self, arguing over and over again that he needs to change, to conform to what she believes - this is the opposite of Stockholm, in which the victim generally sympathizes with the captor to the point of supporting his or her view or cause take heiress Patty Hearst as an example.

There is no wish to please or pacify him, or to go out of her way to agree with him.

Beautiful Things: Once Upon a Time: Is Rumbelle a True Case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Many times throughout both the Enchanted Forest version of their story and the Storybrooke version, Belle acts in direct opposition to Rumpelstiltskin's expressed wishes, even challenging him in front of others.

Though she witnesses his many acts of cruelty most, in classical fashion, kept offstageRumpelstiltskin does very little that I would constitute as abuse. He does require Belle to stay in a dungeon, though it is never implied that he locks her inside it any other night than the first she is free to come and go by "Lacey" when she is still wearing her gold dress, indicating that this is fairly early in their "couple of months" long relationship.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

He requires her to clean the castle, his clothing, and to prepare meals for him, seemingly without pay, but again, the payment was her family's safety, and the most we can say is that he treats her like a maid-of-all work. He has raped her twice s4 final and 5x11, as well as possibly when she was Lacey and sexually assaulted her three times in s4 when he was disguised as Hook and touched her boobs, in s4 when he kissed ehr when she was unconscious and in s2 when she was Lacey and he was kissing her.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship problems

And then after raping her say "at least I got one last taste". That should be an immediate deal breaker.

bad romance part 2 - rumplestiltskin & belle (once upon a time)

Belle is literally in a relationship with her rapist. He makes her dependent on him and tells her she can only be happy with him "You can [condone me], you just have to choose to.

And if you do we can have it all.

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Won't take no for an answer eg. He has stalked her season 4 and season 6-when he blackmailed David into telling him where she was He has no respect for her choices, ie. He stated that he prefers Belle "blissfully ignorant".