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Shara is a very warm girl who likes to show her passion by talking to and everyone's birthday, and is always talking about their likes and dislikes. Shara ( シア, Sia)is the main female character/bachelorette in Rune Factory Location: Mailbox: Unlock: 2 FP: Objective: Bring Shara to Privera: Flower Field. Relationships. Rune Factory Characters Guide By Freyashawk Email: a little girl in Kardia in this game, has become an adult in Alvarna in Rune Factory 2. . by additional information as to likes and dislikes and marriage requirements. Rune Factory 2 Characters Guide: By Freyashawk Email: castleenchanted At 3 Hearts, he/she will confess to a specific dislike, a Most Hated Item. He has a rather difficult relationship with his son but loves him dearly.

Although the intention of the Contest is to measure the speed with which you can find it in a Mine by using your Hammer, you can take the Gem from storage and give it to him for a guaranteed first prize result.

Tanya's Birthday Ruby Ring 25 Winter: Roy's Birthday French Fries 27 Winter: New Year's Eve No festivities per se. People speak of the Year's ending 1st Generation Characters: Like Mist in the original Rune Factory, she will rescue you from the oblivion into which your amnesia has placed you and will 'lend' you an old farm.

Douglas, who is the owner of the Pumpkin General Store, is Mana's father and is extremely protective of his daughter. In fact, he will interrupt many of your Romantic Events with her to threaten dire results should you ever presume to try to marry his daughter! Ultimately, you must have Gordon's aid if you wish to propose marriage, as he will give you the 'Engagement Ring' needed for the proposal.

Mana will sell you a Watering Can and a Hoe for G. Speak to her afterwards and she will give you a bag of Pink Turnip Seeds. She will give you the 'Special Concerto' after your Barn is completed.

Special items that she gives you in the course of her Request Events include a Red Scarf. In order to be able to propose to Mana, you will need an Engagement Ring. The Ring can be obtained only if you accept Dougla's Request in the form of a Challenge. You must complete all of the prior Requests Douglas has made before the Challenge Request will appear on the Bulletin Board. If you have completed every Request faithfully as it appears, you will have no trouble.

If you attempt to give the Engagement Ring to Mana before she has achieved 10 Hearts, she will not accept it. Mackerel Special Proposal Item: Engagement Ring Actual Responses: Fish are the best when they're served as sashimi. What do you like, Freyr? I really wouldn't want to get that a present! Just so you know, okay? Why are you giving this to me? It's my dream to become a teacher. I don't recall seeing a school in town.

That's because there isn't one, which is a bit of a problem, isn't it? Gift at 6 hearts: Red Scarf Dialogues based on Heart Level: Mana's Schedule, 1st and 2nd Generations Mana will be found each weekday in the Pumpkin General Store in the 1st Generation, either on the upper floor or on the ground floor. In the 2nd Generation, Mana will be found in the Classroom at the School from 9. She then returns to the Pumpkin General Store, unless she is your mother.

Mana no longer is in charge of shipping in the 2nd Generation. Douglas will take her place next to the shipping container on your farm at 3. In the 2nd Generation, Mana will be one of two teachers at the local School. Her Classes are taught in the morning and consist primarily of Cooking Lessons, as well as some Accessories and Medicines. Mana has the ability to repair damaged Magic Spellbooks if you take one to her when she is at the School. A Magic Spellbook that has been repaired will be more powerful than a damaged one.

Emerald Ring Alicia is the daughter of the local doctor, Natalie. Despite her mother's desire that she become a doctor herself, Alicia is determined to follow the more mystical 'alternative' path of becoming a fortuneteller.

Alicia offers a number of predictions whenever you speak to her in the harbour area. She will offer a prediction of the weather, of any character's current location or a 'love reading' to determine which girls have a romantic interest in you. With respect to the Weather and Locations, Alicia's predictions invariably are accurate. Her 'Love Readings' actually are accurate as well, although she somehow ignores Julia in her predictions.

Alicia actually will offer to change the weather for the next day for a price. Her ability to do this is uncertain, however, and she will admit this when she accepts your payment for the task. You can increase Alicia's Heart Levels by asking for predictions. In fact, Alicia is rather mischievous and so determined to be a successful fortuneteller that she is willing to MAKE her predictions come true by affecting the course of the future.

In one of her Requests, she actually will engineer a date for you with another girl in order to prove one of her love predictions. In her first Request, she will trick you into giving her money after promising you a fee, but she is too likeable a character to earn any lasting resentment for her antics. Although she resembles the classical character of the 'Trickster' in a way, she is a lively, amusing girl who obviously is attracted to you romantically.

Diamond, Strawberry Most Detested Gift: What do you like, Frey? I don't even want to look at it. But if you really want to capture my heart, get your fortune read! Myself, I want to become a famous fortune-teller. I think my mother always wanted me to become a doctor, though. One of her Requests: I foretold that she would lose something very dear to her. That's not fortune-telling at all.

Rune Factory 4 Tutorial #4 - Relationships

I told her, 'See, my prediction came true, didn't it? Yeah, of course she got mad. Alicia; But isn't it childish to get so mad just because I ate one little snack? Yes, but you shouldn't have done that in the first place, Alicia.

Why don't you give it to her for me? It's kind of hard for me to do myself… Please? About her attempts to make her fortunes come true: I've got one for you. Alicia gave Ceci a reading and told her to 'beware of steps'. Ceci just laughed, and didn't believe her at all.

Then I saw Alicia creeping up behind her, just as Ceci started down some steps. I didn't laugh that time… Alicia's fortunes may be bogus, but her weather forecasts are always right. Alicia's Schedule, 1st and 2nd Generation: For the most part, even if she is your mother in the 2nd Generation, Alicia's Schedule will not vary much.

You will find her on the Docks at the Port of Alvarna from 9. In the 1st Generation, she then will walk to the Pumpkin General Store and can be found on the upper floor with her girlfriends. On rainy days, she does not 'work' during the day on the Docks, but will stand inside the Pumpkin General Store.

Hot Milk Rosalind is the pampered daughter of Herman, the patriarch of the influential de Sainte-Coquille family. Many of the areas in Alvarna bear the name of Sainte-Coquille as they are the result of their donations. Herman is an inveterate Gourmet and Rosalind is interested both in creating new dishes and medicines.

Many of her Request Events are centred on food or concoctions that she would like to test. She is poetic by nature, warm-hearted and fun-loving. She will flirt with your rival, Ray, as easily as she does with you. In fact, you will find her on Festival days with Ray standing near the pier at the West End of Alvarna and if you speak to either of them, you may discover that you have interrupted a date! Gyoza Rosalind in church on Mon. I just grow hungrier!

I really like 4-Leaf Clovers. Legend has it that this white clover brings good luck to whoever has it. Tee-hee-hee, I must sound pretty superstitious. Random conversation that does not indicate 'Most Favourite' items: When I hear about fishing, all I can think of is eating some fresh-caught trout!

Harvest Moon Forever: Rivals actually react to others in Rune Factory 2

It's a very nutritious fruit. Characters often will tell you a number of rather nonsensical 'urban legends'. Rosalind will go through a stage in her relationship with you when she tells you a legend about various plants that must be watered at different phases of the moon: Have you heard the rumour about the flower that resembles a face? Apparently, if you sprinkle some water that's been exposed to the light of the full moon on arid land at exactly 4. Dialogue based on Heart Levels: In church at 2 Hearts Rosalind's Schedule, 1st and 2nd Generation: In the 1st Generation, Rosalind will be found either on the great staircase in the Manor or in Dorothy's bedroom behind the Church in the morning.

In the afternoon on fine days, you will find her either outside the Bathhouse or in the Church. On rainy weekdays, she stays home at the Manor House. In the 2nd Generation, if Rosalind is married to Ray, she will be found most often on the upper floor of the Clinic.

Strawberry Jam Dorothy is the daughter of the local Priest, Gordon. She lives with her father and her sister Cammy in back of the Church. Cammy is extremely outgoing but Dorothy is almost painfully shy. When you first meet her, she will speak only through her doll Fern.

As you complete her Requests, however, you will succeed in making her less fearful of social encounters and she will discard her intermediary in favour of speaking to you directly.

Your Rival for Dorothy's heart is Barrett. You will find Dorothy with Barrett at the crossroads on Festival Days. Roy will give you a Charm in one of his Request Events as well. In order to propose to Dorothy, you will need a special 'Blessing Pendant'.

This will be given to you by her father, Gordon, in one of his Request Events. You need to wait until Dorothy is at 10 Hearts before you give it to her. Blessing Pendant Actual Responses: Well, um… Do you know when my birthday is? Sorry, I don't know. Oh, no, but… What's your favourite thing to eat, Dorothy? At 2 Hearts, she will confess her other Most Favourite item: Dorothy, what are your favourite things?

Oh, that makes me so happy… Oh… um… This… this is just a little something I'd like you to have… You got: I made it for you, to protect you from harm, Freyr. You made this for me? I'll cherish it always. Today was… Thank you for today… Well, then… See you later, Freyr.

Dorothy's Schedule, 1st and 2nd Generation: In the mornings, in the 1st Generation, Dorothy alternates between her bedroom behind the Church and the Clinic. In the afternoons, she is usually to be found at the Clinic. On Festival Days, you will find her near the Crossroads with Barrett. In the 2nd Generation, if Dorothy marries Barrett, you will find her at home at the Mayor's House or at the Clinic where she works presumably as a nurse, standing behind Ray there during the day.

Aquamarine Brooch Cecilia, like her suitor Jake is half-elf, half-human. She actually is a character from the original Rune Factory and now an adult, left her home in Kardia to work as a maid in Alvarna. She speaks often of her friend Tabatha who works as a maid in Kardia. Cecilia lives at the local Inn in Alvarna and works for the de Sainte-Coquille family at their mansion.

Your Rival for her heart is Jake, the innkeeper's half-elf, half-human son. Cecilia herself will give you the Round Stone, an item known to players of the original Rune Factory. She must be at 10 hearts, however, before you will be able to propose marriage successfully. Lamp Squid Special Item: Round Stone Best Request Rewards: Pet Glove, Brush Actual Responses: Do you know when my birthday is, Freyr? No, I don't, actually. I never told you, did I?

It's the 12th of Summer. Maybe some one will remember it… Ceci: Do you know what my favourite thing in the world is? Those … those are all expensive gems. I've liked shiny little stones ever since I was little. I like that, too. Do you like it, Freyr? Is this for me? This is her usual response to ordinary items.

Thanks, I love these. I knew a woman named Tabatha back in Kardia, who had a job as a maid. Laterly, I've come to understand why she enjoyed her work. I get a real feeling of purpose when I'm working to help other people. You will raise her Heart Level by taking baths there regularly. She is obsessed with fashion and is the girl to whom others will defer in terms of the subject. In fact, one of Yue's Requests involves an appeal to Julia for fashion guidance.

Often the reward for completing a Request will be an item that is liked particularly by the giver. Max is your rival for Julia's affections and you will find them standing together at the harbour pier on Festival Days.

Carrot, Toyherb Most Detested Gift: Skull When I spoke to Julia after: It's the seed of an herb that I really like. If you plant it, maybe you can give a little of it to me! I really like things that smell nice. It's so nutritious and healthy. Oh, that looks delicious! I can't stand them… Don't ever bring me one. Dialogue based on Heart Level: Norad's not a big country, though, and it never gets tied up in wars.

It's a nice place. Yes, peace is a wonderful thing. Well, there's really not all that much here, so it's kind of a little TOO peaceful, but oh well… Julia's Schedule, 1st and 2nd Generation: In the 1st Generation, Julia will be found either upstairs in the Bathhouse in the morning or in Dorothy's bedroom behind the Church.

She will be downstairs in the Bathhouse managing the baths from 3. The baths are shut on Monday. You will find Julia on Festival Days at the port with Max.

In the 2nd Generation, if Julia marries Max, she will be found on the staircase of the Manor. She no longer will run the Bathhouse and will have given that position to Cammy. Cabbage Cakes Yue is a wandering peddler with incredible fortitude and courage. She makes no secret of her willingness to travel through hostile territory. She favours kimonos and many of her early requests involve items that she needs to create an exceptional kimono.

It is Yue who will give you many useful Accessories in the 1st Generation as rewards or tokens in her Request Events. Yue has no family in Alvarna but she is extremely generous and open with her affection, even though she professes her primary interest in life to be success in business. If not at the entrance to one of the Caves, she can be found at the northeast corner of the North Square of Alvarna, to the left of the Falling Star Path that leads to the Crossroads.

On Festival Days, she can be found next to the Pool that allows a multi-player option in the game. The Pond is north of Cherry Blossom Square. You will have no Rival for Yue's affections if you court her. Daikon Radish Most Detested Gift: My birthday is the 9th of Spring. Try to remember it. I don't care how many I've eaten.

Is that for me? I really love these! They're just so… tentacly.

Rune Factory 2: Examining The First Generation

For Cabbage Cakes on her birthday: You make me feel so special! Actually, it's my birthday today. But I never thought I'd get a present like this… Wow! First useful Accessory from Yue: The far east equivalent of a bandana. Wrap it around your head and be filled with fighting spirit. Yue has a different location for each day of the week and this schedule applies both to the 1st and the 2nd Generations for the most part.

Yue visits Blessia Island on Tuesdays. On Thursdays, you will find Yue near the entrance to Padova Mountains. On Friday, before 9. On the Holiday, you will find Yue near the path that leads north to the Crossroads in the morning but at Blessia Island in the afternoon. He has a difficult relationship with his father and is a classical example of a tormented young man to some extent, pretending indifference towards community events and people.

In fact, he is deeply concerned with his father's health and although he will continue to assure you of his indifference as his friendship for you increases, it is obvious that it is nothing more than pretense.

Barrett in fact will give you a Fishing Rod as a reward for completing his first Request, proof that he is more generous than he would like to appear. He is your Rival for Dorothy's affections and you will find them together on Festival Days by the crossroads on the Falling Star Path, closest to the entrance to Trieste Forest.

Salmon, Iron Most Detested Gift: Barrett, when is your birthday? What's it to you? It's the 5th of Spring. Do you have a problem with that?

Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Characters

That's all you need to know. Is there anything you'd like some one to give you? Why do you ask all of a sudden? I could always use another IRON. They have so many uses… Me: Barrett, is there anything you dislike?

This is a nice gift. Don't ask about what I intend to use it for though. I can have this? I don't really need it. In the 2nd Generation game, Barrett will be one of the teachers at the local School. His classes are taught in the afternoon and consist of Lessons in Forging Weapons and some Accessories and Scrolls.

He is in charge of activities at the local Dojo as well. Snapper Sashimi Max is one of my personal favourites. He is the scion of the richest, most influential family of Avarna, the De Sainte-Coquille family. He is the son of Herman and brother of Rosalind. As fortune's darling, he exhibits the careless attitude of some one who never needs to worry about anything in life. He is generous of spirit and open-hearted, always willing to help your character with useful advice and items that are needed in order to advance your courtship of his sister Rosalind.

He evidently is a consummate dancer and swordsman, educated in all the skills necessary for any true gentleman. Max often will speak of his interest in Music. This is a clue as to the power of Music with respect to Monsters and hints obliquely of 2nd Generation Music Spellbooks in the form of the Striking March and the Inquisitive Waltz. I just love this. Well, just a little background knowledge you should remember. For Apple, Pink Melon, Toyflower: Freyr, I don't mind getting presents, but I really don't need this right now.

When you first arrive in Alvarna, both Max and his sister Rosalind will speak of an incident involving chopsticks. Listen to what happened at lunch yesterday… My father acquired some utensils from the East called 'chopsticks'. We tried eating with them.

Frankly, they were quite difficult to use. But, they seem like they'd be more useful than a knife and fork, once you get used to them. I wonder, though… Those chopstick things might catch on with a little publicity… This could be a great business opportunity!

But I think if some one were to master using these chopsticks, they might actually be even more useful than a fork and knife. Platinum Half-elf, half-human, he has a deep resentment towards the human race.

He lives at the Inn with his father. You will find him during the day in the southeastern corner of the Sharper Edge Blacksmith. He is your rival for Cecilia's heart but seldom actually is seen with her, although they both can be found in the Inn at night. In your first meeting at Egan's Inn, he will make his feelings about humans quite clear after Egan addresses you as 'Sir.

He's just a human! Yeah, I had fun! I had so much fun, Freyr.

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Whomever you ask, you will be forced to endure verbal expressions of disappointment from some of the other eligible girls if you speak to them after you have danced with some one else. For example, Ceci will remark: Ceci with cross hurt: Oh, you already danced with some one else?

But I was really hoping Mana with cross hurt: You danced with somebody else, didn't you? Why didn't you ask me instead? Alicia with cross hurt: Rosalind will ask; Rosalind: Freyr, where exactly were you leading me today? Julia is one exception. A combination of raw vegetables. Give it to Julia: You got me a salad?! This is just what I wanted! Just what I wanted! He kept telling me that salads are for sissies. How terrible for you!

You went through all of that for me? You have my gratitude. Why not try using that on your crops? It should do them some good! If I had taken the Cabbage Cakes: