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The Finn-Quinn Relationship, commonly known as Fabson or Fuinn, was the relationship between McKinley Alumni Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray. They get back together the next year after Quinn cheats on Sam Evans, whom she . where Quinn was suspected of cheating on Finn with Sam, bringing up trust issues. Dianna Agron, Chord Overstreet Quinn Fabray, Sam Evans, Fabrevans Overgron. emilina · fabrevans · They are so sweet together <3 I ship Fabrevans. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Quinn, who is dating one of her teachers at Yale, accuses Santana of being jealous of her and projecting her hostility in their surrogates, leading to a fight before Quinn storms out of the choir room. She and Santana get drunk at the wedding reception and sleep together, which they agree was a fun one-time, and then two time, experimentation for Quinn. Puck is jealous of their relationship, because he still loves her.

Quinn is lying to him because she does not want him to know about her past yet. Puck convinces her to tell Biff the truth, which she does.

Quinn-Sam Relationship

Biff reacts wrongly and insults her, which causes a fight between Puck and Biff. Puck and Quinn talk about Finn and their relationship, and she realizes that she still loves him. They later start a relationship again, which is later confirmed in the next episode. Quinn, Santana, and Brittany attempt to recruit new members by performing in Cheerios Alumni outfits, but only recruit twins Mason and Madison when former Glee new member, Kitty, who was the only member not to be transferred as Sue saw her as a star player, announced she wouldn't return because of the way Artie treated her and everyone else when he left.

Puck is still her boyfriend. She appears in " Jagged Little Tapestry " along with Tina to help Becky convince her new boyfriend that she is in every club of the school.

They all get a big lesson when they confront him and realize that a person with Down syndrome should be treated like everyone else. Despite being Santana and Brittany's best friend, she is notably absent during their wedding in " A Wedding ". She is mentioned several times during the Pilot's parallel episode " ", as Finn's cheerleader girlfriend.

She returns in the last minutes of the series finale " Dreams Come True " performing backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast for the re-dedication of the Auditorium. Casting and creation[ edit ] Dianna Agron pictured plays Quinn.

Quinn is portrayed by actress Dianna Agron. In casting Glee, series creator Ryan Murphy sought out actors who could identify with the rush of starring in theatrical roles. Instead of using traditional network casting calls, he spent three months on Broadway looking for unknown actors. She has been taking dance classes since the age of three, appeared in many music theatre productions and has appeared in television roles for Skidmarks, CSI: NYand Heroes.

I was so nervous". With her wholesome good looks, Agron certainly looked the part, but the producers wondered if she appeared too innocent. Agron said in an interview: Later that week, I started work. There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot. Characterization[ edit ] Quinn is described by Agron as Rachel Berry 's Lea Michele enemy, and "terrible, the meanest girl". But she's also human, and through her tough exterior, she's often a little girl lost.

But [co-creator] Ryan Murphy has a way of taking everything and turning it upside down. That's the great thing about this show and these characters: Agron said in an interview with HitFix: I did belong to many of the clubs and was in leadership on yearbook and did the musical theater route, so I had friends in all areas, but I certainly did not know what to wear, did not know how to do my hair, all those things.

Sometimes with teens, writers or directors, anybody, short-changes them and makes them be simple, simple individuals, you're either the jock or the popular kid or the nerd. They don't show those shades. Everybody has those shades to them. This show, it really expands upon vulnerability and excitement and anger all the experiences that you probably actually go through in high school.

Agron said that she had never had any prior cheer experience before the Pilot. They'd broken up shortly after Rachel's little sister Beth had been born.

Beth lived with their mothers. Rachel had more of a "visiting cousin" relationship with her little sister. She wanted to be closer to Beth, but it really was safer for her parents to live apart. She wondered if her daddy and papa would concede to being in the same room as her mom and mama. Either way, she wasn't all that anxious to get home and discuss it with them. Blaine waved his hand in front of Rachel's face.

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Your parents and mine love each other, remember? Rachel blushed, squeezing his hand. They can't be mad when they're dancing. Sam took Quinn by the hand and led her to their next class. He knew Blaine could get Rachel to be okay with this situation better than anyone. Until things had all calmed down, he was willing to help his best friend keep the girls separated until it was absolutely necessary.

My name is Sam. Sam sighed, taking the only seat left in the room in the back corner. This was going to be a long courtship. He watched the Unholy Trinity, listening for any signs that they were gossiping about Rachel. Even if he and Blaine hadn't been matched up with the tiny diva, Sam wouldn't stand for Quinn treating Rachel poorly. He'd have to talk to Blaine about this later. Probably over some Star Wars fan fiction. Sam took notes as best he could, waving sheepishly at Quinn when she glared in his direction.

Of all the blonde Cheerios at this school, why did he have to be with her? Brittany wouldn't do this. He knew that the girl said some wacky things, but she had a good heart. Sam wasn't a hundred percent sure that Quinn had a heart that wasn't colder than his Nana's hands.

Evans," the teacher said. Sam hid a smile as he saw the looks on Quinn, Brittany, and Santana's faces. Soon enough, the Unholy Trinity would be separated.

Maybe once Quinn was away from Santana's influence she could start acting like a person rather than a bitch with a stick up her ass. Sam was really not looking forward to being alone with Quinn. She was going to make life interesting for the three of them. And by interesting, Sam meant miserable. He made mental notes to shield the other two from whatever Quinn had planned for tormenting them. And he almost wished that uneven numbers were condoned. Sam went back to his work, sick of how long his math class always seemed to be in comparison with the other classes.

Quinn Fabray

He thought it was probably because Santana was there. Sam had yet to forgive the Latina for the way she'd treated him while they "dated". No one deserved to be put down by the person they were dating. Mercifully, the bell rang and Sam collected his things. He wouldn't have to see Quinn now until glee. But he did have two classes with Blaine before lunch. He and Blaine kept each other in check during their mutual classes, and exchanged notes to make sure that they caught anything the other one missed.

Sam went down the hallway and saw Blaine and Rachel saying goodbye at the door to the piano lab. He smiled as he caught up with them. He'd make it up to her later.

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Blaine gave Sam a high five and the two boys walked down the two doors to their history class, chattering about Star Wars and Avatar. Rachel sighed, going for her next class, wishing that Quinn and her cronies were not in it. She liked sitting in the front of most of her classes, but she hated the attention the Unholy Trinity paid her when she did it in their English class. She sat in the back corner and tried not to wince when Jacob Ben Israel sat next to her.

Of all the unwanted attention She hoped the boy got his quartet some day so he'd be forced to leave her alone. Or even better, she hoped his parents would be re-districted so she'd never see him again. And then it got worse. Quinn sat in front of her. She was in hell, she just knew it. Even though her religion didn't actually have a hell per se, she knew this had to be it. Quinn turned around and smiled at her.

Rachel rolled her eyes and went back to her notes. She kind of understood why her mothers and fathers lived in different cities. But none of their friends had been this obnoxious. Brittany raised her hand. Some of the other students snickered. Rachel felt bad for Brittany, so she raised her hand.

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In my opinion, both parties were at fault and should have been condemned equally or not at all. The only 'punishment' befitting her 'crime' was for the person responsible to marry her and claim the child as his.

Instead, she was shamed in front of the whole community when she was not the only wrong party. Both Quinn and Rachel looked stunned at each other.