Seo in guk and jang nara relationship questions

Lingy's Soul Searching: Jang Nara and Seo In Guk at Times Sq Yeongdeungpo-gu

Actress Jang Nara revealed a photo of herself with Seo In Guk, who she is working with on KBS In the photos, Jang Nara and Seo In Guk appear together and look so close that. QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Red Velvet?. intricately weaves mystery and philosophical questions into its story line. Seo In-guk plays Lee Hyun, a genius criminal profiler with a troubled past, while Jang Nara plays Perhaps he asked that in relation to his brother, to determine why his brother hurt other things or why he could not hurt his brother. They work on solving cases and develop a romantic relationship. Hello Monster-Seo · Hello Monster-Jang · Hello Monster-Choi.

As you know, Lee Hyun is the character that mainly leads the plot. They gave me many useful tips. Q So, how is it to play the investigator role as an actress? Not bad, so far. Q Cha Ji-an is said to stalk Lee Hyun in the drama. Well, yes, but there is a reason for her stalking. It is not because she likes him.

Q What have you done to prepare for this drama? Have you studied something special?

K-Drama Review: I Remember You (Also Known as Hello Monster)

Not really, but I have been so into the X-Files recently. I really hated it when it ended its fun. Q You are one of the most well-known singer-turned-actors. I debuted as a singer because I guess I was influenced a lot by my friends who were musicians. I love both singing and acting. In fact, I believe there are a lot in common Q Do you have any plan to get married? Well, I just love working. I keep changing my mind.

It was like I came back to reality.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship questions

Q You are playing the profiler role in the new drama. Due to this, we, the viewers, fall prey to the blame that Lee Joon-young places on society. Have we not also suspected that perhaps Lee Hyun truly is a terror, never considering another possibility? And that possibility, slowly and expertly foreshadowed is a sickening realization: Once the viewer realizes this, everything falls into place. It even brings the question Lee Hyun asks into perspective.

Perhaps he asked that in relation to his brother, to determine why his brother hurt other things or why he could not hurt his brother. The clues were always there but hidden behind our expectations of what the narrative put in front of our faces. Seo In-guk portrays Lee Hyun with poise and subtlety. Instead of falling down the typical cold genius rabbit hole, Seo in-guk brings nuance and his covert interest in Ji-an humanizes the character.

When the barest hint of a smile appears on his face, we can see he is not the monster his father thinks he was; he is wildly smart but still has feelings. Happy, energetic Ji-an, on the other hand, is a mystery for different reasons. The Story Some people might find the start of this drama a bit dull, but it captured my attention right from the start. The first two episodes are the crucial part that tells us the origin of the story — how Lee Hyun grew up, how he lost his father to the murderer, how his younger brother was mysteriously missing, and why his father thought he was a monster.

They have something in common — their fathers were killed by the same murderer when they were young. This is the reason why Cha Ji-An has been stalking Lee Hyun for many years, but without his knowledge. From Episode 5 onwards, our bickering duo became inevitably reliant on each other as they worked together to solve cases. Gradually, they found solace in sharing the pain of losing their fathers at a very young age. And they became investigation partners in a rather awkward situation.

seo in guk and jang nara relationship questions

In Episode 8, our heroine was attacked by an anonymous stalker. Our hero was annoyed at his own concern for her, and eventually he brought her to his house for temporary stay. That was a big part of the guessing games in the earlier episodes.

I Remember You, Episodes 1-2: Murder, Mystery and More!

From here, the drama was getting more tense and exciting. He went from chilling to heartbreaking in a split second so effortlessly. The reunion between these two brothers is the most heartbreaking part. I never expect it to be so heart-wrenching; I had to brave myself with a packet of tissues to watch that episode.