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I do believe that GD dating Seungri & Kiko at the same time. .. Author, dating and relationship coach advice columnist, mentor and guide to. GD~♡. Rabia Çur • 17 Pin. More from Rabia Çur · Telefondakiler. Rabia Çur • 17 Pin. More from Rabia Çur · LOVE. Rabia Çur • 11 Pin. More from Rabia Çur. While counseling, I learned a lot myself. He also talked about his close relationship with G-Dragon, who had taken part in composing "Ringa.

Taeyang reveals he learned a lot from 'WIN' + explains his special relationship with G-Dragon

First question was, "if you were invisible, where would u go? We have our bingu TOP wtf. The question only said you're invisible Not immune to the lava or magma burning u ley!!!! But then they didn't wanna answer this so the skipped Q2 was "what superpower do you wanna have?

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People ask u what super power u wanna have. And u say u wanna go to the universe But check out what he drew at the corner!!! He drew the five of them hehe so cute!!! The reason for GD's smirk hahaha he was quite niap towards daesung that day in the live. So sweet of him to plug in for daesung's song!!! For the 3rd question, taeyang picked out this!!!

Then seungri suggested them saying it straight to the camera as if the camera was us. I freaking squealed and screamed at this part omooooo GD and taeyang are just goals wtf CUTE i screamed here too LOL my dad thought I was having some spasm or attack wtf Daesungie so cute and shy too hehe.

It should be Fans already "know" what I wanna say hahah the captions were slow and sometimes got typo but still v thankful and grateful for the live captions, if not I won't even understand a single word. Idk who was saying this but I assume maybe his manager.???

And his reply to that statement? But I think the height difference is quite cute hehe Then they had this love counseling session which lasted less than 5mins.? In September of the same year, Psy released his third album 3 Psy.

[ENG] GD's advice to a sick Seungri

The album's title song, "Champion", saw great success partly due to the hype from the World Cup games held in Seoul. Despite the significant amount of controversy surrounding his music, Psy was awarded songwriting accolades at the annual Seoul Music Awardsmarking his breakthrough in the South Korean music industry.

Military service, Ssajib, and re-enlistment InPsy was conscripted into the South Korean military as part of mandatory military service imposed on all South Korean men aged 18 to He was expected to be released from duties in Two months later, Psy was re-drafted into the military where he had held the rank of Private First Class and served as a signalman in the 52nd Army Infantry Divisionbefore being released from duties in July His wife encouraged him to join the South Korean music label YG Entertainmentwhose founder and chief executive officer Yang Hyun-suk was an old friend of Psy's.

His performance was broadcast by Mezamashi TV mezamashi meaning "wake-up alarm"a Japanese news magazine show produced by Fuji Television. This marked his first appearance on a foreign broadcasting network. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon scheduled a meeting with Psy in the belief that music has great power to overcome intolerance. After the video went viral, celebrities quickly jumped on board, with Katy Perry, Britney Spearsand Tom Cruise taking to Twitter to share their delight.

When I realized that some top stars like have imagined or tweeted about me, I thought, "That's joking. That's not gonna happen" I never expect things like this, not because they are top stars, but because this is the biggest market in the universe for pop music, right, so everybody's dreaming about having appearance in the U. He remarked that Psy has an "unlimited global reach" and said, "I hope that we can work together using your global reach".

He told the audience that due to the success of "Gangnam Style" he is now living in both a dream and a nightmare, as it will be difficult for his next song to equal "Gangnam Style"'s success. He also talked about his early life and the moment he realized "Gangnam Style" became famous. According to The Independenttickets for his speech were "in such demand they had to be assigned by ballot—a method not required when former presidential candidate John McCain spoke earlier that year, nor when Mother Teresathe Dalai Lama nor Michael Jackson spoke".

President Barack Obama cited Psy's " Gangnam Style " as an example of how people around the world are being "swept up by Korean culture—the Korean Wave ". Psy later told reporters that his gig with Madonna had "topped his list of accomplishments". The number of views were achieved about eleven times faster than Bieber's. On December 21,"Gangnam Style" reached 1 billion views on YouTube, becoming the first video to do so in the website's history.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message "Gentleman" promotions On April 12,the audio of Psy's follow-up single " Gentleman " was leaked onto the internet, a day before its official international release. Later that month, on June 8, Psy co-hosted the Canadian MuchMusic Video Awardswhere he also opened the show with his worldwide hit "Gangnam Style" and ended the show with his "official last performance of 'Gentleman' on TV.

In this lecture, he spoke about his passion and other reasons for his popularity. Aaron Contreras received 2, votes. Ricardo received 22, votes. Dj Park, [90] won the popular vote with 22, votes.

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Winners were to be announced June 14, However, Psy postponed his decision until June 18,and chose Ricardo to be his chef, in spite of the popular vote. Promotions for the album included two performances on Inkigayowhere the single "Daddy" won a triple crown, [97] as well as a performance on You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.

The album features collaborations from several artists including label-mates G-Dragon and Taeyang. Explaining his stage name, he said in a BBC interview, "what I thought was, you know, crazy about music, dancing, performance, so that kind of psycho".