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sex and relationship education video

Sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools isn't good enough - at least, that's what a lot of you often say. From not being taught early. Help us to improve the teaching of sex and relationship education (SRE) and personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) by. BBC Active PSHE Sex and Relationship Education, for primary school children Using video clips, audio, images and activities, to tackle the important theme of.

Available from Pavilion at or Telephone: Martinez, A Effective learning methods: There are three elements to sex and relationships education SRE: The methods of delivering SRE are as important as the content.

This factsheet highlights these methods to ensure effective learning. Martinez, A Sex and relationships education for children and young people with learning difficulties. A factsheet to support staff in special schools, mainstream schools and other settings in developing and reviewing SRE polity and practice. Available to download and print from the Sex Education Forum website at www.

All Children and young people should feel safe and included within the school environment, and this should be highlighted by the school's express commitment to equal opportunities, anti-bullying and anti-discriminatory practice. Personal, social and health education PSHE and citizenship, including sex and relationships education SREshould support and reflect this ethos and be sensitive to the diversity and development of sexual identities.

This factsheet supports schools to challenge homophobia and develop PSHE and SRE policy and practice which addresses homophobia, sexual orientation and sexual identity, how to promote a whole school ethos, how they can challenge homophobia and bullying, and suggests ways to address diversity and difference through the curriculum. Includes a list of useful contacts.

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Otten, L A curriculum for personal and social education. Written by teachers from a secondary school for pupils with severe learning difficulties, this book provides a progressive health education curriculum for pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties. Emphasis is placed on a whole school approach to sex and health education which builds on existing skills.

sex and relationship education video

A suggested curriculum including activities is provided in the areas of substance misuse and abuse, sex education, family life education, personal safety, food and nutrition, personal hygiene, advocacy and independence and leisure. Scott, L On the agenda: A practical guide to policy making, planning and working with young people in schools and colleges using drama and active learning methods. The first section explains the basis of the active learning methodology and its applications to students with learning difficulties.

Part two takes governors and school managers through the policy making process including working with parents. The third section is a six part guide to planning and teaching sex education.

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Sex Education Matters, No 26 Autumn. This factsheet will support staff in special schools and other settings in developing and reviewing SRE policy and practice for disabled children. It is in a question and answer format and deals with a wide range of issues, including formulating and reviewing PSHE policy, involving students, working with parents, social attitudes towards disability, teaching methods, choosing resources, evaluating practice and adapting SRE provision in a mainstream school to meet the needs of disabled children.

Available in full text from the publications section on the Sex Education Forum website at www.

sex and relationship education video

A series of booklets for young people on: What young people need to know Nottingham: A booklet for parents about how to listen and talk to children and young people about sex and relationships. Includes a section for parents of children with learning difficulties of special needs, and a list of contacts for more information.

For parents, carers and others involved in the lives of young people with learning disabilities. Video; 20 minutes; colour; includes booklet for discussion work. This video resource looks at issues of sexuality and sexual health with regard to young people with learning difficulties.

It is accompanied by a users guide which offers discussion points for each section of the video. The video uses young people with learning difficulties to dramatise events in a further education college.

sex and relationship education video

It examines issues of equal access to sex education for young people with learning difficulties, parental feelings about this and the particular difficulties of 'letting go' they may experience in relation to their children.

It could be used for session with parents or governors to look at the scope of sex and relationships education. Available from Barnardo's, Telephone: Life Support Productions Jason's private world. Animated sex education video for use by men with learning difficulties. The accompanying pack contains an introduction, viewing notes and resource list. This one-day training equips participants with the skills and confidence to deliver an RSE curriculum that is positively inclusive of LGBT identities and relationships.

The site also includes resources for s link opens in new windows link opens in new window and parents and carers link opens in new window.

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Making sense of relationships - free resources for key stages The NSPCC has developed a new free resource for teachers: Making sense of relationships link opens in new window.

The resource includes lesson plans and guidance for teachers spanning key stages 2, 3 and 4 age These aim to reinforce and embed learning as children grow and develop, using a spiral approach to introduce and revisit topics in an age and stage appropriate way.

Topics covered range from friendships and coping with change in KS2, to healthy relationships, consent and sexual exploitation in secondary school. Guidance on age appropriate sex and relationships.

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All key stages Brook has put together some brief guidance for schools on what relationship and sex education should include for each key stage. Its findings make for interesting reading.

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Template relationship education policy key stages 1 and 2relationship and sex education policy key stages 3 and 4 All schools are likely to be required to teach SRE at all ages from September Public health has worked with Brook to produce 2 SRE policies for primary and secondary schools.