Shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

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shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

Shamoon Abbasi (Urdu: شمعون عباسی ; born 4 April ) is a Pakistani actor and while his erstwhile wife, Javeria Abbasi, is a TV personality as well, and their . smuggles idols and treasures from India to sell it in the 'world black market'. "Behadd" reflects upon the relationship dynamics of a 'Parent' and 'Child'. Accounts · Computers/IT · Engineering · Management · Marketing · Medical · Other Javeria Abbasi, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Juvaria Abbasi, discusses her likes and dislikes, her relationship with the most her daughter and tells about how she feels about Shamoon and their parting ways. Shamoon has a daughter Hanzela Abbasi from his first marriage with famous artist Javeria Abbasi. His second marriage was with another artist.

She looked stunning on her wedding day, by the way. Unfortunately, the marriage could last for merely eight months. Wonder what happened there!

17 Worst Indian & Pakistani Celebrity Couple Breakups

And we were most definitely heartbroken. Been married for 11 years and parents of an adorable daughter, Azfar divorced Salma due to his budding extramarital affair with Naveen Waqar.

The couple got divorced in Novemberafter just a few years into their marriage.

shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

Shamoon is popular for his marriages! According to the rumour mill, and later proved, Shamoon left Javeria for the gorgeous actress, Humamima Malick, whom he later married.

However, they called it quits in a year, though.


Well, Humaima was probably destined for the stars! All we know is, Noman was depressed and frustrated about his failing career and unsuccessful relationship, so much so that he tried to end his life.

shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

Divorced with Fariha, Nouman is now happily married to Jana Malik. It was heartbreaking to see both of them go separate ways. Deepika remained depressed for quite a long time but she is now at the prime of her career, dating the handsome Ranveer Singh! Guess the breakup turned out quite well for her.

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But soon after the buzz, this one too fizzled out. Pakistani Celebrity Weddings in Pictures Better not get them then. Sadly, the couple called it quits after 14 years of marriage. I loved the whole experience but I didn't know that it would be my bread and butter for the rest of my life," says Juvaria Abbasi, a versatile and passionate actor. About her daughter she says, "I love and adore my daughter very much.

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She loves to wear my clothes and dress up like me. We have a very friendly relationship she's sort of made me her ideal; she usually accompanies me on my shoots.

shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

On one of my shoots, she stayed with the cameraman trying to learn how the camera works and all. Some time later she said mummy, I want a camera just like that. I said yeah sure!

shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

When I go for outdoor shoots, I try and take her along. This way I can spend more time with her.

shamoon abbasi and javeria relationship marketing

It gives me more time to be with her. In Karachi I try to be at home by 10 pm latest so I get some time with her. I am really inspired by Samina Peerzada though. It is because she is a complete woman, a lady in real life and on screen as well.

I am inspired by Samina appa and her versatile acting including some very intense character roles. It's acting with character that I really love and that is what I want to be.

I like reading thriller and horror and real life stories. I am more of a real life freak when it comes to books and movies. My friends say I am still stuck in that era. Why not, I love it and there's nothing wrong with it either. What happened between me and Shamoon? He liked another person and got married to her.

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Sure I forget and do forgive. He's a good friend and he is the father of my daughter. He taught me everything in life, in showbiz and all. It was Shamoon who took me by the finger and led me through the world of showbiz.