Shawn michaels and sunny relationship

15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Shawn Michaels And Sunny’s Relationship

shawn michaels and sunny relationship

What's the story? During the April 25th, , edition of the Wrestlingus Show, Sunny opened up about her relationship with Shawn Michaels. So buckle up and enjoy this shocking article on 15 things you never knew about Shawn Michaels and Sunny's relationship. Like always, be. A worst-kept-secret in the industry at the time, Shawn Michaels and Tammy ' Sunny' Sytch's relationship not only irreversibly damaged Chris.

ECW veteran The Sandman stated that Sunny went down on Raven for drugs and later would do the same for Sabu as well, although the latter denied actually receiving it but did give her some drugs after she flashed for him.

15 Things You NEED To Know About Sunny’s Relationships

Sunny seemed to be in a horrible place during the time and did anything for drugs, as this was the darkest phase of her career and some revelation showcase the extent of her desperation. It was during the time that the paranoid Shawn Michaels came up with the accusation that Bret Hart was having an affair with Sunny, as he also made it quite public when during a promo on an episode of Raw he told Hart that "Even Though Lately You've Had Some Sunny Days" which sparked more rumors.

shawn michaels and sunny relationship

This also resulted in a backstage fight between the two afterwards, as Sunny would later deny the rumors that she was indeed having an affair with Bret and that they were only friends.

But more evidence goes onto show that she was actually too close to Bret to not do anything at the time, as she made for quite the personal rivalry with her dubious character at the time.

Their wild relationship did have some crazy moments in it, as both of them were pretty screwed up on drugs and other stuff during the time and didn't really think before pulling off some crazy antics as Sunny also detailed on some of her incidents with Michaels during their hook-up.

She wrote about how they fell in love after a segment of them making out on WWE TV, as Michaels would then seduce her later on as they would do it right in the locker room some-times later on. They apparently travelled together afterwards as well during their relationship, as they seemed to be the secretive power couple of WWE at the time and Sunny has openly stated of some of their wild adventures during the time which go onto showcase how big of a crazy, drug-infused couple they were at the time.

Many wrestlers have spoken in interviews about how nobody liked her or trusted her because of how much she lied in the backstage area, as Phineas Godwinn stated that "she did a lot of lying" and also said that "she was a very evil person". Her infidelity and hooking up with top stars made her quite the hated figure in the backstage, as she had a lot of people who disliked her because of how dirty she played the game in the back and was someone who no-one could trust. Bulldog despised Shawn, although it was unclear whether HBK knew the two were hooking up.

Regardless, all three parties would end up leaving the WWE, ending the twisted web of unfaithfulness.

shawn michaels and sunny relationship

Thanks to his connections in the company, Shawn would be the only one to return Bulldog passed away in According to Sunny, Shawn would ask her if she was hooking up with Bret.

Sunny revealed that she never hooked up with The Hitman and that the two were just very close friends.

shawn michaels and sunny relationship

Things would eventually get sour between the two just before they both departed from the company. Leaving on bad terms with Shawn, Sunny was released by the WWE in the summer of for apparently no-showing events and having an addiction to pain-killers.

shawn michaels and sunny relationship

There was even a rumor that she was released for having some beef with Sable. However, he would return inadding almost an extra decade of work to his name. For the episode, the company decided to bring back some old faces, with Sunny being one of them. HBK would approach Sunny while she was in line at catering, complementing the Diva on how great she looked.

shawn michaels and sunny relationship