Shinya and akane relationship tips

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shinya and akane relationship tips

Tsunemori Akane could never find the right person to help her go through the process, making her Until she met Kogami Shinya. Mostly because he always reassured her that he wasn't interested in dating her. .. Akane turned and reached up to him on her tip toes and kissed him long and passionate. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - S. Kougami, Akane T. with Kougami Shinya who stared at her with a plain bored expression. "Well . the bangs out of his face before leaning forward and kiss the tip of his nose. Why Kougami and Akane are canon, but also not This is something I need to and Akane have such an interesting and dynamic relationship and I really love them, okay? with Akane, but I don't think his particular affections go both ways. akane tsunemori kougami shinya kogami shinya shinya kogami.

And that was already like years ago. Akane even had concluded that perhaps the gods had come to hate her for something she might have done wrong to them before. She turned her attention back to the computer screen in front of her and placed one of her hands under her chin. The possibilities were few. Ever since the death of Yuki, the only true friend she had was Kaori. But sadly, her best friend was busy with her love life and she seriously doesn't think it would be a nice idea to ask her now.

The hounds are on the move, Why Kougami and Akane are canon, but also not

The other of her friends had always been downright out of the question and so were her superiors. But then, maybe she could ask advices from Ginoza-san. Some things would never change, especially her dependence on other peoples.

Instead of finding answers on her own, she had yet again craved for someone else's counsel. Letting out a deep sigh, she slumped a bit in her chair. She turned around and she was completely taken aback when she came to meet face-to-face with Kougami Shinya who stared at her with a plain bored expression.

Shouldn't you be on the cafeteria with the other Enforcers…? A stack of papers gently hit her head and she blinked her eyes as Kougami stared at her in bored. He plopped down on the chair next to Akane and starting to work on the papers as the brunette continued to stare at him before heading towards the coffee machine at the edge of the room.


There was a slight noise when she placed the two cups on the table and the elder man looked up at her as she sat down next to him. I'm perfectly capable on finishing these papers by my own. He said something like he couldn't trust you on doing it perfectly without causing a mess.

The texture of the paper was smooth against her fingertips as she placed the document on the surface of her working desk. It was a list of citizens who happened to die during the latest mission.

Akane glanced briefly at the ex-Inspector's emotionless expression.

shinya and akane relationship tips

He was obviously concentrated on finishing the paperwork and most likely seemed not to care about her. She lowered her head and stared at the list before a name caught her attention. She shook her head as a picture of the bloody corpse of Kagari flashed before her eyes. Tentatively touching her throbbing forehead, Akane closed her eyes and bite her lips. She could feel tears were threatening to fall from her eyes as she remembered the horrible death of Kagari. No one wanted to believe that the usual happy-go-lucky Enforcer will die… just like that.

Kougami stopped his work when he saw the pained expression on the Inspector's face. He glanced down at the paper in her hand and a frown tugged on his emotionless face when he realized what was troubling her.

You should stop blaming yourself over it. Although his tone was cold and emotionless but it was able to make Akane felt slightly calmed down. It was as if… I'm a burden to all of you. Kougami stayed silent and watched as her smaller figure trembled slightly and soft hiccups can be heard through her sobs. He wanted to comfort her, he seriously wanted to. He was never good in comforting peoples, he never knew how and what he should do to make a person felt better.

Yet, deep inside his heart, he wished that he could make her stop those tears that he hated to see running down from her eyes.

And despite the fact that Kougami knew that Akane had a high tolerance on alcohol, he couldn't help but grab another bottle of Whisky and pour some of the liquid into a glass before placing it in front of the younger brunette who downed the offensive drink in one swig. The whiskey barely tasted anything and it felt more digestible than the usual beer that Akane drank in her apartment. There was a sudden change of temperature and everything seemed to be strangely warm for the brunette girl.

She leaned back against the chair and stared at the lamp on top of her. The lamp suddenly seemed to be much larger and brighter and she had the feelings of having spots dancing in her vision. She sank against the desk and started to giggle in a maniac and involuntary way. The raven haired Enforcer who had finished his tenth glasses of whisky pinched the brick of his nose because he was feeling the floor underneath his feet was wobbling. Or was it not the floor but his legs?

Anyhow, it still made him feel mocked to have such low tolerance over alcoholic beverages. Akane gave him a nod and smiled, but her face drifted and her head lowered down, trying to hide her sad eyes.

He gave out a sigh and rubbed his temple. I'm never good in comforting peoples. Akane had just gotten news that she was going to be entering the Instruction Center of the PSB, and it was a time to celebrate. She would be working with two of her closest friends to stop situations like hers from happening.

She came out of the bathroom, and Shinya had seemed to have been waiting outside.

Akane Tsunemori

Sorry I took so long in there. I actually came here because I wanted to talk to you. Since you will be working with me and Gino in a few years, I just wanted to get something off of my chest.

She had never seen Kogami this nervous before. Akane felt like she had just been punched in the gut. All Shinya could think was the age difference was the thing that was bothering her. He never guessed that she would be the kind of person to feel that way. But he didn't know about her past relationship with the monster. Akane clinched her teeth together and glared up at him with tears in her eyes.

Was that the whole reason he had gotten close to her?

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Kogami was left behind, staring after her in shock. He had never seen Tsunemori act like that. He groaned and went back to the table that Ginoza was at. Kaori and Yuki had ran after Akane when they saw her storm out. You have known her for a year and you couldn't tell that she has all of the signs? He knew that Akane was always on edge about something, her smiles were always forced, especially when in crowded places and she hardly slept.

shinya and akane relationship tips

There were also those times that she was unable to make eye contact with him when they first met. All were signs of PTSD, and he didn't even think to mentally note that. He was there when his father interogated the evil monster that had harmed her for almost a full two years.

shinya and akane relationship tips

He looked up and noticed that his friend had left. There was money on the table, which also meant that Gino was most likely going to need a ride home. Kogami raced to Akane's apartment and frantically began to knock on the door. When she opened it and saw that it was him, she started to close it again. How could a man that she allowed herself to be close with suddenly spring something like he had on her?

She knew that she felt the same way, but she didn't want to take chances on being hurt again. The only option she had, now that she knew that he felt the same, was to push him away. How did he know? If I had, I would have gone about this completely different. Let me show you with my actions.

He had never called her by her first name before. Her back was now against the wall, and she had nowhere to go. Kogami was careful to keep his distance from her, but he made it clear that he wasn't going to leave her alone until he got his answer. If she truly wanted him to leave and never speak to her again, he would honor her wishes and go back to the department that he was at before.

But if there was any chance that he had with her, he would prove to her that he was indeed not like the rest of the men she had known. I get to choose our pace? The small woman took a shaky breath. You're passionate about the law and other people's well-being. You are smart and kind, and I can't ever get you out of my head.

You are an amazing woman, and I know that I am not worthy of you At least give me the benefit of the doubt. It wasn't like him to pursue a woman like this, but there was something about her. He wanted to leave knowing that he did all he could to keep their friendship safe at least.

Akane looked down at it, uncertain. He was serious about this after all. They went from small things like handshakes at the end of dates, to him holding her hand when they went out.

Akane didn't know how to feel at first.

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It was like she had to learn how to accept romantic affection again. There was one night, after he took her to a festival and they had watched the fireworks, she finally became brave enough to hug him. All of the other couples looked at them weird, because it was normal custom to kiss when the fireworks went off, but to Kogami it was even better than a kiss.

She began to hug him more often, and that made them feel like they were making progress. Every Friday night, they would stay in and watch movies together. Akane usually sat on the opposite end from him on his couch as they watched their selections. Kogami paused the movie and looked at her. I hold you tonight? Akane's heart started beating fast. Hugging was one thing, but for him to hold her through a whole movie? He nodded his head, knowing that she wasn't comfortable with the idea.

He looked over, surprised to see her next to him. He could tell by her face that she was really pushing herself to try this out with him.

He wrapped his arms around her, as if he were giving her a hug. Akane stiffened for a moment, but then relaxed in to his embrace. She actually felt safe for the first time in a long while being held like this. She began to feel that deep down, he was the one she had been craving to find. As their relationship progressed, Akane became used to physical interaction with her lover.

shinya and akane relationship tips

They had still not gone past embracing each other, so Akane was surprised the night that he proposed. He texted her, telling her to meet him at the lounge where they first met. When she got there, she expected for it to be crowded, but it was completely empty. She thought that it was closed, so she started to walk out.

shinya and akane relationship tips

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