Sirius and remus relationship problems

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sirius and remus relationship problems

In the third book, there is Sirius and Lupin and Peter, interesting and . My problem with the Lupin/Tonks relationship is how it has been presented in the text. I do not, however, turn a blind eye to the many issues surrounding Snape), . I know that a relationship between Remus and Sirius would never. and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

I always considered Lupin to be gay, there, I said it. It makes sense to me, he is a werewolf, he already is a metaphor for marginalized individuals. I have the same concerns about Tonks. Tonks is a fierce lady, she is a metamorphmagus, outgoing, pretty vocal, totally punk. After Prisoner of Azkaban I like to think that they somehow found a way to address their feelings they both loved each other, no question about that and maybe they even had a couple of happy months together.

And then Sirius died and Lupin lost his best friend again and this time it hurt even more. After Sirius died, Lupin seemed completely lost confused and his actions reflect his state of mind. I know that a relationship between Remus and Sirius would never make it on page.

sirius and remus relationship problems

Tiny note I want to make: They always seem to be staring at each other and their movements and actions are synchronized. I blame the fact that the movies were made before all the books were out. After The Goblet of Fire the writing changed, it was obvious that everything was more movie-friendly.

There are so many examples of equally tragic anonymous losses. The Marauder's Map was never far from his mind or his reach; he always knew whereabouts in the dormitory it was and occasionally he smuggled it out in his bag. Smuggling was necessary; he didn't want the other Marauder's to know why he needed it. Somehow he thought his Remus-stalking would meet with disapproval "This is getting ridiculous! He'd already considered that option and had decided against it.

He didn't want to let Remus know he was onto him. If Lily's secretly dating anyone, it'll be Snivellus. Not only was it repulsive, it was also unlikely. Haven't you ever heard of privacy? His curiosity got the better of him; Sirius joined him. It's not like she's cheating on you; she can't even stand to be near you. You don't really have a claim on her.

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Even if it isn't Lily he's dating, he should still tell us if he's going out with someone! How would you feel if I didn't tell you I was going out with someone? Sirius rolled his eyes. You'll just have to trust that Remus isn't shagging Lily.

Just to make sure.

The Problem with Remus Lupin

And if you're the friend you claim to be, you'll let him keep his secret. He was right to keep that secret, wasn't he? If nothing happens between him and Lily while I'm watching, I'll drop the whole thing.

And besides," he added, and Sirius opened his mouth. James quickly discovered that surveillance was boring.

sirius and remus relationship problems

He sat on the floor of the library, covered in the cloak, peering at Lily and Remus through the shelves. It was already dark; they were studying by candlelight at this point, and the library was almost due to close. He'd half-expected to walk into the library and find them huddled away in some corner kissing.

When that didn't happen, he reasoned that was a stupid expectation. It was Lily and Remus; he'd have to watch and listen for a longer period of time to catch them at anything. Their conversation was much less interesting than James would have hoped.

He sat there for almost an hour as they discussed their teachers and the Hogsmeade weekend and the latest Death Eater killings. They talked about some muggle things that James didn't really know anything about and they talked about Lily's sister. James was just about to give up and leave when the conversation turned to him.

Peter kept throwing worried glances at James, and James was still looking at Remus as if he were trying to read into his soul. Embarrassed, he put his face between his hands and rubbed his cheekbones furiously. He sniffed into his palms, trying to stop the convulsing sobs from shaking his body from head to toe. He felt James sit next to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

Then he felt Sirius sit on the other side. Remus agreed very much. Moonymoonymoony we did it! His heart, once again, was hammering wildly inside his chest. James nodded, a huge smile spread across his face. When it did, he beamed at the three of them.

They ran back through the portrait hole outside. Sirius felt a shiver run down his spine, that he masked by turning on his side to look at his friend. Nor James or Peter.

He just steadily made his way to the hospital wing, his legs burning from running all the way from Herbology. There were long, deep gashes on his chest and legs, and a huge bruise forming on one of his hipbones.

He had black shadows under his eyes. There was also a cut running from one temple to the opposite corner of his mouth, across his nosebridge. He was staring ahead, his eyes glazed, his jaw clenched.

sirius and remus relationship problems

He took a step back. His lungs seemed to be refusing to work.