Snape and dumbledore relationship memes

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snape and dumbledore relationship memes

Harry Potter: 25 Memes That Show That Snape Makes No Sense .. Given that so many relationships begin there and blossom into more, had. Harry Potter Funny Quotes, Funny Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Things, .. I just feel this is what Draco and Harry's relationship would be like on a daily. Read Snape and Dumbledore from the story Harry Potter Memes (COMPLETED) by SchmidtyLizzy with 60 reads. can, fun, humor. Snape: Headmaster, I'm.

It never really makes sense for any witch or wizard to have anything from acne to greasy hair to anything else that they can't just magic away, so it stands to reason that Snape just prefers his hair that way.

One of Snape's worst faults is his inability to just grow up and get his life together. Snape had decades to become something more than a sneering, insult-spewing man who is bitter about being rejected in work and love. How hard was it for him to choose evil over good when someone like Remus Lupin, a bona fide werewolf and another man given multiple chances by Dumbledore, was able to do it?

Snape has to know that there are people who would be his friends if he could ease up on following the darkness and calling people slurs.

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It's interesting how the term "mudblood" is meant to be reminiscent of a hateful racist term that most people would never say, yet those who defend Snape and Malfoy seem to forgive that quite easily. Not only did Snape know who Padfoot was, after being bullied by the man and his group, but he also undoubtedly knew Wormtail and likely Moony and Prongs as well. When Harry told Snape that "He has Padfoot in the place where it is hidden" in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Snape says he has no idea what he's talking about yet follows through because he knows exactly who that is.

One could argue that's because they now work together at the Order, but between Sirius's deadly prank on him, the boys being so loud and obnoxious with their nicknames, he likely knew it sooner. Voldemort himself referred to Peter as Wormtail so Severus had to know that was him.

So why play stupid about the Maurader's Map? This seems like a great time to give Harry trouble about the company he keeps, his father and everything else Severus loves to bully him over, so why pretend he has no idea who these names refer to?

Many of those, however, will go on to emulate qualities that help make it fairer, working toward equality and demonstrating kindness to their students. Others, however, seem to relish the opportunity to demonstrate just how unfair the world can be. Snape falls into this latter category, which doesn't make sense since he A is just as much a victim of this fact as anyone else and B Dumbledore seems to otherwise prefer pretty fair teachers. As we established earlier, Snape is constantly punishing people of the wrong houses for doing things that people in his own house does, but he goes even further than that to mess with his own students' grades.

He will smugly give students like Harry zero points on a project for stupid reasons, act like he didn't witness sabotage occurring against students he doesn't like, and blatantly encourage nepotism in his class - giving his old Death Eater buddy's kid special advantages while being hard on his rival's son. If Dumbledore were truly a fair headmaster, he wouldn't let Snape teach either of these students given his deep biases.

Then we look a little closer. Protecting Lily's son doesn't mean that much when he also bullies him on a daily basis. Rowling says that had Snape not loved Lily so much he would have had zero interest in Potter, but that's not true; since James had been a tormentor of Snape, he surely would have still bullied the child, given his petty proclivities.

Only he would have let Potter get taken out by magic instead of saving him. Snape didn't, however, "always" love Lily, as Rowling and so many have suggested.

That's right, Severus Snape helped Harry Potter become an orphan.

snape and dumbledore relationship memes

You don't do that to the woman you love's child, no matter whom she had it with, and you certainly don't bully him day in and day out. You act in a way that would make her proud of you, which everyone but Snape seems to understand. We are talking about a serious Death Eater, one who is the most trusted and loyal servant of the Dark Lord. This means he's done some heinous acts.

He has a Dark Mark. He sought the Dark Arts throughout his childhood and dreamed of serving Voldemort, which ultimately pushed Lily away from him even though she begged him not to do it.

He's dark to his core, which makes his double agent status ridiculous. As julvett's art demonstrates in this meme, Snape would have still been a dark wizard had he married Lily Evans, which would have made them both miserable. He still would have wanted to be a dark wizard, to serve Voldemort and follow his own desires rather than build the family that Lily desired.

snape and dumbledore relationship memes

We get that it's easy to romanticize this the same way that people romanticize The Phantom of the Opera, but like the phantom, Snape is still a doer of dark deeds who's obsessed with a pretty face at the end of the day.

It's almost as if he's sabotaging his own career, determined to prove his worth with a cauldron and then wondering why he's still stuck in the position years later. It's a hard lesson to learn, Severus; we get it. As soon as you're competent at anything, whether it's being Scout Master or PTA chair, everyone wants you to keep doing it because they don't want to do it. They will say you're great at it and that they love how you do it, but ultimately they just want something for nothing and are eager to use your hard work to their advantage.

In this case, you've proven yourself an exemplary Potions Master yet not a good teacher, which also doesn't make any sense so why would they move you to another subject? This one is on you, Snape. Had you just blown up a student once or twice you probably wouldn't be stuck in this job anymore.

Be a friend or be honest about your non-friend intentions. Finally she had to call it quits when he followed the path of evil. Snape didn't even tell Lily how he felt about her before she was eliminated, so how could she even know that his intentions were of a romantic nature?

Lily may have been Snape's only friend, so naturally that's how she saw him. Given that so many relationships begin there and blossom into more, had Snape revealed his feelings to her and stopped pursing the Dark Arts they may have experienced a different kind of relationship together, but it's absolutely ridiculous to blame Lily for the fact that it never happened.

Why is he allowed to be this way to the students? Why do we keep bringing up the fact that his hair is greasy? How darn bad can it possibly be, for that to keep warranting mentions? For me, though, once you know where his character is going, you can look back on his earlier transgressions in a new light. You take it easier on him. From my first impressions the first impressions that the author intended, of courseI could not have seen that coming. The fact remains, though, this is an eleven-year-old boy, right here.

I totally get that you both immediately hated each other equally, but still. Come on, Severus, someone really should have been the bigger man in these petty exchanges. Do you know which one of you it should have been?

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After all those years of math, geography, science, English literature and everything else, I see this meme, and it still makes me quite sad. Not once, it all that time, did I nab a textbook that anybody had written the answers in. Not once did anybody pull a Half-Blood Prince on me. Lots of inappropriate doodles of people without their pants on, but answers? He exists to be a miserly old party pooper.

Still, people can surprise you at times. Harry and Sirius want to share a beautiful and emotional reunion? There he is, wearing a characteristically sour expression. So is this meme, come to that. In the Potterverse, the iconic turn to page is one of the best examples of this. At face value, the line really is nothing at all. Once that was established, a glorious meme was born.

It crops up in every situation you can imagine.

Harry Potter: 25 Memes That Show That Snape Makes No Sense

Once again, it will never not be too soon for this sort of thing. This unfortunately-worded FaceBook quiz, for instance. Just when you thought your feels were safe, were going to get a break, someone pulls this sort of thing on them.

Imgur page As is always the case with these sorts of adaptions, certain things are going to change. Take our duplicitous old buddy Snape, for instance. Oftentimes, Hollywood is accused of ruining franchises, by taking the least imaginative, most cash-tastic route. In this case, however, I think a character was forever changed for the better by his big screen appearance. Granted, Bellatrix Lestrange is certainly unhinged, but we also get an interesting, almost sympathetic, look into the childhood of big bad Voldemort.

This is just uncomfortable in every possible way. Stop that, Alan Rickman. Your hat strategically dipped below one eye, your scarf it was apricot. Which is all well and good, but never mind that. As I say, he just owns every scene he appears in, with that dark, brooding demeanour and those flowing locks.