Sugreeva and hanuman relationship

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sugreeva and hanuman relationship

Hampi's connection with the epic Ramayana Here Rama and his brother Lakshmana meet Hanuman, who leads them to Sugreeva, the ousted king of. In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Sugriva was younger brother of Vali, whom he succeeded as Sugriva and Hanuman also request Rama to permit them to go along with Bharata in the battle. Lava and Kusha defeat Bharata and Sugriva and . Find an answer to your question Relationship between hanuman and sugreeva.

With a heavy heart, Sugriva rolled a boulder to seal the cave's opening, returned to Kishkindha and assumed kingship over the vanaras.

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Vali, however, ultimately prevailed in his combat with the demon and returned home. Seeing Sugriva acting as king, he concluded that his brother had betrayed him. Though Sugriva humbly attempted to explain himself, Vali would not listen. Vali was previously cursed by Sage Matang and hence cannot lay a foot on this piece of land. Doing so would cause his death. Rama promised Sugriva that he would kill Vali and would reinstate Sugriva as the king of the vanaras.

Sugriva, in turn, promised to help Rama with his quest. While Rama stood back, Sugriva shouted a challenge and dared him to battle. The brothers rushed at each other, fighting with trees and stones, with fists, nails and teeth.

Friendship of Śrī Rāma & Sugreeva, and Vāli Vadh by Śrī Rāma

They were evenly matched and indistinguishable to the observer, until Sugriva's counsellor Hanuman stepped forward and placed a garland of flowers around Sugriva's neck.

It was then that Rama emerged with his bow and drove an arrow through Vali's heart. However, Vali was certainly a mighty Vanara with great strength. Shri Ram being the most compassionate lord, melts on even those who have never been in his service.

Shri Ram knew about Vali and Sugreeva both from different persons, While Vali was a powerful Vanara as well as the king of Kishkindha, Sugreeva was ostracized and humiliated by Vali, and being scared of Vali, he was saving his life from Vali in caves of Rishyamuka mountains.

Vali had even defeated once Ravana in combat and then to avoid further insult from mighty Vali, Ravana extended his hands of frienship to Vali. Still, Shri Ram approached Sugreeva, not Vali, in spirit of friendship and in return, both Sri Rama and Sugriva promised to help each other. But, did a personality like Shri Rama, who had eliminated thousands army of mighty demons of Khara and Dushana, killed Tadaka, Maricha and Subahu without any fear, who had punished even celestials like the son of Indra in the past really need the help of a monkey, Sugriva, the one living all time in fear of Vali for his own life?

Obvious answer is No. Shri Ram, indeed, had no requirement of the help of Sugriva or even Vali, in fact Surgeeva acknowledged this fact in Valmiki Ramayana that Shri Rama does not need any help of others to get back his wife.

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If such a mighty personality Ram who has no match in whole cosmos in valor takes help of somebody, it is only for giving fame and glory to him out of love and his generosity, because supreme personality of godhead doesn't want anything for him as he is already master of supreme fame and glory. Sri Ram did friendship with Sugriva to make his fame spread, because Sri Rama is the lord who believes in giving glory to his lovers, friends, and servants.

Though, a person whose wife has been stolen and wandering in forest would always wish to befriend with a king and mighty person to get his wife back.

sugreeva and hanuman relationship

But, Shri Ram, being the most compassionate and truly great lord, did nothing sort of this, he did friendship with Sugriva to make him fearless, to restore his wife Ruma, kingdom and pride lost to Vali, again to him. It was a pure Madhurya- Leela of Bhagavan Shri Rama that by befriending an affilcted one like Sugriva, he not only made Sugriva fearless against Vali but also bestowed his intimacy and touch to millions of monkeys and bears!

If Sri Ram had befriended Vali to get his own wife Sita with help of Vali, then how justice would have been brought to Sugriva and his wife Ruma?

sugreeva and hanuman relationship

Shri Ram never looked for his own delight first, the prince charming always delights in delighting others, that's why he is called 'Raama' the one who delight others. Same thing is acknowledged by Sugreeva Ji himself in Shri Valmiki Ramayana that Shri Rama does not need help of monkeys or others at all for accomplishing any task. If Bhagavan makes anyone his friend, it is the greatest honor and the highest achievement for that Jiva. Although Sugriva Ji had no such quality that He could be eligible to become the friend of Shri Rama and become equal in relation, It is all because Sugreeva Ji was always living in the shelter of Shri Hanuman Ji.

Shri Hanuman ji is here Guru and best friend of Sureeva Ji, Gurudeva advises disciple to worship Bhagavan as the most worshipable and lovable one. Hanuman Ji did not leave Sugreeva Ji when he was facing his hardest time. Sugreeva Ji is like the disciple living in shelter of his Guru, and this is the reason Bhagavan himself came and befriended Sureeva.

When a Jiva lives always in the shelter of Gurudeva, Bhagavan himself comes and accepts the Jivs as his friend forever, and happily gives his embrace to Jiva, such is the greatness of living always in the shelter of Gurudeva.

Thus, Bhagavan, Gurudeva and disciple are in the eternal relationships.

sugreeva and hanuman relationship

Let's see first how Shri Ram killed Vali: Therefore, no where it is written Sri Rama hid himself to Kill Vali. Vali's main focus was not on Shri Rama, but Sugreeva as he was foolish in his expectation that Shri Ram will not intervene in the combat between the two brothers, hence he made accusation that I was facing away from you, I didn't think you as enemy, O' Rama! However, Vali forgot, a friend always helps his friend in danger, so Ram had to intervene as per his promise made to Sugreeva.

And this costed his life. It means when Vali was engaged with somebody else, and as he had no personal enmity with Shri Ram, then why did shri Ram kill him?

sugreeva and hanuman relationship

It also doesn't mean Vali didn't see him or Vali was not aware about the vow of Shri Ram that he will eliminate Vali, the foe of his friend Sugreeva. Vali was well aware of Shri Ram's friendship with Sugreeva. Another proof is Shri Ram killed Vali by arrow which directly pierced his chest, which means Shri Ram killed him when he was facing Shri Ram! Vali said His attention was not towards Shri Ram as he was fighting with full attention with Sugriva, was a pure lie told by him.

Still, before piercing his chest, Shri Ram was in direct war with Vali, may be from a distance, but it was a direct combat. In fact, a bow-wielder shoots arrows from some distance only. Here is the proof: Now coming to why did he kill Vali?

It is very simple to understand why Shri Ram killed Vali. So, he eliminated Vali who raped the wife of Sugriva, who was like a daughter for Vali.