Sulli and choiza relationship memes

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sulli and choiza relationship memes

Contractual Purity: Sulli received a lot of backlash for dating Choiza from the rap group Memetic Mutation: Krystal's zinger to Amber in Snapchat became a meme overnight. When Krystal and Kai's relationship was not confirmed yet, a picture. are dating! We Get Married, Dating, Ft Island, Song Joong Ki, Quotes, Relationships Sulli and Choiza officially broke up after more than two years of dating. Sulli and Choiza cite "differences in lifestyle" as reason for break up Relationships with this age gap can only work if the girl is more mature than . in Sm entertainment, another accomplishments includes being a meme.

sulli and choiza relationship memes

Scorned users unleashed a barrage of hateful comments on both their Instagram accounts which fans accused the lovers of using as a means to communicate via cryptic codesand there was even a petition to remove Baekhyun from his band. Things got so bad that Taeyeon, 27, and Baekhyun, 24, issued apologies on social media, which have since been deleted. Thankfully, the vitriol towards the two of them died down significantly after they reportedly broke up last yearand they have gone on to enjoy monstrous success in their respective careers.

sulli and choiza relationship memes

To say that the couple, especially Sulli, was bombarded with malice would be an understatement. Her Instagram posts were also scrutinised and criticised for their supposedly suggestive content, amplifying the animosity towards her further.

It looked as though every single thing they did drew flak - we would be surprised if they actually earned some praise from the public for once. Although a romance was never confirmed, it was reported that GD and Kiko broke up for good in August last year. GD, who was criticised for his poor taste in women, got the easy end of all the hate from netizens.

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All of a sudden, Kiko gained a whole new audience in the worst possible way. Unfortunately, the revelation did not exactly garner a positive reception.

sulli and choiza relationship memes

Discouraged by the unpleasant response, Aaron vowed never to discuss his love life at public appearances again. It was all the Asian entertainment scene buzzed about for a while, but then Aaron kept his word by keeping his private matters to himself and the furore subsided a little bit. In April this year, it was reported that the lovebirds had broken up supposedly due to his unhappiness with her materialism but the claim was never confirmed.

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Romance rumours had first started swirling when photographs of the co-stars-turned-lovers holding hands and being affectionate with one another were released.

However, his words only served to fan the flames, and he was made fun of and called immature.

sulli and choiza relationship memes

While that piece of news was welcomed with general positivity, his sudden wedding in December - not three months after the official acknowledgement of their romance - drew a nastier response… The backlash: Furthermore, since she was given a cute, babyish image since debut and was Not Allowed to Grow Up in the fans' eyes, many saw her romance with an older man as shocking. After leaving the group, her sexually charged social media posts and collaborating with Rotta a controversial photographer known for his "lolita" concepts have done little to salvage what's left of her former fanbase.

Sulli only had one fansite during the time she was with the group, and this made her think she wasn't particularly popular in real life. She would blackmail, bully, harass anyone else who tried to have a site dedicated to Sulli. She thinks she is the only person who deserve to have contact with Sulli, and she was extremely against Sulli being with Choiza because that would take Sulli's attention away from her. She never even allowed Sulli to be friends with the other group members.

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Also, she has preordered a bouquet of flowers when Sulli turns 60, talk about creepy. Krystal's zinger to Amber in Snapchat became a meme overnight. When Krystal and Kai's relationship was not confirmed yet, a picture circulated of them kissing in a hotel room.

sulli and choiza relationship memes

Fans tried to deny that it wasn't them, it was actually a seal and its trainer. For context, it is currently the hardest song in the game, beating the original hardest song, SHINee 's Ring Ding Dong, when the song was updated. Look for the song's lyric videos on Youtube and it is mostly always filled with comments regarding the game.

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