Taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

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taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

Dream High - Taecyeon,Wooyoung,Suzy,IU,Kim Soo Hyun,Eunjung my favorite drama ever.. kim soon Lie to Me # Korean drama quote #asian drama quote. Kkkkkk Sep 11 am WARNING CONTAINS SPOILOR. Well this is my first comment in asiawiki I finished this drama today and I can understand that. dream high quote - Google Search Inspirational Quotes, Meaningful Quotes, Motivational, K Quotes Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, and Wooyoung team:dream high Suzy (Miss A) and Kim Soo Hyun looks cute in this scene from Dream High. This was a cute part ^-^ Dream High Dream High, Relationship, Languages.

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I always make fun of her, maybe i should stop being mean but she's mean to me too!! Once, i tripped over and all she did was LAUGH, but its okay, i laugh at her all the time so its fair.

I met some of her fob friends too like Sheri and Stephanie but they all speak mando even though they are domestic students because they hang around the internationals Anyway, so i stayed with the hornsbies in the first week then we had the Merit Scholars Camp where i met a lot of people.

Its pretty much a free camp for merit scholars people who got an atar above So yeah, it was cool because it was free and i met a lot of people. So the list of the people i have met at uni so far are: Sijing Stephanie i say hi when i see her but we dont talk much Sheri i say hi when i see her but we dont talk much Tom met him in STAT once, havent talked to him since Louis he is from QLD but he is really nice, he was teaching me how to ice skate when we were at camp Avanti NSG Brian LOL, i talk to him on msn like every night and we walk to station together at times, i just got him into kpop and he likes SNSD.

taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

I'd say we're pretty good friends Jono he was from Knox, talk to him at times cos we are part of a group but not close close type David we're in the same group and we talk, but we arent that close Josh he's quite approachable, talk to him a bit and he seems cool Cindy OMG, she is a kpop fan!!!!

He's a nice guy, a gentleman cos i remember whenever he opens the door, he always holds it open for me cos im walking slow Sophia korean, dont talk to her a lot Jun Doo Joon lookalike, dont talk much Tim he laughs a lot, its quite easy to talk to him and he is quite smart Jasmine from Merit Scholars camp doing another course THE TWINS: Joella from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Nick from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Jeremy was at merit scholars and also does actuarial but i dont talk to him much Michelle from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Irene from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Sophie from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Fran from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Denita from Merit Scholars camp doing another course Delia: And thats about it, not a lot, but im quite happy, because i can just walk up to most of them and talk without feeling awkward.

Professor Shi School Idol: Due to the nature of Kirin Arts High, there are students who have already risen to fame in the real world despite still attending. These celebrities are thus widely popular in the school itself as well. In the Korean language, Jung Ahjung's name would be read the same backwards and forwards.

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She mentions this in her own introduction. Secret Test of Character: The director of Kirin offers Hyemi a second chance at passing her audition by asking her to identify the songs he is playing on the piano. She is immediately able to identify one of the songs in the mash-up as Gershwin's Summertime because of her classical training, but has difficulty identifying the second, which she assumes to be a classical piece as well.

Her inability to identify it as a humble, but still famous, Korean trot song that most people would be able to identify on the spot reveals her prejudice against different types of music and her own superiority complex.

taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

JYP's role as Professor Yang makes fun of his own looks, talent, and personality as hilariously as possible. Jingook's friend Jo Insung shares his name with a popular actor.

Hyemi falls asleep while leaning against Samdong in episode 7. Small Name, Big Ego: Professor Shi also calls out Jason on this when he tells her he would rather perform something he actually likes with someone he actually wants to partner with at the school showcase and blows off his rehearsals to practice whatever he wants.

taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

First Hyemi walks in the snow with Samdong while in the countryside, and later she shares an Umbrella of Togetherness with Jingook. Jingook accidentally does one at Hyesung when he overhears Hyemi criticizing him. Both Hyemi and her sister Hyesung. Baekhee Take Me Instead: Director Jung gives up his position as head of Kirin to Director Shi in order for Professor Kang and the three special applicant students to stay.

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Hyemi's initial problem with singing — she has terrific technique, but can't emote or engage the audience to save her life. Throwing Your Shoe Always Works: Hyemi throws a shoe at the Loan Sharks after herself and Jingook in order to deter them. Dream High refers to the plan Professor Kang came up with as a high school student for an arts high school where teenagers would be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

It somehow comes into the possession of Director Jung who used it as a blueprint for Kirin itself, but he later returns it to Professor Kang after his resignation as the headmaster. Yoghurt drinks for both Hyemi and Jingook, who actually fought over them as kids.

taecyeon and suzy relationship quotes

Pilsook has one in episode 8, resulting in a prettier look. Jason ditches his performance at the real school showcase and ends up teaming up with Pilsook for the fake one because Jingook has ditched the special applicant students as per his father's request.