Takeru and hikari relationship goals

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takeru and hikari relationship goals

Digimon. TK and Kari Are the best couple ever. Takeru & Hikari - They're both wearing wedding/engagement rings!! More information. More information. T.K. and Kari Digimon Adventure, Relationship Goals, Good Relationships, Cute Commission for Takeru and Hikari from Anime, Digimon Adventure / 02 really. Digimon Adventure Takeru x Hikari Hope x Light Manga Couple, Digimon Digimon Adventure 02 - Love: T.K. (Takeru) Takaishi and Kari Kamiya (Hikari.

It will focus on Mimi, having problems with communicating with her friends and Jou, struggling with his university entrance exam. Meiko, the new Chosen Children will be officially welcomed by the others. The Chosen Children will be going to visit the hot spring together. A picture of Mimi in a swimsuit was already leaked in the Animedia issue.

And of course there is the obligated school festival,Taichi and the others will attend. The Digimon will be dressed up in cute costumes. So as far as i can say, the second movie will focus on the everyday lives of the Digidestined similar to the first movie. This was given to a Digi-Egg admin by my source on Twitter.

This features the complete poster in Otomedia Jan. Issue as well as a snippet of the interview with the seiyuus for Takeru and Hikari. There is definitely more of the Takeru and Hikari relationship on the way. Just let that sink in, we could've had way worse. Might as well pick up examples from Toei's other works that use stills with bad art and say we could've had it worse, you know, knowing Toei's bad past record.

takeru and hikari relationship goals

You'd think with a project as important and huge as this one, they'd put in more effort. But I guess that's not the case here, after all. But I guess it is understandable. Since this is basically a 24 episode TV series being released in the form of movies.

If it were just one movie or two, this kind of work would've been bad. But for what we're getting basically a two cour series divided into 6 partsthis is okay. New information has been surrounding the net lately: I shipped those two so hard.

And more of Joe and Mimi is welcome. I like Mimi as she is now and we haven't seen much of Joe in the first movie so that's also a plus.

The thing is, it's not just a still screen that shows up for a second, it's Omnimon's introduction and stays that way for about 10 seconds. Kenchiin December 22nd,5: Fangirls will be all over the place.

Astinus December 23rd,6: That isn't really answered yet. There have been some guesses made through the fandom, but I wasn't sure if you wanted those mentioned. That's why I edited this post, to remove the possible spoilers. The main question about the 02 Chosen being missing is why does no one mention them.

Hopefully that gets rectified in a later movie. I should also probably state that I still haven't actually watched tri. Kenchiin December 27th,5: For what I see in the trailers at least their digimon are scheduled to appear.

takeru and hikari relationship goals

They just can't remove 02 from the continuity or at least everything that goes before the "epilogue"so I'm expecting them to show even if they don't play an important role. Famon December 31st,5: HonestlyI would prefer someone associate with Darkness for Kari! Someone who also affected by the Dark Ocean. Digimon Anime could use a new protagonist who's already broken and damage until his partner Digimon and friends help him recover.

I'm not taking about a delinquentI'm talking about some loner who's often unnoticed by others or Someone who pretend to be a comic relief to hide his dark side. SupposeIf I wrote Adventure 02 then Davis would be a kid who simply pretending to be a comic relief when he is actually very seriousmature and damaged person with a Dark past! Something like having an abusive Father who's in Jail for murdering his mother.

Satoshi Ookami December 31st, And this, children, is why Famon was not chosen as a Digi Adv02 writer. There's a computer screen in the first movie that shows a couple of their names mix in with the others. I waited a bit myself, but it's really good, aaaaaah. Doubt their names would be on their and then not make an appearance lol.

takeru and hikari relationship goals

Their names are on their for some reason one way or another. First 5 minutes we've already seen, and despite most people disliking the 02 cast I really did like them a lot!

I'm glad that they were pushed away as "just to busy to be seen" and seeing them thrashed to bits in the opening was aside from being a bit shocking, was a lot better than what I was hoping for with the 02 cast just being shoved to the side without a great reason. Before I stop talking bout the 02 cast, I'll just leave this map monitor thing that I only just noticed when screencaps were posted, that the 02 cast had names on there. You can see Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Iori his name twice being kept track of, however their location is unknown.

They could possibly be in the digital world if that tracker only keeps track of them in the real world. Was watching a couple more speculations last night to whether Takeru and Hikari would still have the D3 digivice from 02 or would they have their digivices revert back to their original or their digivices never changed from the original, however we see Takeru use his D3. It's currently like the 02 cast have been erased from existence aside from the tracker.

If this was normal, I feel like the older 01 cast would still call the 02 cast when they were having their meetings, but they were completely not mentioned at all.

Tai also gets new goggles within the film noting that the previous goggles he gave to Daisuke are still missing. Digimon in Tri are getting "infected" and they're sort of like possessed, what if this is all the doing of Millenniumon? So it could be possible for him to be behind everything again.

For those that don't know, there'es a bit more lore to the Adventureverse than one may have realized: I don't remember it being mentioned. Astinus January 3rd,2: Did post the bit with their names on the screen being kept track of when I did my recap when the movie came out. I knew about the computer screen. Despite still haven't watched tri. So I knew that the writers didn't completely forget about the Zero Two Chosen.

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I meant that the characters did. None of the Chosen mentioned that a few members of their team were missing in any way.

No mentions of how they should have been in school since Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke, and Miyako should all be at the same junior high schoolor anything about how they're missing. Maybe the battle with Alphamon happened the same day that tri.

Maybe it happened so long ago that the rest of the Chosen have accepted the loss of a few members. It appears again in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai. It forms the main torso and upper legs of the Great Five and the Great Gun. It is able to fire the Tank Cannon. It forms the lower legs of the Great Five. It is piloted by Yellow Mask. It is stored in the hood of the Turbo Ranger, to the left of the Masky Gyro.

It forms the left arm of the Great Five and the Five Shield. It is piloted by Pink Mask. It is stored in the hood of the Turbo Ranger, to the right of the Masky Jet and with rotors folded for ease of storage.

It forms the right arm of the Great Five and the Gyro Cutter. A large tractor trailer for the Maskmen, piloted by the entire group. The Land Galaxy was built as part of a competition to determine the mecha to be used by the Maskmen but was considered too unstable to control when it seemingly killed its creator.

It was only when the Great Five was captured by Tube that the Maskmen found the Land Galaxy and added it to their arsenal. Maskman's second robot formed from the Land Galaxy when the command "Galaxy Change!

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It can be transported by the Turbo Ranger in lieu of the Great Five components and it is stored in the hood. Sugata is a scientist and martial artist who formed the Maskman team. He is a wise man who excels in mental reinforcements and every martial art. Sugata was the one learned of Tube's existence and their plot to conquer the surface world.

A mysterious man, Sugata fights against Takeru the year before he was chosen to become Red Mask. He is the owner of Sugata Racing, a motoring team for which Takeru is a driver and Kenta once worked as an engineer.

Sugata's assistant; she works in the computer room and monitors the performance of the Maskman team. A Caucasian woman who assists Commander Sugata alongside Dr. The daughter of Ijin of the Fu Clan, Yu is a rogue ninja who works to find any Tube relics that would reveal Zeba's true identity.

A mermaid from the Sea of Tears, an underground lake formed from human tears over the millennia. Having a lovely singing voice, Igam deceives Lelai as part of a scheme involving Horn Doggler. Once Lelai learns the truth, she is forced to sing after Igam caused the Sea of Tears to dry up. Takeru manages to save her and takes her to the ocean to keep her alive.

The deceased creator of Galaxy Robo and a close friend of Chief Sugata. During the early development of the M-Project, Yamagata built Galaxy Robo by himself in order to provide the future Maskman team with another robot in addition to Sugata's Great Five. However, he died during a freak accident while testing out Galaxy Robo. However, Yamagata's recording during his final test run with Galaxy Robo proves that his death was entirely accidental and was not Galaxy Robo's fault.

The chief designer of the Jet Cannon. He loses consciousness as the final tests begin, due to the longterm effects of Deathga Doggler's attack when he was a child. A member of the Jet Cannon development staff who assists Akaike. Ryo arrives to help the Maskman team when they are overpowered by Magma Doggler.

With Takeru's help, Ryo regain his self-confidence and assists the team in defeating Magma Doggler, but at the cost of his powers.

At the end, he leaves the Maskman team to teach martial arts to children with a renewed sense of hope. Zeba orders the death of the family, and Mai is the sole survivor. Sugata saves her and brings her to the Maria Orphanage after rewriting her memories so she can live without her painful memories. Targeted by Bard Doggler, her hand is turned to stone and the Maskmen restore it. A rogue underground dweller who, along with her brother Teto, is part of a cult that worships the Underground Knight Unas.

Though disillusioned when Unas is controlled by Igam, she and her brother help the Maskmen return their friend to normal. Once it comes under the rule of the usurper Zeba, Tube begins preparing for war on the surface. Zeba is the leader of the underground Empire Tube.

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He hates all human beings and is a master of the Dark Aura, desiring to turn the surface into a cold and dark place. Before dying, it spawns an egg that results in Zeba's birth; the child devours his parent to become stronger. The new Lethal Doggler grows with nothing on his mind but revenge, disguising himself as Zeba and rule the Igam Royal Family.

Upon assuming the throne, Zeba corrupts the underground into a violent kingdom and enslaves the underground humans. When he learns that his defeat was foretold to be at the hands of the surviving twin daughters of the Igam family, he keeps them apart while taking measures to ensure no one learns about his true identity, momentarily assumes his true form whenever someone gets too close to the truth.

With Ial revived and his identity revealed, Zeba quickly enacts his final plan to raise the Underground Castle and spread his Dark Aura around the world to usher in an age of darkness at the cost of his followers. Once on the surface, Zeba battles the Maskmen personally in his Dark Aura domain.

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Forced back into his true form, the Lethal Doggler is blasted by the Jet Cannon at full power, using the energies from the weapon to enlarge himself before being finally destroyed by the Galaxy Robo. The older twin sister of Princess Ial, she is raised as a man to one day take the throne until Zeba overthrew her parents.

As a result, Ial is spared to serve under Zeba as one of his prized warriors. She is trained in the way of combat by the Fu Clan and uses the dragon gauntlets on her forearms to execute attacks. When Ial falls in love with Takeru, Igam feels her sister is a disgrace to their family, and vows to kill Takeru.

She also has a desire to kill Ial for her transgressionbut she cannot carry it out under orders from Zeba himself. One of her attempts in killing Takeru involves conjuring the Death Ring, a family tradition where the user uses up their energy to project an electrified force field.

When Akira is restored from being Unas, Igam's identity as a woman is revealed to the Maskmen.

takeru and hikari relationship goals

Takeru then hesitates to fight her and attempts to reason with her. After she is given permission to kill her sister, Igam learns the truth behind Zeba and is conflicted until she learns that he used her to achieve his goal. Disillusioned and seeing herself beyond redemption, Igam finds a new reason to live when she sees the Buddha as she helps the Maskmen defeat Zeba.

Soon after, Igam becomes a Buddhist nun to repent for her sins, and leaves her sister to become the new heir to the Igam kingdom.

He is an overweight beast who is three centuries old and knows all, a master of dark arts who uses a croquet mallet as his weapon. As Zeba's advisor, he is able to freely access the Underground Library, which contains the history of the Tube civilization.

Normally remaining at the sidelines, Anagmas first reveals himself to the Maskmen prior to setting up a scheme to remove Great Five.

Later, he learns the truth about Zeba and is sent to kill Ial. A cold-blooded, sadistic and merciless skilled swordsman and strongman of the Baluga tribe and is a rival of Igam. He carries a heavy blade that only he is strong enough to use in battle. He lost the fight until he is driven mad by his mother's death at the hands of the monster, killing the monster with the Royal Underground Sword.

Later, after failing to revive the War God, Baraba gets one last chance to redeem himself. He makes a deal with Kiros and kidnaps Princess Ial to lure Takeru into a trap. Once the plan falls apart, and Oyobu turns his back on him, Baraba is killed by Red Mask in a final duel. A ninja of the Buyon tribe with red skin and large pointy ears who serves under Baraba. He can throw life-manifested fire from his hands and run at near- lightspeed.

While pleading with his master not to take Ial, he ends up being frozen but manages to thaw himself out. Though he comes to his master's aid, Oyobu refuses to aid Baraba in his final fight.

Though he learns the truth about Zeba and discovers that he is nothing more than an expandable pawn, Oyobu continues his part in the fiend's plan in sacrificing the Underground Castle as he is consumed in the resulting explosion. A Kunoichi of the Fu clan, a group of ninja who have served under the Igam family for generations. She is able to shoot shurikens and fire from her mouth, Fumin's abilities rival those of Haruka.

She assumes guises like that of the idol Marina Shimada during Igam's plan of turning humans into Unglers. Though she learns her mistress' identity, Fumin remains by Igam's side until she is killed in the Underground Castle while protecting Igam when the castle is being destroyed. A Mole cricket -like creature that emerges when the monsters of the Tube Empire are defeated by the Maskmen. With its ray, the Doggler monsters are enlarged as Okelampa utters Phew, Oh goodness! Okelampa's fate is never revealed.

The black-skinned foot soldiers with vines covering their faces. Their name derives from "underground". A wandering undergrounder under no one's authority who is relentless in getting what he wants. Kiros sees Ial's beauty and attempts to make her his own. He saves her from Hell's Wind chasm but falls down into the pit. Kiros tricks Baraba and spirits Ial's frozen prison into Hell's Wind to break her free.

Mortally wounded in an attempt to protect her, Kiros dies as he realizes that Ial is the only thing he could never have.