Thatcher and pinochet relationship

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thatcher and pinochet relationship

No one except Margaret Thatcher would have risked sending the British fleet 8, miles into the South Atlantic to recapture the Falklands in. It's curious, historically speaking, that Margaret Thatcher died on the Thereafter , the relationship became downright cozy, so much so that the. Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte was a Chilean general, politician and the US-backed dictator of.

She refused to answer and suffered immense torture. Agents yelled insults at her while they beat her. Agents sliced her skin and burnt her with cigarettes.

Then they hung her from the ceiling and crammed tree limbs and coke bottles into her vagina and anus.

thatcher and pinochet relationship

As the days passed Ayress endured more gruesome treatment. Tortures stripped her naked and placed her on metal bedsprings where they shocked her tongue and vagina.

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Guards employed animals to conduct torture on Ayress and forced her to endure rape by Dobermans. They also shoved starved rats into her vagina.

thatcher and pinochet relationship

She screamed as the rats ripped and tore their way out. Guards raped Ayress over 40 times and consequently she became pregnant. She feared that if her tortures learned of her pregnancy she would face maniacal experimentation on her foetus.

She kept quiet about her pregnancy but as a result of endless torture miscarried.

thatcher and pinochet relationship

An account recalls from the Valech Report states that: The commission reports that nearly every female prisoner was the victim of repeated rape. One of the chief targets of both these leaders were the organised working class, from which many in both nations have yet to fully recover. In Chile, union officials were tortured, assassinated and imprisoned.

Augusto Pinochet

This would be very familiar to those who lived in Britain in the time of Thatcher. She went on to weaken the power of the working class, overseeing a drastic union membership decline that strengthened business and elite capital. It was class war from above if anyone had seen it before. They attacked the idea and social base of collective action, attempting to force what in the post-Cold War climate became a catch cry for neo-liberal capitalists: In the Sunday Times in Mayshe alarmingly stated: But this brand of politics is not just a relic of the past.

Thatcher, Pinochet and the legacy of class warfare

It was Thatcher and Pinochet who ushered in a new form of late capitalism, one that we are still coming to grips with today. The bequest she and others have left behind is one of destruction. It is one of inequality and the championing of power and privilege. The destruction of institutional frameworks and powers, but also of labour, social relations and ways of life were all in the interests of big capital.

Nothing but class war from above in our late capitalist society. So, it is premature to mourn the death of one of the greatest class warriors of our time. Although now her, Pinochet and fellow class warrior Ronald Reagan are gone, their legacies live on.