The italian job 2003 ending a relationship

The Italian Job ()

the italian job 2003 ending a relationship

Love & relationships Michael Caine reveals all about the planned Italian Job sequel and his The gold was at one end and we were at the other. Years later, in , the film was remade by F. Gary Gray, with Mark. The remake of The Italian Job was directed by F. Gary Stella even notes that Charlie had a much closer relationship with her father than she did. The Mafiya: The Ukrainians. Mission Control: Lyle, especially during the end chase. The Italian Job movie reviews & Metacritic score: In this is a remake of the British caper comedy, Mark Paramount Pictures | Release Date: May 30, .

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This version is all about a stylish heist in the same vein as the Ocean's Eleven reboot and selling cars. It is The Italian Job in name only - only the film's opening takes place in Italy!

the italian job 2003 ending a relationship

This might be forgivable if the film was any good but away from the action and driving scenes, this is as forgettable as they come. Wahlberg and Norton have no discernible personality that I could detect and Theron, a much better actress than this illustrates, is relegated to the pretty eye-candy to be won by the hero at the end of the day. For all the hi-tech gadgetry and endlessly cool styling on show, this feels as old-fashioned as the original and it certainly doesn't offer anything new.

It is every inch as ridiculous as the first film but instead of playing the material for laughs, it treats it with all the seriousness of a cancer diagnosis. At no point did I smile, laugh or sing along with the soundtrack - another aspect the original film did better. Not even the cheeky Minis running riot around LA can salvage this mess, although they help a little Source Should I watch it? The film does improve when it recreates the fantastic driving sequences that made the original a classic but The Italian Job is far from a worthy successor.

the italian job 2003 ending a relationship

Devoid of charm, humour and depth, it struggles to get going until the final explosive reel when viewers finally get some payoff. I'll tell you a story - when I bought the film on DVD years ago, it had this version thrown in for free although nowhere on the box informed me of this. If Paramount are trying to bury this film, it should tell you all you need to know right there. Steve attempts this against Charlie, who's in a Mini, using the tail rotor.

Charlie just barely manages to scrape by, but the rotor is ruined by the attempt and the helicopter is grounded, forcing Steve to jack a car to continue the chase. Lyle was the real inventor of Napster, but Shawn Fanning was his roommate and stole his idea while he was napping at his computer. They have to specially modify the cars to be able to handle the weight of the gold.

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The original plan to storm Steve's mansion gets foiled by a cocktail party right across the street from the mansion's entrance, risking an awful lot of witnesses. There is a theft in the movie that is actually called "the Italian job" by the characters.

And a character named "Charlie Croker". Aside from that, yeah, everything's different. Handsome Rob flirting with a cable girl so he can get her shirt and her truck to give to Stella so she can infiltrate Steve's house. Lyle trying to get an idea of what the conversation's going like supplies the page quote.

the italian job 2003 ending a relationship

Charlie tells Stella that the reason he punched Steve instead of letting her do so is because her hands were too valuable. It's obvious that there are other reasons as well, but since he did in fact hurt his own hand, the explanation is good enough for them to let it go for the moment. Skinny Pete is actually quite obese.

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Steve has absolutely zero redeeming qualities. Like a Son to Me: Charlie's relationship with John. Stella even notes that Charlie had a much closer relationship with her father than she did. Lyle, especially during the end chase. The thieves build a replica practice course in a warehouse to practice driving their escape route, and also have a CGI animation on their computer of the car as if it were traversing the actual route in real time for no apparent reason.

I don't do dogs. I had a real bad experience, man. I had a bad experience. When arguing against a shootout with armed guards, Handsome Rob doesn't argue morality.

He just says "We'd lose. Look at her pretty, wounded Bambi eyes, everyone! Her entrance scene, particularly, was like something out of Resident Evil or Tomb Raider which were both a more entertaining and b had better beginnings because they couldn't mess up a game like they could with British cinema which was already chock-full of spark, people you genuinely feel something for and moments of inspiration.

But I digress, the whole inclusion of a pretty girl for the sake of it just seems like the most ham-fisted manoeuvre I've seen in some time and exposes cynical Hollywood blockbuster-lust for what it is. Sadly, all the set-pieces are designed in the most transparent possible way to get you thinking, 'Wow! What a tough guy!

Then there's the 'funny PC guy' who has 'comic relief' splattered across his forehead but whose humour content can be anticipated two minutes in advance.

To be honest, if you've seen one or two films like it, you might easily confuse the two as clones from the Jerry Bruckheimer stable. This is where I have to come clean.