Thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

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thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

Thrud is the daughter of the Thunder God Thor and his wife, Sif. Alvis, a clever dwarf who came to Him to claim His daughter in marriage. Þrúðr (Old Norse for "strength"), sometimes anglicized as Thrúd or Thrud, is a daughter of the major god Thor and the goddess Sif in Norse mythology. Þrúðr is . She was also once the wife of Thor and mother to his daughter, Lora and Thrud. As a child, she had golden hair and was an occasional playmate of Thor, son of While Thor and Sif were still adolescents, they fell in love with each other. by ending the relationship between Thor and Sif, Loki cut off all of Sif's golden hair.

thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

The issue deals with the aftermath of Loki having taken control of her body and her consciousness being forced into the frame of a dying elderly woman.

DeConnick said, "Well, this is pretty much the story of how she deals with that.

thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

She was a bit cowed at first and, for a woman as fierce and proud as Sif, that's insult added to injury. This is the story of how she comes to own that fury and rises to her full stature once again. Editor Lauren Sankovitch said, "We had it Loki-centric Sif's been in the thick of it, she's a born warrior, she's got a lot of fight and verve and fire to her! We talked at length about what this story could be and what her story could be, and it all came down to I think Sif, above all, wants to be a better warrior.

thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

About the cancellation, Immonen said, We are done with But seeing as we were basically cooked right out of the gate, I'm going to call hanging in for nearly a year a success. To be truthful, the real challenge that we inherited with this book was living up to the beautiful work that Kieron [Gillen] et al.

If all that had happened with our ten issues was to extend the influence of the astonishing Valerio Schiti, that would have been enough. I'm also thrilled to have been able to write Sif as a fierce warrior and a lovable dork. I hope she finds a new home somewhere with a lot of things to say and a lot of things to kill. Hers was turned black after Loki cut it and replaced it with enchanted hair made by dwarves. At one point a giant gave her to the death goddess Hela in exchange for immortality, but Thor saved her by offering himself in her place.

Hela was so impressed that she let them both go. Many years later Thor becomes romantically involved with Jane Foster. Thor brings Jane to Asgard to be wed, and she is granted immortality but fails a final test. Odin sends her back to Earth, stripped of her newly acquired powers and without memories of the event. Odin then arranges an encounter with Sif while Thor is battling the monstrous super-strong Unknown, and the two fall in love again. After Hogun the Grim attempts a physical attack, Sif puts herself in the line of fire and convinces Loki if he dies, he would have to kill her too.

thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

Loki declines to murder anyone at that point. Sif does this partially to try to understand Thor's attraction to mortals, especially Jane. In the midst of battle Sif and Bill find themselves attracted to each other.

Meanwhile, Lorelei has given Thor an elixir that causes him to fall in love with her, and he is so blinded by the spell that he strikes Sif in anger.

She was also once the wife of Thor and mother to his daughter, Lora and Thrud. However, these are almost certainly aspects of the Sif who existed in a earlier incarnation of Asgard. Except for her memory of Heimdall being her brother, the modern Sif has none of these memories and her children were most likely killed in the demise of this earlier Asgard. Nevertheless, the modern Sif does recall being in love with Thor and much of her modern life is starting to resemble her previous existence.

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While Thor and Sif were still adolescents, they fell in love with each other. Loki sought out the dwarves Brokk and Eitri and asked that they create new hair through their arts. However, Loki was either unable or unwilling to pay the dwarves gold for this work. Eventually, Thor and Sif parted when Sif began her training to be a warrior in earnest. Odin, Lord of Asgard, had long deemed Sif to be a fitting mate for his son Thor. Sif was now very well accepted in the ways of a warrior.

Soon after meeting Sif again, Thor and Sif became lovers and companions, as well as allies in several battles. Eventually, they decided to marry. Sif much preferred Asgard to the mundane modern world of mortals, and, after attempting to adjust to life on more than one occasion, returned to live in Asgard without Thor. Jane Foster was separated from Sif shortly thereafter and sent to the limbo-realm of the Runestaff of the Possessor.

Sif and Thor have since rescued Foster. Sif and Thor both aided the alien champion Beta Ray Bill in defending his people against the onslaught of the demonic armies of Surtur.

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Sif and Beta Ray Bill found themselves increasingly drawn to each other emotionally. Sif even attempted to leave Asgard and accompany Beta Ray Bill back to his people.

Sif and Thor once more became linked by strong bonds of love and affection.

thrud daughter of thor and sif relationship

Following the invasion of Asgard by Seth, the Egyptian god of misfortune, Sif was romantically pursued by Leir, the Celtic God of storm who had lead the Tuatha Danaan to rally with the Asgardians against Sif. In order to spur jealousy from Thor and encourage him to a more devoted relationship, she sent Leir on a search for Thor on earth, but as Thor failed to react as she expected, Sif instead challenged Leir to see if he was worthy of her and defeated him.

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As Sif attacked the Asgardians through Yggdrasil, the tree of destiny among the Asgardians, Sif and all the Asgardians were hidden on earth as mortals by Odin to conceal them from Seth. Odin eventually died battling Surtur and Thor replaced him as Lord of Asgard. Thor meanwhile discovered that the repeating cycles of Ragnarok were being controlled by shadowy beings called Those Who Sit Above In Shadow and permitted Ragnarok to occur in order to stop these recurring cycles of Ragnarok from occurring.

Sometime later, the Odin-Force in the form of a small child began the process of restoring Asgard to its former grandeur with Sif and the other Asgardians restored to life.