Tris and four relationship insurgent torrent

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tris and four relationship insurgent torrent

Excerpt from Insurgent The boy—Four—looks over his shoulder and shouts, “ First jumper—Tris!” I crack my knuckles and bounce once on my toes. “ Our faction has had a close relationship with Erudite for as long as any of us can . Insurgent Dual Audio English Download Free Insurgent torrent radical new discoveries, and the relationship & oacute; ns transition & oacute; n. Tris must fully embrace the s STILL divergence, the RIVER nda she does .. декабря7. ноября3. сентября1. августа8. июля4. июня The second installment of the Divergent Series, Insurgent, I've always thought of Tris and Four's relationship as a strong friendship first and.

Otherwise, it's not worth much.

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The characters are not explored on, the guns are fired more often and Tris got a boy cut. That is the difference between Divergent and Insurgent. The flabby writing holds theInsurgent fares better on the action side, than on the story side. The flabby writing holds the movie down but the "ohmygosh" scenes factor rises and it delivers good acting from Woodley, James and Elgort. What doesn't click, is that the story is rummaged through the action scenes, which makes Insurgent another science fiction action flick that features, a bad score, cheesy twists and a flabby, yet interesting plot.

Kate Winslet has lost all her charm, Four is less badass, and Miles Teller is in this again for some reason.

tris and four relationship insurgent torrent

Director Robert Schwnetke improves over his horrible, R. D and directs better, with slick camera shots are more emotion as an extra. Overall, Insurgent is a step down from it's complex predecessor, that features flabby writing and story, okay acting and a bad music score.

There is a lot of action though. Not only Insurgent is just as stupid, plothole-ridden, inconsistent and boring as Divergent, but it's more of all those things; everythingThey blew their chance at amending the mistakes they made in the first film, and they blew it hard. Not only Insurgent is just as stupid, plothole-ridden, inconsistent and boring as Divergent, but it's more of all those things; everything flows in a sequence of coincidences, character development always fails, as characters change dramatically in a matter of seconds, there are absolutely no believable villains nor heroes.

Plus, you might think you're not really into story, you just want to see some action. Fine, but go look elsewhere, as there is very little here, and is so filled with cheap CGI your eyes will hurt afterwards.

tris and four relationship insurgent torrent

Besides, all the action is constantly interrupted by the protagonists' fifth-grade romantic discussions. Speaking of that, this entire thing is abismally written: Enjoy the slo-mo bit near the end where the parade of Woodley goofy faces is displayed for all the world to see.

She works so much better when she's in independent productions, playing real characters, rather than this so-called heroine who is in trouble, needs saving, is saved, is unsure, needs confirmation, is reassured, is told what to do, does the opposite, needs saving. Eventually she comes out as the hero, but we don't quite get to see why, as everything she's done before that leads you to believe she's worthless. Insurgent is almost twice the filmmaking of the first Divergent film.

tris and four relationship insurgent torrent

The directing has gone from "after school special" in too many places to very close to theAnother genre movie made very professionally viewers expect too much from. The directing has gone from "after school special" in too many places to very close to the production values and acting of recent Marvel movies.

With better direction, teh two leads shine even more brightly and the supporting cast is handled with unusallly deft sensitivity for a genre outing. The Dauntless sim that is in the trailer is longer. For me it's the most memorable piece of action sci-fi filmmaking since the end of Doug Limon's Edge of Tomorrow, probably better known as Live, Die Repeat.

I know it's there because of the young female audience; still, it's well done. Compare the emotional integrity of Insurgent with the lack of emotional integrity in Captain America Winter Soldier, and you see Insurgent measures up well to Marvel movies generally. Apocalyptic genre, a few good action scenes scenes, excellent CGI, could have done better with the parts that were supposed to be so emotional but generally a nice entertaining piece, not sure its one of those you watch several times but one would look forward to the next installments.

I think the story line was a little incoherent and blunt but the general darkness of the main character made up for the lazy flow. Compared to other movies I've seen, a 7 would be OK.

The first movie was decent, but maybe because it was more preoccupied with showing us the characteristics of each faction and how society works in the city. The plot as far as we knew it was decent in quality and it was supposed to stay that way or at least get better. Some fighting scenes here and there, new characters, possibly subplots and watching how each major character would develop in a more significant way; that was I was hoping for Insurgent, at least it was what I expected.

But, as always, I was disappointed by the big budget teenage oriented excuse of a movie. First big disappointment, the brooding fighting machine of a boyfriend does just that, he somehow always wins hand-to-hand combat What's boring even more is the fact that besides playing "Rambo" he is just another love-sick promising leader who does nothing his character promises except filling the screen with tattoos and staring lovingly into Shailene Woodley's eyes Tris on the other hand kind of suffers the same thing.

Except, the director decides that in order to convince the audience that she is changing and toughening up, they film a scene with her cutting her hair short, almost perfectly if I tried that alone in the mirror I would look like a fought a monkey, and it won She keeps whining about guilt and fear through the whole movie, except the scenes with the staring and loving thing.

People keep shifting alliances, nobody is willing to think it through, make a plan, use the brain Also, apparently Four has a mom who is the leader of Factionless, who are heavily armed and want revenge, who they help in overthrowing the Erudite queen At the end, there is life outside the wall duh!

Also, the Erudite "dictator on heels" dies before anybody asks the question: Intelligent life-form outside the wall and no contact? The city is divided into 5 factions: Abnegation, meant to uphold selflessness; Amity, meant for the peaceful; Candor, meant for the honest; Dauntless, meant for the brave; and Erudite, intended for the knowledgeable.

On a given day each year, all sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test that will tell them for which faction they are best suited. After receiving the results of their test, they must decide whether to remain with their family or transfer to a new faction. Sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior was born into an Abnegation family, but selflessness has never come naturally to her like it does her brother, Caleb.

She feels lonely and constricted by her environment and feels like she does not belong. When the time comes for Beatrice to take her aptitude test, the results are inconclusive: Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. Even for a Divergent, it is very rare to have results with three factions. On her way home from the aptitude test, she encounters a factionless man who grabs her hand and frightens her.

This makes her feel very nervous because she does not want to end up like him and is worried about risking her normal lifestyle and failing. She does not want to upset her father, who is certain that she will remain in Abnegation even though she is skeptical. She immediately leaves to join her new faction and her new home.

Beatrice, who renames herself Tris when she reaches the Dauntless compound, becomes good friends with fellow transfer initiates Christina, Al, and Will. Another transfer initiate, Peter, quickly sets out to antagonize her as he does not believe Tris is good enough to be in Dauntless.

Peter also has two friends, Drew and Molly, who back him up as he tortures Tris. She is also introduced to their instructor, Four, who explains that they must pass an initiation process before they are accepted as full-fledged Dauntless members. They must rank in the top ten at the end of initiation, or else they will be dismissed and become factionless.

Initiation is broken into three stages. The first involves learning how to handle guns and knives as well as engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

Despite being physically weaker than most of her fellow initiates, Tris finishes the stage in sixth place. Peter is jealous and intimidated by the first-place finisher, Edward, and retaliates by stabbing Edward in the eye with a butter knife.


Tris is ranked just after Molly, which can be attributed to the time when Tris came into the dormitory with only a towel and Peter pulled it off, exposing and tormenting her.

Although she nearly beats Molly to death, Tris continues to fight because of her anger towards her tormentors. Meanwhile, the Erudite stirs up dissent among the factions by releasing antagonizing reports about the Abnegation leaders, who run the city government. Peter and his cronies, Molly and Drew, give Tris a hard time because she came from Abnegation. Tris begins to befriend the Dauntless-born initiates, including Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene.

Stage two puts the initiates into simulations, much like during the aptitude tests, in which they will encounter various fears—or scenarios symbolic of their fears—and are tested by how quickly they are able to calm down. Because Tris is Divergent, she is able to recognize that she is under a simulation while others do not, and she can even manipulate the system.

Tris is again warned never to allow anyone to know that she is Divergent, because those who are found to be Divergent end up being killed by faction leaders.

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At the end of the stage, Tris ranks first among the initiates. That evening, out of jealousy and resentment, Peter, Drew, and Al attack Tris and try to throw her into the chasm at Dauntless headquarters.