Us and dutch relationship

Who's Your Buddy? American-Dutch Relations throughout Times

us and dutch relationship

In the Middle East, the Dutch enjoy good relations with Israel and the Palestinians and would welcome a more active role; they quickly. For the past four-hundred years, Dutch-American relations have been built primarily upon the twin pillars of cultural affinity and shared values. Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations, written by a team of nearly one hundred Dutch and American scholars, is the first book to offer a comprehensive .

Candid before it was hip Economy Currently, the two countries are close partners in trade and policy. The US is the largest foreign investor in the Netherlands and the Netherlands is the 3rd largest foreign investor in the US. With the impending exit of Britain, the Netherlands is now perhaps the most transatlantic-leaning member of the EU. When the Dutch see an opportunity, they take it Surprise! We have differences too Sure, talking about American-Dutch relations, there have been some bones of contention along the way, most prominently the tolerant Dutch attitude towards soft drugs as opposed to the hard line taken by the US.

us and dutch relationship

More recently, the winds of political change in the US have induced further discord, with the Dutch for example remaining strong supporters of the pro-choice movement on the international stage while American policy shifts to a pro-life focus. No woman no abortion Where does this friendship go from here? After a stormy couple of months Trump appeared to have gained a semblance of maturity at the State of the Union address.

As the world comes to accept the departure of the US from the centre of global affairs, someone will have to take its place. If it is the EU, the Dutch will have a critical role to play. The Dutch continue to push for EU designation of Hizballah in its entirety and to strengthen the EU's "Clearinghouse" designation process. Given their record, we should continue to look to the Dutch to launch joint pilot programs in Europe, and, more generally, to push counterterrorism issues to the top of the European agenda more generally.

It is a top donor of unearmarked assistance to UN humanitarian programs. Inthe Netherlands introduced a more focused aid strategy, which phased out smaller aid programs in wealthier countries.

Dutch bilateral aid is now directed to 36 partner countries, including 18 in Africa. Balkenende recently expressed interest in using the Millennium Challenge Corporation as a model for promoting public-private partnerships world-wide. Dutch creativity and credibility in development makes them good potential partners for future joint initiatives with the U. We should also take advantage of their experience and insights to help shift global aid efforts in the direction of sustainable long-term development.

Claims Tribunal, the International Criminal Court ICC and other international legal institutions all located in The Hague, our ability to have an impact in the Netherlands on international issues ranging from Iraq to the Balkans is unique.

With a historical interest in international law dating back to Grotius, the Dutch view themselves as natural defenders of international legal norms and practices. This tradition made them the perfect hosts for a conference of Iraqi judges in The Hague inand has pushed them to the forefront of international efforts to train a new generation of Iraqi jurists.

While their legalistic approach can be frustrating, they are flexible. Their concerns about U. The Dutch also helped sway the EU to vote against the Cuban-sponsored resolution on Guantanamo at the Human Rights Commission last year despite concerns about the treatment of detainees. But, as Foreign Minister Bot told Deputy Secretary Zoellick recently, over the long run Dutch human rights concerns must be addressed to ensure that public and parliamentary support does not erode; we and the Dutch need to work together to resolve this concern.

What Do The Netherlands And The Us Have In Common?

Finally, the Dutch combination of seeking pragmatic solutions while remaining true to their legal principles could make the Dutch an important asset in resolving our differences with the EU over the ICC and article 98 agreements under the right circumstances. S Balkenende shares our interest in promoting an open international trading system and has been an ally in U. The Dutch share with the British a vision of a market-friendly Europe driven by free trade. They are the third largest investor in the U.

Their efforts to shift the Lisbon agenda in a more cooperative direction and to promote innovation and competition are creating additional opportunities for U.

us and dutch relationship

Because the Netherlands has one of the highest broadband penetrations in Europe, emerging research efforts in the areas of nanotechnology, life sciences, and other IT-related areas, and a new tax treaty, the country offers U.

If consulted early and regularly, the Netherlands can also be an important ally in navigating the EU's regulatory environment and removing obstacles.

S Narcotics and trafficking in persons remain areas of difficulty. Despite fundamental differences regarding "soft drugs" and legalized prostitution, the Balkenende government has worked to prevent these differences from defining our relationship.

The involvement of the Dutch in the American War of Independence - Memory of the Netherlands

There are also signs that Dutch attitudes may be shifting. The Dutch remain a major producer of synthetic drugs. The Dutch are addressing drug tourism -- a recent proposal to restrict the sale of marijuana to Dutch passport holders in Maastricht, for example, could cut down on cross-border smuggling and other drug-related crime.

We should support such initiatives actively. S We are fortunate to have in the Balkenende government an outward-looking partner for whom working with the U. Balkenende and FM Bot take pride in building bridges between the U.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the Dutch presidency of the EU. On two issues of great importance to the U. In both cases, Bot and Balkenende overcame initial skepticism and concluded that Dutch and U. Despite Balkenende's personal skepticism about bringing Turkey into the EU, he and Bot a former Ambassador to Turkey worked hard to ensure that Turkey got its date to start accession talks with the EU during the Dutch presidency, and want to see the agreement they helped negotiate successfully implemented.

We will want the Dutch to continue to draw on the relationships they developed during the presidency to coax both sides to move in the right direction as October 3 approaches. Even Dutch opposed to U. This mission has pursued an ambitious program of outreach to future Dutch leaders to ensure that these emotions are passed to the next generation. In this effort, the President's youth roundtable in Maastricht and former Secretary of State Powell's town hall meeting with young leaders in The Hague were notable successes, which can serve as models for future efforts.

Given the disproportionate influence wielded by the Dutch in international fora, we should expand our active exchange programs including the Fulbright and International Visitor Leadership Programs to help shape the successor generation.

us and dutch relationship

S Unfortunately, the outward-looking, transatlantic orientation of the Balkenende cabinet is offset domestically by strong strains of Euro-centralism and Dutch-provincialism. While Dutch women might like it when men do this, they do not expect it. Part of this has to do with the prevalent bike culture — have you tried biking in high heels and a mini skirt, through the rain?

us and dutch relationship

Are Dutch women the most beautiful in the world? Dutch model and actress Doutzen Kroes. Do you know the meaning of gezellig? Would you be offended by personal questions? Learning the basics of Dutch culture can do wonders for your love life — and your Dutch life in general. Misunderstandings can easily arise when dating someone new, especially if your different upbringing means that you often take very different things for granted.

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