Usagi and seiya relationship

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usagi and seiya relationship

Seiya x Usagi? The truth is .. everything. Since , Sailormoon fans world wide have been debating on whether or not Usagi should stay with her long. In the manga, Usagi/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo Queen Serenity is Seiya Kou (Stars arc, done by Seiya before Usagi could react. Your mileage may vary on whether Seiya/Usagi is a ship worth want them to handle the relationships between everyone with some nuance.

She is very alone and feels sad wondering why Mamoru does not write to her as he promised he would.

usagi and seiya relationship

She really cannot remember that he died right before her eyes. Seiya feels things for Usagi at first because Seiya was actually in love with Princess Kakyuu - she sings a song for Princess Kakyuu in both anime and manga in which she speaks of a love she has for this person - and this is before Seiya really falls for Usagi.

usagi and seiya relationship

The similarity between Usagi and Princess Kakyuu is the smell of olives which Usagi has gotten from an incense lamp in her room. Princess Kakyuu is from a planet of olives and always smells like that.

This smell of olives is what helped Seiya into viewing Usagi as the Princess Kakyuu she loved. This might be an unrequited love. Usagi never loves Seiya back in that way and is always loyal to her Mamochan.

So what's wrong with Seiya x Usagi?

She sees Seiya as only a friend, and nothing more. Besides Seiya's own realization, and the fact that Usagi would love and choose Mamoru always, there are other reasons why a matching between the Fighter and the Moon would not work out. For one thing, there's the matter of the long-distance relationship. Seiya lives very far away; if Usagi finds it hard to part with Mamoru when he goes to America, how would she feel when Seiya must return to Kinmoku Star?

And don't tell me that Seiya will stay on Earth because of her love. Seiya will never stay with Usagi.

Why Seiya is not the one for Usagi

They are both loyal, dutiful senshi; Usagi will remain with the Moon, and Seiya will go back to Kinmokusei and serve her princess. That's another point - Seiya already has a princess to protect and defend, and it's not Usagi. As a Kinmokusei senshi, Seiya must devote herself to protecting Kakyuu-hime, just as Mamoru and the senshi of our solar system devote their very lives to protect Usagi.

Mamoru, on the other hand, has no other calls on his loyalty. He has only one person he must protect: He has sacrificed his life for hers several times before, throughout the centuries; he will not hesitate to do so again.

You trying to make excuses! What would you and Michiru have done if Haruka and I haven't came in? On Earth once again with Usagi we see Seiya's relationship become more romantic with Usagi.

For me it starts around when the orecstar conductor asks Seiya "is she your girlfriend? On Usagi and Seiya even go on a date together, Seiya thinks Mamoru is desciving Usagi but Usagi says it's not true and Mamoru is always thinking about her.

Seiya and Usagi // Unrequited love

When Sailor Moon comes in, Fighter can see Usagi underneath her sailor suit but soon banishes the idea at the end of the episode. Seiya often uses the lovely cocky personality to flirt with Usagi. Inthere is a tiny glimpse of this while Usagi is showing Seiya around the school. Usagi says "This is the American Football team. In the same episode, when Seiya and Usagi are practicing way after school Seiya says, "Do you want to break up with me?

All of the inners do the same changing the relationship between them. I think by Seiya fell in love with Usagi. Now, Yaten and Taiki try to keep Seiya away from Usagi but fails.

usagi and seiya relationship

In at the three lights are at a radio show and Seiya spots Usagi in the crowd and plays her requested song. Someday, we can understand each other. Nynako comes in with a cats gun and almost shoots Usagi but Seiya blocks her But, in Seiya invites Usagi to see their live concert to explain how they got to Earth.

My Happy Ending - Seiya-Usagi

She shows her that their planet was destroyed by Galaxia which sent them to Earth. Seiya uses some kind of power to show Usagi what happened In the same episode Usagi gives up her star seed for a short time and Fighter even screams "NO! Seiya enrolls in the same high school as Usagi, and again, it may seem like she's trying to keep up appearances as a teenaged pop star. But as the series progresses, Seiya's disguise becomes less and less about finding Princess Kakyuu and killing Sailor Galaxia, and more about following Usagi.

Even when Seiya joins the local police troop in Usagi's neighborhood, everyone else seems charmed by Seiya's boyish looks.

Only Usagi takes issue with her spending time with Usagi's newest relative, Chibi Chibi. In fact, people are so comfortable with Seiya, that Usagi finds herself pushed into a "date" with her in episode Where Seiya keeps getting pushier Seiya only takes this as a challenge, a chance to literally throw herself onto Usagi that much harder.

usagi and seiya relationship

And what about the Inner Sailor Senshi?? They seem to think that Usagi having a celebrity stalker who can't take "no" for an answer is juuuust fine. Seiya even ends up inviting herself into Usagi's home in episode Not only does she help herself to Usagi's food, shower and to Chibi Chibi's towel, she finds secretive ways to further shove Mamoru OUT of the picture. While protecting Usagi from a town burglar seemed on the surface to be a noble idea, it actually gave Seiya all-to-easy access to Usagi's home, as Seiya thinks nothing of camping out on Usagi's lawn, while her parents, younger brother and Chibi Chibi are asleep.

You would think that would be all Seiya needed, just to see Kakyuu again.

But even after she is reunited with her princess