Vanille and fang relationship problems

Fang Gets Pregnant! Chapter 4: Vanille and Fang's breakup, a final fantasy xiii fanfic | FanFiction

The point of this thread is that if Fang was still a man, you all would automatically assume that Fang (male) and Vanille are in a relationship. Fang: Vanille have you ever thought about our relationship? Vanille: Well Fang, that's going to be an issue, that fact that we're both girls and. Obviously Fang & Vanille care quite a lot for each other, but I got a Look at my grandmothers thread for an interesting theory on relationships.

But then again, they were adopted siblings, and there was always a bit of an underlying romantic tension between the two. Actually, that's kind of a 'thing" in Japanese fiction.

Fang and it canon?

Siblings-that-aren't-siblings being very familiar with each other. Or sometimes played straight. The villan in Wild Arms 2 impregnates his sister with the root of all evil in some scheme to save the world, and she willingly submits to it during a very intimate scene between the two. So, yeah, Japanese families are closer in general, but it's not always played innocently in fiction. Combine this with the fact that Fang and Vanille aren't really related, and it just opens it up to more ambiguity.

Xethidas 8 years ago 75 I picture it like this: Everyone is talking about how awful and scary America is, and all I had left was my sister who happened to be with me.

Final Fantasy XIII - Vanille & Fang's Reunion

Every corner we turn we hear about how awful America is, and how much everyone around us hates it, and everyone from it. We're even more confused and scared. Then we make some friends finally, only to learn we essentially ruined their lives, and the lives of the people they love.

The only thing that might be awkward is lifting her skirt, but I'm not a female.


Also, isn't Japan a little more desensitized to nudity then the US? That's how I felt when I first met him They had to have sex the same night we got married?

But, they said it was an accident But Fang said that he got drunk- Serah: Don't say that name! Serah, don't blame this all on Fang It's not entirely her fault- Serah: But it's not fair! How do you think Fang feels? For god sake, she's not in any relationship, she makes a low income and she's pregnant! Serah, maybe Snow isn't right for you! I mean what this happened to you instead of Fang? What if you got pregnant and you can't go to Eden's University?

Then you'll be living in a homeless shelter living with Mr. Dumb Ass scavenging for food for your kids! Well, I mean she's a waitress and he's unemployed! How can they take care of the baby? Serah, it's nice of you to think about them, but it's their problem, not yours. Beside their adults, they should know what to do.

Are Fang & Vanille sisters?

Aw, c'mon now Serah! You can now only worry about your schoolwork! Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Lightning quickly checked through the peephole and saw Vanille looking pissed. No, no, calm down Serah. I feel the exact same way as you! What are you talking about Vanille?

Oerba Yun Fang

Fang and Vanille were at the Chocobo animal shelter, looking at baby chocobos Look at this baby chocobo over here! The baby chocobo gave out a small chirp and started to fly around.

Fang however, didn't respond and just stood there looking at the other chocobos. Fang, are you all right? Oh yeah, I'm fine Well you don't seem fine Don't worry Vanille I'm fine, ok?

Fang, don't lie to me! I know your faking it!