Veigar and lulu relationship test

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veigar and lulu relationship test

LOL LULU test Sketch by TorahimeMax on DeviantArt League Of Legends, Coloring, . Lulu and Veigar Zootopia, Nerdy, Lol Champions, Kawaii, Cute, Poppy. LoL forum thread "The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and. noticed the mutual interest on the internet to hook Lulu up with Veigar?. So, what do we know about Lulu and Veigar's relationship? Well, not much. We know that they are both yordle outcasts. That is, they used to be.

Maybe me and Trist can help like you helped us. Tristana nodded in agreement. He's cool to be around. He named his machine after me for pete's sake. One day when we were dating he was sweet and playful, next day he's in his violent war phase.

I doubt that would work. Only thing he likes is the lizard he rides, and half the time I think he hates that thing too. There was a long pause between the three before they all looked up in thought.

veigar and lulu relationship test

They shook their heads simultaneously. That's legitimately all the yordle guys we know outside Bandle. The gunner hummed for a second before her ears and eyes perked up, a smile stretching on her face. The two looked to her curiously for a second before the enunciation to her words hit them. You helped us score with our boyfriends, it's time we returned the favor!

Lulu smiled weakly in response. Poppy looked to the markswoman with a dry expression. Otherwise i'd be hard pressed seeing you two having relationships after knowing you for years.

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The two yordles looked to each other with guilty looks. Lulu hummed in thought, jumping down from the sofa with her mostly melted ice cream, it's contents unappetizing now. And not even in a cute or endearing way. Dorky shouldn't be an issue. That and she was somehow convinced to sleep with him on the first date.

Tristana threw a glare to the tank.

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On the first occasion that you two actually got together? Or what if he has something against smaller people? Both Poppy and Tristana looked to each other with knowing gazes, an affirmative nod shared almost immediately before wide smiles spread on their faces.

Or small for that matter? Lulu caught on to her implication instantly. It made me overcome my dilemma of being small when I wanted to get to know Xavier. And since it's your spell, you can do it whenever right? Lulu shook her head. Tristana snapped her fingers in annoyance while Poppy stomped her foot. I guess it wouldn't hurt just to see how it plays out I'll go get the batch then. The two looked to each other and placed their respective bowls to her coffee table before jumping off the seating as well.

Within seconds the support returned to the living room with a bubbling pink liquid in a small vial in hand. The two eyed the concoction with curiosity. The others have had very I don't know what works unless it's used. The support shrugged, understanding the truth of the matter that neither would really know what she was talking about and uncorked the vial.

Her breathing hitched and she forced herself to finish the concoction, the bitter and disgustingly sour taste and somewhat slimy texture making her recoil for a second.

veigar and lulu relationship test

The taste was by far not the worst thing she had, but she really wished it was purple. At least then it wouldn't be so weird to want to retch. If that is what pink tastes like, I am glad I have purple The deep sounding hum that came from within was followed by a series of ripping fabric, ending with a loud thud. The tank and gunner coughed up as they waved away the cloud, vaguely seeing through the thick mist to what became of their friend. It was then that they heard a completely unfamiliar groan escape from the center of the room.

The tank grabbed her buckler and used it's large size to fan away the smoke, revealing a long and smooth pair of legs, expanding to thick and voluptuous thighs and an hourglass waist. With one last wave, Lulu's upper body was reveal to the two yordles, leaving both with their jaws open. She peered down to her body, her vision obscured by the significantly larger pair of breasts that she had not expected to have. Her own eyes opened in shock as she quickly stood to her feet, stumbling slightly as the increased elevation from her normal height.

She looked over to her body mirror she got the previous time she increased her body size before presenting to Veigar.

She was awestruck as her entire body was something new altogether. Her small rounded face became smooth and alluring, her already lengthy purple hair fell to her legs, her height nearly tripled from the original size, and her arms and legs were long and smooth.

More significantly was the massive breasts that were on her chest and the sinful curve of her body that nearly flaunted her thick waist and posterior. The only person she could think of from looking in the mirror was the Bounty Hunter pirate Sarah Fortune. You look like a super model! Poppy picked up on her tone and elbowed her in the side. I won't know if I look good from my closest friends. You look really hot, but you're also naked.

And I doubt anyone would look away from a bombshell being nude. We'll be right back! Lulu looked back into the mirror and hummed, placing a hand to her hip as she surveyed herself further. Her curious expression turned amused as she raised her hands up to cup the engorged breasts she never had. As she waited, she continued to pose and gesture at the mirror, catching the many alluring and partially raunchy angles that she could in her mind's camera. Between a dominant and sturdy backwards stance with her legs spread out and her gaze over her shoulder, to a raunchy look with her forearms pressing her sizable breasts together while she was on her knees.

She was having so much fun with the many poses she made in her body mirror she hadn't noticed the time passing at all until she heard the door open and her friends walk back into the room. She threw the clothes to the couch pulling out a single shirt from the pile and showing it to the support.

She was a little flustered at first but she gave me some garbage bags for your garbage bags-" another hit upside the head from the tank. You know, I kind of like this look. She shook her head for a second before reaching into the pile on her couch and grabbing a red spaghetti strap cotton top with a frilled rim that cut into her cleavage generously. Kinda wondered how Miss Fortune did it too Both Tristana and Poppy was stunned by the outburst, concern filling their expressions immediately.

Like an explosion of feeling just hit me like a train The gunner widened her eyes before looking to the support's thighs in curiosity, smiling wickedly as she saw a small drop fall from between her crotch.

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Within seconds the support was leaning against the wall while Tristana was glaring up at her. The support mewled as the strike sent another wave of unfamiliar stimulation through her. She lost strength in her legs immediately and fell to her knees. The tugs and squeezing from the yordle gunner forced incoherent pleas and moans of unwarranted stimulation, Lulu having to cover her mouth with her hand to mute the cries she made. Poppy observed where she was pointing before blushing harshly at the sudden shift of the demeanor from the support.

What was just seconds ago a seemingly molested girl was now a woman panting and mewling with her hands tenderly rubbing her breasts and thighs. Even worse was the slowly growing stain of liquid below the support, blatantly indicating her increasing arousal. Tristana wanted to continue, but a deep growl and a dangerous glare from her tank friend made her concede. Ruin all my fun Her voice trailed off into an annoyed grumble as she walked away from the seated yordle.

I barely know him. Lulu quickly put the garment on to avoid the same reaction, thankful that there was no abysmally strong stimulation from it. There is like, seven other people that have summoned me consistently before. She moved back over to the couch and picked up a pair of tight fitting jeans, humming in curiosity at what it would look like with her shirt before tossing it away and opting for the black short skirt underneath it.

I think they call those one-trick ponies. The sorceress slipped them on with ease, before putting the black frilled skirt on as well. She picked up the red cardigan sitting besides Poppy, but tossed it back immediately. And evidently he's younger than we thought.

One of the girls that I asked told me that he was somewhat of a hunk at his age. And what I heard sounded more like rumors than anything. He did make a new years resolution to get stronger He maybe unaffiliated in factions but he was born in the Freljord You will find out more about him and ask him out if he is not dating anyone!

He wouldn't be attracted to me. Teemo is dangerously close to turning evil, or whatever the yordle term for that is. The only yordle he associates with much is Tristana, and even then he spends most of is time on solo assignments hunting people down with poison and devious traps. It's sadly only a matter of time before he loses it completely. Tristana is the close friend of Teemo and occasional acquaintance of Rumble. And being in the army, she would know of Corki, perhaps even working with him.

I feel it important to note that she is a key relationship for both Rumble and Teemo adn that both of them would suffer negatively without her presence. Veigar is already crazy and evil.

He doesn't really have any positive relationships. Ziggs works at the Yordle College in Piltover with Heimerdinger. It is unstated what his opinion is of Rumble, but I like to think they would get along. Fizz has a working relationship with Miss Fortune and Gangplank, and I assume he and Nami at least are aware of each other, but he's not well explored in the lore. Nunu is in good relationship with the other big shots in Frejlord like Ashe, Anivia, and Sejuani.

Basically, no one wants the yetis angry at them. Twitch doesn't really have any relations. He fights for Zaun, as they have promised to help him recreate the process that made him out of a normal rat. One could then assume that he and Dr. Mundo have worked together before.

But it isn't explicitly stated, and even if it were I'm not sure one could call that a healthy relationship Corki, Rumble, Teemo, Tristana, and Fizz mostly work for either their own interests or the diret interests of Yordles in general.

They don't actively seek to help othe people if there is not gain for them. Kennen's purpose is balance, in all things. If he is an alignment, he'd be neutral.