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Emotional Abuse Test

(If you think your spouse may be emotionally abusive, don't show this test to him. A common tactic of abusers is to take whatever you say and turn it back on you. Are you positive that you're being abused and just looking to back up yourself? Love and relationship quizzes -» Test yourself in questions of love . think i was mentally abused well on the other side your were mentally and. How your partner reacts during this time says a lot about. Online Test · Exam Software · Online Assessment · Teaching · Personality Signs Of A Controlling And Abusive Partner Take this quiz and find out! Does your partner use emotional blackmail to make you do things you don't really want to do?.

Jason would keep track of each and every activity that Ellen undertook during the entire day, even going as far as checking the call history on her cell phone and checking her mail inbox. There have also been times when Jason had made acrid remarks about Ellen spending more time with her friends and colleagues than with him.

Lately, Ellen has been experiencing some mild symptoms of depression such as loss of appetite and disturbed sleep for no apparent reason. Is she a victim of mild emotional abuse? Is her depression due to the mental and emotional stress she is undergoing because of Jason's behavior?

Emotional abuse is the trickster among all kinds of abuses, whether physical or psychological. It creeps into a relationship unbeknown to you and starts eating away at the mental vitality of the victim. It is like a termite whose invasion cannot be detected immediately. It is only when it has completely eaten away your peace of mind till the hollow emotional space is inundated with melancholic resonances of past bliss that you realize your loss.

This form of abuse in relationships is, unfortunately, not a very rare phenomenon. Before you embark upon taking the test, read the subsequent lines to understand the full implications of what emotional abuse is all about.

What Qualifies as Emotional Abuse? The signs and symptoms of such abuse can be as mild as those mentioned in the narration of Ellen and Jason's relationship equations and as intense as causing actual emotional and psychologically traumatic conditions such as anxiety, depression, delusions, paranoia, etc.

Signs may include any combination of the following behavior inflicted by the abuser upon the abused: Identifying the Evil Select one answer from among the three options given under each question till the very last one.

Thereafter, check your scores to find out whether the emotional stress you are going through is a temporary phase in your relationship or if it is emotional harassment you are dealing with. How is a fight resolved? We sit down and talk out our differences, trying to reason out a solution to the issue at hand.

How often are you criticized by your partner? As many times as I breathe in!? My parents have hit me on multipe occasions and scared my friends away, they have even killed my two bearded dragons and a bunny who i domesticated. Im scared of them, and they constantly yell at me for everything.

Are you being emotionally abused? Take the Emotional Abuse Quiz & Find Out!

Ive tried telling someone before and they called the cops, but it didnt work and it only got worse. They put so much pressure on me and yeall at me for hours if i do something slightly imperfect. I wish i was 18 already, i dont want to live with them, id rather be homeless. Liliana 48 days ago John doe, when you go to court, PLEASE tell the judge that your father was abusive and that you were defending yourself. If there is an argument that doesn't lead to that, he's still screaming.

He yells all the time at both me and my sisters, but he only ever hits me. I'm afraid of him, but I'm more afraid of what i might do to him. I don't have a phone, and the only reason i'm able to type this right now is because I told him i was writing a report.

I'm not allowed to talk to my friends on anything except the house landline, and only for 30 minutes at a time, once a day. My mom used to try to stop him from trying to hurt me, but recently she's been keepings quiet. Last night was the worst it's ever gotten.

My mother was talking to me about keepings my room clean, but it was midnight and i wanted to go to sleep.

Am I Being Abused?

I asked her to leave me alone, and then went into their room to get my antidepressants. He started yelling at me because they had found one of the landlines in my room. I had taken it because my girlfriend, kara, has been going through some hard times and was cutting. I had tried to explain this to him before, but he had insisted that I didn't need to do that for her, and that she could take care of herself.

Anyway, I was trying not to get in a fight with him.

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I told him to let me leave but he refused. I started yelling and then he grabbed me and threw me to the ground. We started wrestling on the ground and he started choking me. I grabbed a piece of wood that was on the ground and i hit him with it, and he let me go. I waited on our front steps for them to arrive.

I'm already on probation, so most likely I'm going to go to jail once the report reaches the judge, but i expected to be taken in right then.

It was difficult because my lip was swollen and i was crying, so i don't think they believed me. I didn't because i had promised kara i wouldn't go to jail. This is not the first time my dad and i have had a fight like this. I'm only writing this because kara told me to. I'm scared and i don't know what to do. I don't even know if what he does counts enough in a courtroom. He's making my life miserable. Emilie days ago I'm not gonna go too into it but my mom does drugs and drinks alcohol and we get in fights often.

Even if it is about little stuff.

Emotional Abuse Test

She always blames me, even if I'm not there and it's stupid. I'm only 13 and this has been happening since June when school ended.

My birthday is in late July so technically It has been happening since I was My mom threatens me with killing herself or other people, she yells at me for no reason, she hits me if I annoy her too much to wake her up etc.