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It will probably be in and out of the theaters like a tornado and is in no danger of becoming a classic anything.

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Herzfeld treats us to gratingly abysmal dialog that includes "Your geyser's a geezer," and "I'd like to put a Deedle in her haystack. As they ride a parasail high above the waters of Waikiki, a truant officer pursues them on his jet ski. As heirs to the fabulous fortune of the Deedle empire, the boys are sent by their father to Camp Broken Spirit at Yellowstone to transform the two laid-back beach bums into men.

As they arrive in their wetsuits in Yellowstone, they've got their surfboards, skateboards, and a Hawaiian drink machine the size of an armoire. Their camp has gone out of business, but they are mistaken for new Park Rangers.

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The rest of the movie has them fighting the park's overpopulation of prairie dogs as well as a deranged ex-ranger, played by Dennis Hopper, who is out to stop Old Faithful before its billionth birthday celebration, scheduled for later in the week. The only actor in the movie with any demonstrable talent is a cute little prairie dog named Petey.

Even the cinematography by David Hennings is so prosaic that it manages to make Yellowstone look dull. To add insult to injury, Hennings is fond of inappropriate close-ups, which only serve to remind us of the inanity of the dialog. Put a ten-foot pair of lips on the screen, and you naturally pay extra attention to what is said.

Although Boyum says in the notes that he is proud that his film is appropriate for families, one wonders how many skateboarders will attempt the movie's stunt of lying on your back on a skateboard while negotiating a busy and twisting mountain road.

buy meet the deedles on dvd

They make it look like so much fun that I'm sure many will try some variation of the stunt. Meet the Deedles Director: Five minutes in to it, however, I was hit by a serious wave of cinematic nostalgia.

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Call it a pre-teen guilty pleasure, but I remember loving this exceedingly quotable and equally stupid Disney flick back in It's "so diculous it's re-diculous. It follows the grand tradition of 90s live-action Disney movies that scream, "What were they thinking?

buy meet the deedles on dvd

And as Paul Walker's first major on-screen role, it starts off his career as the exact sort of pretty boy-surfer "dude" role he was known for.

Phil and Stew Deedle are twin brothers and lovable idiots who have a penchant for skipping school in favor of catching some righteous waves in their native Hawaii.

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As the film opens, they're awoken by a group of hot girls in bikinis who kidnap the siblings and take them parasailing instead of going to class. I'm guessing this event parallels Paul Walker's real life as well.

Then, in something straight out of an 80s teen flick, they're chased on jet ski by a truancy officer who has a personal vendetta against them "I'll get you Deedles!

buy meet the deedles on dvd

The brothers yell, "No escape, no surrender! Understandably, they're expelled from school and their rich tycoon father threatens to cut them off from their privileged slacker lifestyle unless they attend Camp Broken Spirit on the [gulp] mainland.

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The Deedles set off for Wyoming with their weird robot beverage cart? Through a series of wacky mishaps involving circus animals, motorized skateboards, Mr.

buy meet the deedles on dvd

Friendly from "Lost" and the decision to wear women's underwear, the bros end up as ranger trainees at Yellowstone National Park. And they're not mistaken for just any new recruits, but two wildlife experts hired to fix the park's prairie dog infestation in time for Old Faithful's billionth birthday party. They only called him Smokey the Bear because of all the reefer. The Deedles bumble their way through ranger training, using their surf bum idiot savant skills to somehow overcome every obstacle in their way.

buy meet the deedles on dvd

They gain the trust and respect of their fellow park managers by building fart bombs dubbed "Operation Gastro Castro" and rubbing Icy-Hot cream on rodents.