Celebrity meet and greet tips to save money

10 Cheap & Frugal Celebrities - Lessons You Can Learn About Money

celebrity meet and greet tips to save money

Want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Lesson Learned: Find frugal ways to update your space. However, so you're not tempted to spend your savings, take a Leno-like approach: Put your savings in a hard-to-access account , such as a savings . Top 10 Places to Buy Cheap Discount Sports Tickets Online. You might get information on a Beyoncé concert if your friends know you love pop music. Buy tickets to the celebrity's concert, play, or appearance event. You've been carrying on a one-sided romance with celebrities for years, watching will get $15, a pop for a two-hour meet-and-greet,” says Esterman. People like learning about things in experiential ways. . 7 deadly money mistakes · Save this wedding season · Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules.

Even small coupons add up to big savings over time. Jay Leno While he might be known for splurging on classic cars, Jay Leno is actually pretty frugal for his tax bracket. Be smart about the amount of your income that you save. In fact, instead of a fancy sports car, Kartheiser prefers to take public transportation — and lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood.

It has been reported that he also often donates goods to charity as a way to recycle. By reducing your travel footprint by taking public transportation or swapping your car for a bike, you save money and reduce some of the inconveniences of car ownership, such as auto insurance, parking, and maintenance.

In fact, hosting a clothing swap party can be a great way to outfit your children for a new season while getting rid of some of their outgrown stuff. His main pursuit is charitable giving, as he supports a number of environmentalist causes.

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The less money you spend on wants, the more money you have to support important causes. Zooey Deschanel During her divorce from Ben Gibbard, Zooey Deschanel was required to disclose her monthly expenditures in public court documents, and her monthly budget breakdown was downright shocking — for Hollywood, anyway.

Having a credit card in your wallet for emergencies and purchases you know you can pay off in a month is great. But using cards to buy things out of your budget means you could get caught in an endless cycle of purchases, interest, and debt.

How to Make the Absolute Most Out of Your Celebrity Meet & Greet Experience

Take a cue from Zooey: It all boils down to the details to pull off a successful celebrity appearance at your next annual meeting, sales meeting, grand opening, conference or other corporate event.

Careful preparation will go a long way towards making both client and celebrity happy, not to mention boost your own career.

celebrity meet and greet tips to save money

Keep in mind that this is also a job for the artist or athlete, that every little thing can and will be under public scrutiny, and that you only get one shot to do it right. What happens in the background will determine how well that photo op or autograph session will go. Follow this general guideline when planning your next celebrity meet and greet.

Although this is not a comprehensive list, it does provide a good starting point for organizing the grand affair.

celebrity meet and greet tips to save money

BEFORE Negotiating contract details is when you can secure rights to public relations and marketing materials and where you can squeeze out the most future value from the celebrity appearance.

Celebrity riders place high demands on green room requirements. Appearance Fee Obviously, this is a big one. Think designer clothes, hair and makeup artist, limo transportation, security detail and the like. Time is money for celebrities too, so be sure the rate comes with a clause for a refund or ability to reschedule should your star guest be a no-show.

Security Detail A big-name celebrity comes with bodyguards in tow.

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Typically, the event organizer pays for the protection provided by security personnel. Discuss a flat rate to be included with the appearance fee. A contract that asks for a base security fee plus expenses can quickly add up and eat away any profits you made. Green Room Accommodations need to be arranged for an easily accessible, private green room or dressing room where the celeb can get ready, change clothes or rest before, in between and after the appearance.

Celebrities will typically include a rider for food and drink requirements in the contract that can be easily stocked by the hotel or event venue if arranged beforehand.

Branding Opportunities One thing not to forget in all this planning is your marketing goals. Paid celebrity appearances are intended to bring star power and big bucks to your trade show or convention. Letting attendees and fans know what to expect is the ultimate marketing for the celebrity appearance and also helps guide the flow of the event. Printing rack cards as information cards or booklets as event programs detailing meet and greet hours and location will drum up excitement.

Access For limited engagements, bookmarks can be customized as event tickets or VIP passes for better crowd control and to raise the exclusivity of the meet and greet. These can be included in the event registration packet or picked up on-site if in-person verification is needed.

The coveted event sometimes happens in a quick 30 minutes, so it should be flawless. Set the stage with any outside vendors; banners or step-and-repeat backdrop if needed; and all the necessary print products so that red carpet moment is nothing but flashing lights.

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Attendees want to see and hear anything and everything the celeb has to say, especially if it involves a product endorsement.