Dwarf family meet the fooses

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dwarf family meet the fooses

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If you disregard their physical size, you will instantly see that they are just like everyone else. Just as many couples are challenged by health concerns when starting a family, Joe and Ginny knew they were up against some significant odds. For several terrifying days in the hospital, Ginny and Joe feared this was the case for their first son, Alex. Now, at age 13, Alex has made it through several surgeries to repair his respiratory system and is very much a typical 13 yr old boy.

Their daughter Dasha, who they adopted from Russia, gave Joe and Ginny some additional concerns. Learning disabled and mildly autistic, Dasha, age 14, made this already complicated family considerably more complicated.

Completing the Foos family unit is Ben, age 7, who, to the great relief of his parents, was born without health concerns.

dwarf family meet the fooses

Both Alex and Dasha attend the same Middle School where Ginny often teaches, but Dasha sees a special education teacher who has a detailed plan for developing her language and social skills. The children have average sized friends, participate in average sized activities, and are quite comfortable finding their place in an average sized world.

dwarf family meet the fooses

Extremely active in the San Francisco Little People community, both Joe and Ginny do all they can to educate anyone and everyone on what it means to be a Little Person.

This mutation only happens once per every 40, live births.

dwarf family meet the fooses

For their children, achondroplasia was expected. After mutation, the gene that causes achondroplasia becomes the dominant gene. So the odds were their children would inherit the condition. Their sons, Alex and Ben, each inherited a single dominant gene from their parents, and both are short of stature.

Interestingly, Joe and Ginny had a 25 percent chance of giving birth to an average-sized child and an equal chance of giving a child a double dose of achondroplasia. Children who inherit two dominant genes for achondroplasia the double dose do not survive. It is well known that people with their condition have the same life expectancy as an average-sized individual. Breathing problems, multiple ear infections leading to hearing loss, curvature of the spine and bowed legs are common among people who are short of stature.

Obesity is another problem for dwarves.

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Their small size means they can process fewer calories than the average person. In adults with achondroplasia, spinal stenosis is common.

dwarf family meet the fooses

This is a condition in which the width of the spinal column is too narrow for the spinal cord. For some people, it is a manageable condition. For others, it is corrected with surgery. They have answered these questions about their condition more times than they can count. But while people are inquisitive, the curious often forget to ask about the very rich lives these dwarves lead.

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Growing up outside of Boston to average-sized parents, Ginny was known by everyone in town. Her parents first noticed her condition when she was months-old, but it took renowned pediatrician Dr. Berry Brazelton to diagnosis it. After the shock wore off, her parents became active in Little People of America. Ginny grew up very aware of her condition and in touch with other dwarves.

At 40, she is just another mini van-driving suburban mom, who happens to be under four feet tall. Joe, an only child, was born in the U. He grew accustomed to people noticing him and learned to use it to his advantage.

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When he came back to the U. In one afternoon, he found a support group and a girlfriend. After they married inJoe and Ginny wanted to start a family. They knew the genetic risks involved and decided to take the gamble.

Dwarf Family: Meet the Fooses

Alex, their first-born, received only one dominant gene, but during his toddlerhood, he displayed signs of dwarfism. He had problems breathing, numerous ear infections and a severely curved spine. Despite spending most of his first three years of life in the hospital, Alex overcame his health problems and is now a healthy year-old.

He attends Harvest Park Middle School. After their experience with Alex, the Fooses decided to adopt their next child. Through Little People of America, they saw a picture of Dasha, who was waiting for a forever family in an orphanage in Russia. It was love at first sight.

Joe and Ginny knew she was perfect for their family. Dasha, now 14 and attending Foothill High School, was adopted at 4. Dash would ultimately be diagnosed with mild autism. We wanted a daughter. After two kids with special needs, the Fooses thought their family was complete. Then inthe gene that causes achondroplasia was discovered; giving Ginny and Joe new hope that they could again add to their biological family.

When Ben Foos, now 8, was born, amniocentesis confirmed he was a dwarf, but with only one dominant gene. Like Dasha, Ben has none of the health problems that plagued brother Alex.

dwarf family meet the fooses

Today, like any family, the juggle school, work and other activities. Their day, though, has added hurdles: The world is designed for people much taller than they are.