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WCA interviews a combination of known and unknown audio pros from the worlds music, film & TV and video games.– Lyt til Working Class Audio øjeblikkeligt. The Florida Keys Quilters meet on the first Saturday of each month at the Key Largo Library .. since a majority of the club agreed with Derfler's progressive comments that “no student .. “Born ____,” movie .. at Particle Board Prices KitchenKorner/Fred's Beds O/S Hwy, MM • about the great success of novel and film is that the triumph of death may be what Lgency for Israel who recently attended a special meeting the board of Fred Cooley of Asheville, N.C.. Kauffmaii . DERFLER, Pnulim S.W.

Hyatt, chief of chaplains, U. But former Nazi police commissioner Friedrich Niehoff, 67, was acquitted of the charge of murdering a child in Mogilev, Russia, in October, And in Hamburg, former Nazi police commissioner Walter Becker, 74, was found' not guilly of murdering six persoas in Staraehoiep.

Former SS officer Friedrich Bosshammer, The mail campaign, organized by B'nai B'rith. The Embassy refused to accept the packages which had piled up in the basement of the main post office here. T'am- sters Local of North Brunswick N.

Hotels were booked to capacity by local and foreign tourists, and traffic jammed the roads although buses and train equipment were in operation. Rogers at the State Department last week. One topic of discussion was the king's plan for a federation of the Israeli occupied West Bank and Jordan, but White House spokesman Ronald Zeiglcr told newsmen after the meetings, "We are not commenting on the substance of the plan at all.

Fattal said he would meet with "any Jewish person" other than an Israeli. Martin Salowitz, North American representa- tive of the World Union of Jewish Students, said a new meeting, without an Israeli in the delegation would be asked for. Thursday, April 9, Municipal bonds -- part 2. Richard Russell on the confusing stockmarket. Today is the first day of Passover. Wednesday, April 8, Municipal bonds -- part 1.

Goldman Sachs' muni bond credit risk spectrum and federal aid to state and local governments in times of economic stress. Improve your tennis with video clips from USTA. Mellon Bank people destroyed my tax return. Headlines from the year Tuesday, April 7, The big casualties of this awful economy -- diversification and alternative assets, money managers and confidence that things will work out in the end.

Consistency is not one of my strengths. Meredith Whitney and others don't like banks??? Yust a Nice Lurefisk Yoke! Monday, April 6, When will this rally end? When I returned home. Gloom and doom statistics. Three wonderful New Yorker cartoons. Friday, April 3, A faint sound of applause. Some signs suggest that the recession is lifting, U. Office Vacancies Hit The most tasteless, but wonderful video. Rid your PC of the Conficker virus. Thursday, April 2, Things are stabilizing.

Rising unemployment may good. Life goes on with the hummingbirds. How real estate works. Reminders from out of the blues. Netbooks get really cheap. Hold off on installing Internet Explorer 8. GM pins its survival on the Chevy Volt. April Fool's from the Economist. The Sony Ericsson Open Tennis. Wednesday, April 1, I'm in two real funds. I've lost everything, so far. The "mark to market" rule will affect many institutions. But it may help me. Are our banks really insolvent? OECD forecast shows the world economy is worsening.

My friend Joe still likes the stockmarket, sort of. But Richard Russell gets more bearish. How things are going at the La Quinta Baking Company. The Retirement Center -- Part 1 and 2. Tuesday, March 31, "Buy and Hold" works for ten years? If I have control, I make money. If I don't, I'm gambling. How would you fix the economy? America's most expensive house is for sale.

This little amusing spider. Two gay guys are walking through a zoo. New rules on income tax. Monday, March 30, Hummingbirds and life goes on. Will Obama's "Save The Banks" plan work? Hussman Funds Weekly commentary.

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The Civil Heretic on global warming. Sarah Palin is a hoot. Son Michael visited us for a couple of days. How bad is the economy -- jokes. Friday, March 27, It's time to start nibbling at equities. Thursday, March 26, Smell the roses. Krugman is not happy.

Buy rental properties now? My YouTube's sound doesn't work. Wednesday, March 25, Rolling Stone on how Joseph Cassano singlehandledly brought down the entire world's financial system. Why Europe resists it. Wonderful things lawyers say in court. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution" from Rolling Stone. Monday, March 23, The hummingbird.

Bus tours of AIG homes. Where AIG's money went. So buy muni bonds. Don't bother with Internet Explorer 8. Fat people at the tennis. NPR weekend radio broadcast. Friday, March 20, The tradeable rally. How unlimited interest rates destroyed the economy. More insanity in Afghanistan. IBM to buy Sun Microsystems? They're revived West Side Story. Charming stories from the deep south. Thursday, March 19, No column.

Wednesday, March 18, The more things change, the more they stay the same. Why people own gold. The private business is doing OK? Monday, March 16, No column. Friday, March 13, Nice bounce in recent days. New industries in the roaring s. Being a spec building in La Quinta, California. Peeing into your golf club. Entrepreneurship at its best. Two gorgeous ripe grapefruits. Thursday, March 12, Wall Street makes fees.

The formula that killed Wall Street. Can Citigroup continue to lift the stockmarket? The financial crisis explained in simple terms. Parts 1 and 2. Wednesday, March 11, One day's point 5. Gold as an investment? What will affect the stockmarket going forward? Don't personally guarantee a loan.

Buy Venezuelan sovereign bonds. Daylight savings times messes up Windows computers. A great hiking trip from Mont Blanc to Nice. Michael has a birthday. Tuesday, March 10, The bailout. Rules on tax benefits for education. Buffett is not positive. Misguided government policies, according to Jim Rogers. My old commodities fund not doing well in There are too many shops. A truly inspirational story. Monday, March 9, The big questions of the day.

The Hayman Capital Master and the page white paper of J. Bits and piece of depressing statistics. Lessons from a U. Airways survivor who went down in the Hudson River. Friday, March 6, People are still stuck in stocks because their advisors take fees.

Plunging stockmarkets, then and now. Dow Real Price since Four Bad Bear Markets. Why nobody uses DSL broadband Internet service: It's just too slow.

All Circuit City's stores will close by Sunday. Paradise in Coachella Valley, CA. Wonderful headlines that are not mistakes.

Thursday, March 5, The stockmarket goes up during a bear market, like the one we're in. GM is going broke, really. Total lack of trust in Wall Street; front running. The gotcha in short sales. Buying a company you know nothing about -- Brioni and Riva. The most comfortable saddle ever. The best gentile jokes. Wednesday, March 4, Depressing headlines: Jobs, odds of a depression, etc.

Whatever happened in Iceland? Everything is on sale. Woes in real estate. The latest scam in California: Our-retailed, overproduced, over everything. Scenes of California shopping. The guaranteed small fortune.

Tuesday, March 3, Getting more serious by the day. An owner reports how his downtown office buildings have lost his investors all their money. Respected newsletters getting gloomy. There's too much of everything, including too many golf courses. The car industry is crazy. The new mile high club -- gogo WiFi in the sky.

Monday, March 2, Training bad executives to be bad. Safe havens for your money. Berkshire Hathaway's Letter to shareholders. Stay liquid from the New Yorker.

Bits and Pieces of high finance. Moving to the west for March. Friday, February 27, The Itch Factor. Three signs of the times. How to gauge the recession -- Craigslist. Sleep on your money. How twins are made. The best lines from Hollywood Squares. Thursday, February 26, Depressing news from GM, et al. Dambisa Moyo on giving aid to Africa.

The last safe bet -- U. How goes real estate in the erstwhile hot Hamptons. Seniors save on their real estate taxes. Growth in energy businesses. Leave home withour your AMEX. I dislike Forbes magazine. Don't lend your friends money. Wednesday, February 25, All bear markets are characterized by strong rallies.

But -- and I reiterate my many-stated position -- things are gong to get much worse before they get better. Obama's talk to Congress. Harvard is a dumb investor. GM as a lesson in mixing capitalism and politics. Pick up and move on; The story of the 92year old.

Monday, February 23, Trust. The loss of trust in auction rate securities. Happy birthday Claire and Ted.

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Which country's stockmarket did worst? Housing prices to fall further. Friday, February 20, The stockmarket closed yesterday below its November low.

My charting friends tell me this is a seriously bad thing. Gloom and doom revisited. Watch for these latest scams. Thursday, February 19, Two thoughts: Things are pretty bad. But they're also pretty good. Which to focus on? My favorite Madoff story. Wednesday, February 18, The gold rush.

I visit business school: GM and Chrysler beg for money. Owing the bank money. Tuesday, February 17, Best time to start your own business; reasons why.

Four reasons now is the right time to start a local bank. HeartWare is being bought. Why China buys U. Monday, February 16, President's Day. Michael comes to visit.

What it's in for you. How the crash will reshape America. Upgrading to a new, faster laptop. Darling bargains in Lenovo's Outlet Store. Bank CDs are paying less and less. Merrill Lynch paid out handsome bonuses. Kids Night On Broadway. A deliciously simple bailout plan. Ruth Madoff to swing? It's not because I schlump; it's my tennis racquet strings. Don't use Luxilon tennis strings. Wonderful words from Lincoln and Darwin.

How Barclays Bank might handle today's tough times. Even English royalty has fallen on hard times. Wednesday, February 11, Tim Geithner big on rhetoric, low on specifics. Where will your stimulus monies be spent? How long will the recession last? Nouriel Roubini takes a guess.

The best investment is at your local post office. Rupert Murdoch thinks I'm an idiot. Skype video, cell phone for hard of hearing, handsome notebook sleeve, Garmin nuvicables to show your photos and movies on the big screen. It's all posture -- Harry's busted right arm. Best in Westminster Dog show. All about sell-side analysts. Tuesday, February 10, The most efficient way to waste your time. Predictions for the present economic mess. Why your bank is broke.

Which corporate costs to cut. The new tight economy. Friday, February 6, The banks. How Madoff was attentive to his customers. The Autumn Years Dating Agency. Harry Markopolos before Congress. Name your dog fluffy. Wednesday, February 4, How bad are "professional" money managers?

What happened in the s? Dog bite insurance claims explode. Jersey Boy is great. Tuesday, February 3, Real estate bargains appear. How bad or good was Florida's real estate boom? Time to watch all the Super Bowl ads?

Most useful travel gadget. Even better things about the Canon G New York City "humor. Will the stimulus package work? Gold makes huge sense. The saga of the overweight Irishman.

Friday, January 30, The problems of alternative investments. Don't be suckered into being long in the stockmarket. Some industries are booming. Recession in the private equity business. Australian Open Tennis ends this weekend. Thursday, January 29, Valium and Viagra as methods of boosting the economy. The Federal Stimulus program.

What "sophisticated" investors are doing. Hefty bonuses for Wall Street. Serena Williams on motivation. Wednesday, January 28, Oh, Lord give me just one more boom.

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Tuesday, January 27, Six errors on the path to financial crisis. How Swiss banks make their money. Madoff enablers winked at suspected front-running. How to live longer -- more sleep, less food, and more red wine. My son's latest discovery -- the window sealing kit.

Monday, January 26, Surviving without borrowing; or borrowing very expensively. Seeking places to put cash safely. Service, service and more service. We are directly responsible for the mess in Swat, Pakistan. Friday, January 23, Blackstone. Fortress Investment and Apollo Management. What lousy returns for the investors. Why Citibank and the Bank of America make me sick. Puns for my dental hygienist. Thursday, January 22, What do we do with cash? Watch out for your credit card; there are huge new charges.

How to automate my Inviolate Stop Loss Rule. Late night comedians on the Inauguration. Wednesday, January 21, The hurried conference calls and what permeates them. Tuesday, January 20, Inauguration Day. Bargains at Circuit City? Secrets of Life -- Part 1 and Part 2.

Monday, January 19, Buffet says U. Friday, January 16, Investing lessons from the meltdown. Jim Kingsdale's investment strategy.

Inside a Swiss bank, Madoff warnings. The New York Times and borrowing money. The best way to avoid a cold. A happy day at Wal-Mart. Thursday, January 15, Make your Bucket List. More horrible news for the stockmarket. Bank bonds are the new safe investment. In search of the perfect investment, again. The retired teacher and the croissant. Famous quotes for Wednesday, January 14, Walking Winnie. Madoff to get off? Alternative investments suck for individuals.

Yale's portfolio loses money. Neat, cheap little laptop. Golda Meir, 40 years ago. The sermons at the synagogues. That's the headline on Goldman Sachs "Forecast Imploding economy continues imploding. The global momentum has hit Japan. Monday, January 12, Fees -- the big motivating force on Wall Street. Why Wall Street sold auction rate securities. Companies who make up the Dow OZOcar is a new limo service. More bad Wall Street humor. Friday, January 9, Value of my muni bonds rises.

Why banks still won't lend.

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Michael Lewis' book Panic. Latest thoughts on backing up.