Is wife swapping the next big relationship trend you beauty

Considering that the great majority of women look at swinging as an It doesn't matter if you have a slim, fit body, or if you qualify as big, beautiful tends to expose most of the negative dynamics that undermine the relationship. A Paradigm Shift: Swinging and the new consensual non-monogamous morality of Couples. There are many different reasons why people indulge in wife swapping. 1. If not, this type of lifestyle can destroy relationships and ruin marriages. Wife swapping,' a trend which is catching up these days in India, is at a rise because it lets you A lot of couples are looking out for ways through which they can meet new. When you are involved in the relationship it can feel as though an arising issue is exclusive to you and your partner, however, in actual fact.

Parties are held in hotel suites, suburban houses, manor houses, isolated farmhouses, loft apartments or on boats. For single men, it's almost impossible to get an invite to a swinger's party without a female companion.

Everything you ever wanted to know about swinging but were afraid to ask...

Single women are always welcome, as are couples. Many of the women who attend parties will either be bisexual or bi-curious, but straight couples, bisexual couples and couples that are a mixture of straight and bi are among the norm.

We ran out of the place and said to each other afterwards, 'Did that really just happen? They're also very secretive -- you won't find any information about them online; it's about knowing and talking to the right people.

For us, it's not about desperation," he explains. And then there are the drawbacks of the scene generally. If we see that going on, we don't play -- that's not a good scene in our view. Twentysomethings also represent a growing presence at swinging parties. Getting into swinging in Ireland takes time, he says. Then we started going to meet- and-greets and getting to know people. The next time you're out, Ian reckons you might even be able to spot a swinging couple.

Ian calls swinging a "social set with benefits". Everyone has a few drinks and after dinner, the clothes come off and it turns into a full-blown orgy.

So how did his interest in swinging come about?

is wife swapping the next big relationship trend you beauty

I don't mean to sound trite, but I don't believe one person can own another person. Those aristocratic, toffee-nosed types are very sexually liberal. That's probably where my interest in swinging first began.

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We did introduce a swinging couple to our friends once and it was awful. My male friends were all over the woman who was into swinging and the wives were seriously unimpressed," he says. For most people, the idea of having sex with someone other than your partner while he or she is doing the same thing in the same room or in a room nearby is a step too far.

For many women, swingers' parties conjure up the idea of having to have sex with someone you don't fancy -- ie, the bald fat man in the corner.

Everything you ever wanted to know about swinging but were afraid to ask -

Then there are all the status anxieties: Is it safe -- will I have to have full-blown sex with someone if I don't really fancy it? Do I trust my partner not to leave me for someone he or she has sex with at a party, can I really be sure that I won't get jealous of my partner playing with someone else? Swinging couples turn the issue of trust in relationships on its head. We don't contact people we've had sex with separately, we don't go to parties separately.

We do it together as a couple and, as such, there's a lot of trust involved. It's great fun," he says. Interestingly, both Ian and his girlfriend Maria agree that swinging is driven in part by its female participants. If a woman doesn't really want to swing, you're in for a pretty horrible experience.

Going to a swingers' party alone as a woman is risky because you don't know what's going to happen at the end of the night -- you're opening yourself to new and sometimes weird experiences and you want to know there's someone watching your back.

So what are the rules? Don't be offended if someone doesn't want to have sex with you at a party -- move on. You do learn to chill out about taking your clothes off as time goes by. I'll sometimes go to a party and not fancy anyone, so I either don't have sex with anyone or just play a little with someone to take part and make it nice for everyone else -- it's not the worst thing in the world," she says.

8 Things you need to know about wife swapping in India

I'm bisexual, but some women who swing are straight or bi-curious, so they'll kiss other women but nothing more. If you're new to swinging, Maria has words of reassurance.

It's a chance to try things that you might not otherwise; you feel dirty and sexy at the same time. So I'm not standing there while Ian disappears off into another room with another woman. Although we're playing in the same room, I can't hear the conversation between Ian and other women, I have to trust him," says Maria. I was chatting to a girl, I turned around and Ian was kissing a woman," she continues. We know one couple that have gone off the scene because they're getting more serious in their relationship and want to have children.

Why should having children stop you swinging? On some websites there are forums dedicated to dogging, a sexual hobby that many swingers are curious about at one stage or another. Dogging involves the art of having sex in your car or outdoors while other people watch you or join in. Our wives are also very friendly and love spending time together. My wife friend and I were in college together and we also lived-in with one more friend. But recently I have realized that my friend is growing fond of my wife.

I can also say that on a few occasions, my friend has also dropped hints for wife swapping. I could be overthinking or joining too many dots but what if he brings this up? How do I react? It can get awkward to sense a long-term friend developing interest in your wife. Spouses usually can sense the growing interest in their partners, especially from a close friend. If you have sensed that your friend has dropped hints on a few occasions, trust your instinct, it is probably true.

You should first reflect on what you personally feel about it, how do you view the swapping suggestion, and then decide your reaction based on that. Opening your marriage up for swapping will require both you and wife to be open and comfortable with the practice. Thus once you know your own feelings, you may want to discuss it with your wife too.

Couples who open themselves up to swapping usually have open conversations and ground rules decided amongst themselves before they reach out to potential couples.

is wife swapping the next big relationship trend you beauty

As they fall into a daily rut, some feel a need for flirtatious excitement and newness, a need to have a variety of sexual experiences and sexual partners, a desire to have more sex than the partner gives, and sometimes the excitement is derived from engaging in a deviant sexual behaviour — the secrecy and prohibition which makes it more alluring.

It can also come from a need to boost ego and need to do away with restriction of marital exclusivity. But usually this interest leads to suggestions for extra marital affairs.

With swapping, he would have to be willing to be comfortable with you engaging with his wife too, and his wife will have to be comfortable with not only you, but also him engaging with your wife.