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meet the announcer tf2 sniper

For the taunt item, see Meet the Medic (taunt). .. , featured a page depicting the Administrator at her control panel, showing a number of. However, TFC Heavy has figured out that it's the Australium that she was supposed to meet the Administrator, and proceeds to unchain Spy. This is a table of all voice actors in Team Fortress 2. Nathan Vetterlein · The Scout · Soldierva. (Wikipedia), The Announcer.

She then knocks the drill gun out of the TFC Pyro's hand and jams an incendiary grenade into her suit, also putting her mask back on before the grenade detonates, reducing Beatrice to ashes.

As she is thanked by the Soldier, she shows that she actually cut her left hand off to free herself, which the Soldier praises her for.

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Zhanna thanks the Soldier for this and they start to leave the room, but Gray interrupts them and begs of them to take him to Miss Pauling. Demoman is then shown chained up, revealed to be speaking to a few of his own body organs in a hallucination. As his liver leaves him, Demoman commands his heart to replace it, and his lungs to prevent his liver from coming back, since it isn't welcome anymore.

As Demo hallucinates, PyroMiss Pauling and Spy are shown chained up with him as well in a cell; Spy offhandedly explains that Demo is suffering an adverse reaction to the food he was given, since his body become accustomed to a heavily alcoholic lifestyle. Miss Pauling laments over how she failed her mission and got the team captured; worse still, Spy has run out of miniature gadgets in his teeth to attempt an escape.

Spy attempts to comfort her, pointing out that only one team member died under her watch, though he also admits none of them will likely survive their present captivity. At this, Miss Pauling starts to weep.

meet the announcer tf2 sniper

Spy consoles her, offering to help her commit suicide with him by means of a cyanide molar in his mouth, so that neither of them will have to suffer through torture. Miss Pauling accepts, but as Spy is about to spit half of the molar in Pauling's mouth, Heavy bursts into the room. Spy quickly spits the cyanide to the floor while Miss Pauling gets an update from Heavy, who claims that the island they're on is plagued with robots and that a full escape is impossible.

He then offers to sacrifice himself to save Miss Pauling and the others with a distraction.

meet the announcer tf2 sniper

Despite her misgivings, Miss Pauling gives Heavy the coordinates where she was supposed to meet the Administrator, and proceeds to unchain Spy. The TFC Spy collects the call and is informed about Beatrice's fate, and passes on the information Miss Pauling inadvertently revealed.

However, as he is leaving, he is attacked by Zhanna and Soldier. Zhanna punches the TFC Spy with her stump, which doesn't work.

meet the announcer tf2 sniper

Soldier then steps in and snaps TFC Spy's neck with a single punch, killing him. The Medic's Overdose is next to the bucket containing the extracted bomb. When his heart is destroyed, the line on the monitor goes flat. The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display as if the machine detected the heart's presence. One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedesa Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.

Meet the Spy

A mysterious woman presumably resembling Miss Pauling can be seen through the window at 0: The labels on the hearts at 1: The smallest heart appears to have no label on it.

Despite the Medic believing otherwise, human ribs are actually capable of growing back when properly shortened.

meet the announcer tf2 sniper

In the opening, when the Demoman is fleeing from the BLU Soldiers in a wheelchair, he has a bandage over the top part of his head and an eyepatch worn on top of the bandage.

Later, when the Demoman is healed by the Medic, he rips off the bandage with the eyepatch on it to reveal another eyepatch underneath the bandage. Similarly, when he is fleeing from the Soldiers in the first battlefield scene, his Stickybomb Launcher rests on his lap and is his only visible weapon. In the second battlefield scene, the Grenade Launcher replaced the Stickybomb Launcher, but after an explosion sends him flying out of his wheelchair, the weapon that lands in front of him is, mysteriously, the Stickybomb Launcher instead of the Grenade Launcher he was just holding.

In the up-close scene of the Demoman fleeing the Soldiers, the Engineer and Sniper are missing. The Quick-Fix uses sounds from the Medi Gun. After the Heavy kills the Soldiers onscreen and continues to fire at unseen enemies, the Medic poses as in the Meet the Medic taunt. Next to him is a Ciggy Stop vending machine, identical to the one in the Intelligence room in Meet the Spy. Since the June 17, Patcha dove will sometimes fly out of gibbed Scouts.

This foreshadowed the final gag of the video, where Archimedes is left inside the Scout's chest after his operation. Camping Fun, All year round! The sign that appears at the beginning of the video displays the Sniper Rifle 's old headshot kill icon.

The van appears to be painted in "Sahara Dust", a green-grey tone.

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The Sniper's van bears the Team Fortress series logo on the roof. The Sniper's camper van was eventually turned into a model by Valve for map and machinima makers, and also appears in Thunder Mountain in the very back of the map, by a water tower on a cliff near the RED side, and Mannhattan, by the ramp leading up, away from the robot entryway. The bobblehead on the Sniper's dash is a caricature of the Civilian as he appears in the original Team Fortress Classic series of games.

Originally, the Civilian bobblehead on the dashboard of the camper van at the beginning of the video was a bobblehead of the " Old Geezer " from the "Old Geezer Draft Beer" poster found in-game. It was later replaced because the intended Sniper reference was too obscure for people to understand.

Old Wounds

The music in the video is a homage to the " Magnum Force " theme by Lalo Schifrin. The music in this video is one of two pieces of music featured in a Meet the Team video that has yet to be released as a main menu theme.

meet the announcer tf2 sniper

In the scene where the Sniper brushes his teeth, his signature Sniper Rifle is reflected in the mirror.