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meet the composer making music fun amazing

A collective of dancers, musicians (viola/ percussion), composer and choreographer, and support we have received already has been nothing short of amazing! For me, part of the fun of beginning such a collaboration, especially a Composing is a mix of solitary confinement and social doing; I guess dance is the. These are a wonderful addition to your music library. It is not hard to . Meet The Composers @ Making Music Fun! Woman Composers. Check Out Our 'Hey Kids, Meet the Composer' Biography for American Composer , Get Unlimited Downloads of Premium Resources with Watch a performance of Bernstein's Cool from his musical, "West Side Story.".

After an overwhelming response from composers across the UK, we have chosen three fantastic collaborators for this project and could not be more excited to get to work with them.

meet the composer making music fun amazing

Drawing inspiration from dance, film, literature and visual art as well as a wide range of musical traditions, Alex's work ranges across boundaries, and he regularly collaborates with leading figures from the jazz, improv, contemporary classical, alternative folk and electronic music communities.

More recently he has begun to explore ways of expanding the artistic context of his music, developing a multimedia practice that includes work with choreographers, designers and digital artists. Joanne O'Brien "I love working across disciplines, and especially with dance.

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The symbiotic relationship between music and dance that is fundamental to Sounding Motion's work is quite unusual and very appealing to me as a composer looking to expand the artistic context of my music.

This project will be truly collaborative, in the sense that none of us has a predetermined idea of what the result will be. I anticipate that this will necessitate a focus on process rather than product, and I think I'll be able to learn a lot from such an approach" Klaudia Wittmann Klaudia Wittmann graduated from London Studio Centre in and recently completed her Professional Development Certificate with Jasmin Vardimon's Company.

She has worked on several projects with Sounding Motion and Kirill Burlov. In her own work with Whitmann Dance Company she collaborated with musicians, designers and photographers. Her choreography has been performed at various festivals including Resolution!

She is currently touring Moxie Brawl created by choreographer Sarah Blanc.

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Lawrence Dunn Composer, improviser, pianist, sometime writer on musicky things. Born in London, currently living in Manchester.

meet the composer making music fun amazing

Made installations for the Whipple Museum of Science, and has also been a classroom music teacher. Bakes nice bread sometimes. Beethoven piano sonatas mostly, plus some pieces by another fantastic German composer, Arnulf Hermann. His work focuses on text, video, theatre and tangible human themes. Also a lot of really quite mundane and authorless things like CCTV.

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Can you describe your compositional style in three words? What venues or organisations do you go to to seek new music in London or elsewhere? A lot of the music I like is on the internet and I work quite strange hours so most things I go out for are friends projects.

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Musician-wise, George Barton and Siwan Rhys are a brilliant duo doing great work and all. Art organisations such as Art Angel also do fine collaborations with music. I think the scene is nice and friendly at the moment, it is a good time to be making and listening.

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Edward Nesbit Edward graduated from Cambridge University in with a first class honours degree in music. London Sinfonietta is one of the preeminent new music ensembles in the world, so I had no hesitation in applying for the Writing the Future scheme in order to have the chance to become involved with such an exciting group and their virtuosic performers.

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London Sinfonietta offer the opportunity to write multiple pieces as part of the scheme, and also the chance to become involved in a more holistic way: What composers of the 20thst century contemporary classical genre inspire or motivate you?

The composers whose music is closest to my own include George Benjamin and Julian Anderson, whose music continues to be a major source of inspiration to me, both on a technical and an aesthetic level.

There are also a number of composers whose music is less obviously related to my own whom I regard as significant influences.

meet the composer making music fun amazing

Sibelius, for example, is my favourite composer and, although you perhaps wouldn't hear his influence overtly in my music, there are aspects of his music, above all the extreme harmonic stasis, that have shaped the way I write.