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meet the parents 720p rapidshare

Privacy Policy · Terms of Use · AdChoices. Visit for social networking safety tips for parents and youth. Powered by Wonderful Union. The Meet the Parents films are a series of films involving a man and his in-laws. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American English-language commercial At that time the parent company of RCA was General Electric (GE). .. partly to meet its then-FCC-mandated requirement to distribute programming for However, 19 of its affiliates transmit the network's programming in p HD.

NBC was a particularly noteworthy case in that it was the first to be acquired — and was bought by a conglomerate outside the broadcast industry as GE otherwise primarily served as a manufacturing company. Prior to the GE acquisition, NBC operated its radio division partly out of tradition, and partly to meet its then-FCC-mandated requirement to distribute programming for the public good the broadcast airwaves are owned by the public; as that broadcast spectrum is limited and only so many broadcast stations existed, this served as the basis for government regulation requiring broadcasters to provide certain content that meets the needs of the public.

Syndicators such as Westwood One were not subject to such rules as they did not own any stations. GE's divestiture of NBC Radio — known as "America's First Network" — in many ways marked the "beginning of the end" of the old era of regulated broadcasting and the ushering in of the new, largely unregulated industry that is present today.


These were discontinued in along with Mutual branded newscastsand the few remaining NBC Radio Network affiliates became affiliates of CNN Radiocarrying the Westwood-owned service's hourly newscasts 24 hours a day. A previous program, First Light, placed new emphasis on the NBC brand after diminishing it over the years.

With the change, NBC News Radio expanded its offerings from second news updates airing only on weekdays to feature two hourly full-length newscasts 24 hours a day. They were used for the NBC television transmitter, NBC kept tubes in reserve for their transmitter. For many years, NBC was closely identified with David Sarnoff, who used it as a vehicle to sell consumer electronics.

Roosevelt appeared at the fair before the NBC camera, becoming the first U. The following day May 1four models of RCA television sets went on sale to the general public in various department stores around New York City, which were promoted in a series of splashy newspaper ads. Later inNBC took its cameras to professional football and baseball games in the New York City area, establishing many "firsts" in television broadcasting.

The most ambitious NBC television "network" program of the pre-war era was the telecast of the Republican National Convention held in Philadelphia in the summer ofwhich was fed live to the New York City and Schenectady stations. Most sets were sold to bars, hotels and other public places, where the general public viewed special sports and news events.

meet the parents 720p rapidshare

One special event was Franklin D. Television's experimental period ended, as the FCC allowed full-fledged commercial television broadcasts to begin on July 1, The first official, paid television advertisement broadcast by any U. The ad consisted of test patternfeaturing the newly assigned WNBT call letters, which was modified to resemble a clock — complete with functioning hands — with the Bulova logo featuring the phrase "Bulova Watch Time" in the lower right-hand quadrant of the test pattern a photograph of the NBC camera setting up the test pattern-advertisement for that ad can be seen at this page.

In order to secure the rights to televise the game, NBC allowed each of the Dodgers' regular radio sponsors at the time to have one commercial during the telecast.

The ads were conducted by Dodgers announcer Red Barber: Telecasts were curtailed in the early years of the war, then expanded as NBC began to prepare for full-time service upon the end of the war.

This event was promoted in advance by NBC with a direct-mail card sent to television set owners in the New York area. The NBC television network grew from its initial post-war lineup of four stations. The World Series featured two New York City area teams the Yankees and the Dodgersand television sales boomed locally, since the games were being telecast in the New York market. Additional stations along the East Coast and in the Midwest were connected by coaxial cable through the late s, and in September the first transcontinental telecasts took place.

The post-war s and early s brought success for NBC in the new medium. Under its innovative president, Sylvester "Pat" Weaver, the network launched Today and The Tonight Show, which would bookend the broadcast day for over 50 years, and which still lead their competitors.

meet the parents 720p rapidshare

Weaver, who also launched the genre of periodic minute network "spectaculars", network-produced motion pictures and the live minute Sunday afternoon series Wide Wide Worldleft the network in in a dispute with its chairman David Sarnoff, who subsequently named his son Robert Sarnoff as president.

InNBC commissioned Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti to compose the first opera ever written for television; Menotti came up with Amahl and the Night Visitorsa minute work for which he wrote both music and libretto, about a disabled shepherd boy who meets the Three Wise Men and is miraculously cured when he offers his crutch to the newborn Christ Child.

It was such a stunning success that it was repeated every year on NBC from towhen a dispute between Menotti and NBC ended the broadcasts.

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However, byMenotti and NBC had patched things up, and an all-new production of the opera, filmed partly on location in the Middle East, was telecast that year. While rival CBS broadcast the first color television programs in the United States, their system was incompatible with the millions of black and white sets in use at the time. After a series of limited, incompatible color broadcasts mostly scheduled during the dayCBS abandoned the system and broadcasts.

This opened the door for the RCA compatible color system to be adopted as the U.

meet the parents 720p rapidshare

NBC was ready with color programming within days of the Commission's decision. NBC began the transition with a few shows inand broadcast its first program to air all episodes in color beginning that summer, The Marriage. Barrie 's beloved play, on the Producers' Showcase anthology series, The first such telecast of its kind, the broadcast starred the musical's entire original cast, led by Mary Martin as Peter and Cyril Ritchard in a dual role as Mr.

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Darling and Captain Hook. The broadcast drew the highest ratings for a television program for that period. It was so successful that NBC restaged it as a live broadcast a mere ten months later; inlong after Producers' Showcase had ended its run, Peter Pan, with most of the cast, was restaged again, this time as a standalone specialand was videotaped so that it would no longer have to be performed live on television.

InNBC premiered a televised version of the radio program The Bell Telephone Hourwhich aired in color from its debut; the program would continue on the NBC television network for nine more years until it ended in InNBC approached Walt Disney about acquiring the rights to his anthology seriesoffering to produce the program in color.

Disney was in the midst of negotiating a new contract to keep the program then known as Walt Disney Presents on ABC, however ABC president Leonard Goldenson said that it could not counter the offer, as the network did not have the technical and financial resources to carry the program in color.

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As many of the Disney programs that aired in black-and-white on ABC were actually filmed in color, they could easily be re-aired in the format on the NBC broadcasts. Bymuch of NBC's prime time schedule was presented in color, although some popular series such as The Man from U. Days of Our Lives became the first soap opera to premiere in color, when it debuted in November NBC contracted with Universal Studios in to produce the first feature-length film produced for television, See How They Runwhich first aired on October 17, ; its second television movie, The Hanged Manaired six weeks later on November Even while the presentations performed well in the ratings, NBC did not broadcast another made-for-TV film for two years.

CBS, which had televised the film annually sincerefused to meet MGM's increased fee to renew its television rights. Oz had been, up to then, one of the few programs that CBS had telecast in color. However, bycolor broadcasts had become standard on television, and the film simply became another title in the list of specials that NBC telecast in the format.

meet the parents 720p rapidshare

The film's showings on NBC were distinctive as it televised The Wizard of Oz without a hosted introduction, as CBS had long done; it was also slightly edited for time in order to make room to air more commercials. Despite the cuts, however, it continued to score excellent television ratings in those pre-VCR days, as audiences were generally unable to see the film any other way at that time. NBC aired The Wizard of Oz each year from towhen CBS, realizing that they may have committed a colossal blunder by letting a huge ratings success like Oz go to another network, agreed to pay MGM more money to re-acquire the rights to show the film.

The late s brought big changes in the programming practices of the major television networks. As baby boomers reached adulthood, NBC, CBS and ABC began to realize that much of their existing programming had not only been running for years, but had audiences that skewed older. In order to attract the large youth population that was highly attractive to advertisers, the networks moved to clean house of a number of veteran shows.

During this period, the networks came to define adults between the ages of 18 and 49 as their main target audience, although depending on the show, this could be subdivided into other age demos: Regardless of the exact target demographic, the general idea was to appeal to viewers who were not close to retirement age and to modernize television programming, which the networks felt overall was stuck in a s mentality, to closely resemble contemporary American society.

Disney, in particular, saw its ratings nosedive once CBS put 60 Minutes up against the program in the Sunday 7: Inunder new president Herb Schlosser, the network tried to attract younger viewers with a series of costly movies, miniseries and specials. This failed to attract the desirable 18—34 demographic, and simultaneously alienated older viewers.

The stations in Baltimore, Dayton and Jacksonville, however, have since rejoined the network. He is Brady and Boomer's long lost triplet brother, who was lost in a storm on Mindu 17 years ago.

He was raised by apes until he was ten, after which he was found and adopted by the king and queen of the island of Mindu. He does not like Mikayla very much because he feels that she looks like his ex-girlfriend even though it is very clear they look nothing alike. He tends to act like a real monkey from time to time, making him wild and unpredictable. Boz also possesses the power to converse with animals, as seen when he saves Boomer and Mikayla from a gorilla.

It is made quite clear in the first few episodes of season 3, that of the triplets, Boz is the most intelligent. He is also the only one who appears to have at least average intelligence, if not over. In "I Know What You Did Last Sunday", it was revealed that in attempt to look for shelter, he unclogged Mindu's storm drain which caused the island to sink rapidly. Kelsey Chow as Mikayla Makoola - Mason's only daughter, Mikayla assists the triplets on many occasions.

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She is fearlessly tough and can handle anything, especially since she has inherited her father's fighting skills. She is shown to be very good with her machete, which she calls "Stabitha". Mikayla is the kind of person who tells the kings everything that they need to know, not just what they want to hear.

meet the parents 720p rapidshare

Brady has a crush on her, but she continuously rejects him when he wants to go out with her. In the finale of season 2, Mikayla believes she may actually like Brady after having a dream of them almost kissing. She questions this and eventually kisses him to break him from a spell placed on him by the evil king.

In the first episode of season 3, Mikayla does feel guilty upon hearing that Brady had left Kinkow. He is the main and inept antagonist of the series. He usually spends his time trying to think of ways to get rid of Brady and Boomer and attempts to cause them trouble. While at first indifferent to Lanny, the kings have built up an inexplicably large amount of love and trust for him and misinterpret any action he does as trying to help them.

In the season 3 episode "O Lanada", Boomer and Boz give Lanny the island nation of Lanada without realizing the gold-producing gopher of Kinkow lives there. In the end, Lanny keeps Lanada. After Kaita the Bat-Rider is restored and Mikayla confronts Lanny for his actions, Lanny declares that it is time for his favor to be called in and wants her to keep silent of his treachery. However, in the battle, Lanny decides to help the kingdom by destroying the zombies using a canon.

He soon learned that Kinkow is his real home and decides to be nice. He is the overly protective father of Mikayla and always threatens any boy who attempts to ask her out, including King Brady Mikayla reveals her father's overprotectiveness is why she had to attend her school prom with a zebra for her date.

He is often nicknamed " Sasquatch ". Recurring[ edit ] Vincent Pastore as Yamakoshi - Lanny's one-hundred-year-old pet fish and only friend, though they are constantly at odds. He is malevolent and perpetually grumpy. It would seem that Yamakoshi is the true schemer against Brady and Boomer, but being confined to a fish-bowl makes it impossible to carry out his plans without Lanny.

Only Lanny can understand Yamakoshi when he talks. In the Season 2 1-hour finale "The Evil King," it is revealed that Yamakoshi is really Kalakai, the evil twin of Malakai, first king of Kinkow, who founded the dark side.

He was defeated and transformed into a fish by his brother. He regained his human form when the twin moons appeared in the sky and he tricked Lanny into placing him on the throne of the evil castle, which restored his true form, so long as he did not leave his castle, which would result in the curse activating again.

However, he was defeated by Brady and Boomer, and fell into the river, which caused him to leave his castle, and change back into his fish form. He then returned to being Lanny's pet. He is not seen in season 3, making his whereabouts unknown. James Hong as Timothy Kalooka-Khan - Kinkow Island's head elder and shaman who learned everything from Kinkow Community College and is the go-to guy for the kings, though he openly dislikes them.

In the season three episode "Mysteries of Kinkow," his real name is revealed on the Mysteries of Kinkow TV show when he was interviewed by Candace. His wife throws him out in the first part of the series finale after he makes fun of her cooking on TV. In the third part, he abandoned the island and left for Las Vegas to become a cab driver. Brittany Ross as Candace - Candace is Mikayla's pretty, but naive gossip-loving friend. She was the most popular student in Mikayla's school, and has her own TV show called Mysteries of Kinkow.

Candace is arrested by Mikayla in the series finale after nearly causing Kinkow to be destroyed. Martin Klebba as Hibachi - A dwarfish bully with 6 toes on each foot, Hibachi was the Kahula of Shredder Beach before Boomer and Brady defeated him in a surfing contest over who would be the Kahula. It was discovered that he cheats in order to win.

Shredder Beach is a dangerous beach in Kinkow where the best surfer rules, and not even the kings have jurisdiction. He also makes an appearance on Boomer's Junga ball team, and as a bouncer in Brady's club. Logan Browning as Rebecca "Awesome" Dawson - Boomer's crush in school who thinks she said yes to going to prom with him.

They wind up dancing anyway. She also comes to the island for a date with Boomer. When she visited Kinkow in "An Ice Girl for Boomer," she was taken away by a jealous caveman yet was rescued by Boomer and the caveman's girlfriend.

She eventually dumped Boomer because he was too childish "and due to the fact that he sent her a painting of his butt". She then reappears and they get back together in the season 3 episode "Bond of Brothers".

In "Meet the Parents," it is revealed that Rebecca's father was an exiled shaman of the Tarantula People who was part of a group that did not agree with their people's violent ways.