Rawlings elementary meet the teacher

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rawlings elementary meet the teacher

M.K. Rawlings Elementary School s parent-teacher association sponsors several fundraising events and promotes the welfare of children and youth at home. PVPV/Rawlings welcomes parents and students for the annual “Meet Ocean Palms Elementary held its annual “Meet the Teacher” event at. Welcome to Marjorie K. Rawlings Elementary School. Search Rawlings Library Meet The Teacher · Thumbnail image is not present · Polo/T-Shirt Order.

The students are rude, uneducated and a lot of mistreating other students go on here. The principle seems to only care about statistics and exams. The school campus needs a make over.

rawlings elementary meet the teacher

For all the money this school raises and is donated to by many rich sponsors it needs to be cleaner, newer playgrounds, new fences, new roads as the current ones are full of cracks, and new and more technology in every class. The students deserve better.

rawlings elementary meet the teacher

Submitted by a parent February 4, We have 3 children enrolled here. Have found staff, teachers, administrators all to be excellent. The extra resources are a bonus. Additional subjects, too, like art, music, etc.

My kids love it and they are all doing well. The focus from the teachers seems to be preparing the kids to be successful, especially as they prepare them for middle school. The only thing I notice is that other parents don't seem to put in the time and effort to ensure that their kiddos do their homework. Kind of surprising that the parents aren't as hands-on as I would expect.

I know many parents who have children there and are happy. I did not like the other parent comment stating: That could not be further from the truth. OPE is a fabulous school, outstanding staff, highly educated principal and teachers, involved and supportive parents, in a kind, compassionate, loving, generous, fun and academic environment. They focus on the whole child and the community and always do service projects to help others.

I love the school so much, that we won't move until all my children are finished there. We came from a private school and Ocean Palms, is the best thing that has happened to this community and our family.

We are proud to call it our school.

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Happy kids make for successful adults. When you love school, you love leaning, and you can't lose. Please refrain from comments about "the other PVB school" and be thankful we all live in a community with such high standards on education and two rated 10 great elementary schools.

Submitted by a parent May 28, The school is so Deceiving.

rawlings elementary meet the teacher

Fake Fake Fake is all I can say! This school is full of problems and Drama. Full of uneducated children who's parents just buy them off with materials and so they go to school thinking they are entitled to treat all other children bad and this school does nothing about discipline.

The parents mothers are all snobs and think that they are the best and queens of this school.

rawlings elementary meet the teacher

Administration does not do its job well at all. This school is pathetic! They are all an act, and full of drama. It is a shame how this school located in beautiful Ponte Vedra is a total waste. There are many, many parents in this school who share my opinion.

These children enrolled here for the most part have plenty of time to play and be tended to while out of school. PVPV has a focus on learning and preparation for middle school. The students coming out of PVPV are better prepared than most in the entire state. That is the job of the teachers and staff and they do it well.

Many of the parents are not used to be told something different than what they think is right, perhaps because most are high achieving in their professions. Ponte Vedra mothers are never wrong and have a lot of influence in the community to make a point when they feel to do so. Teachers are in a bullseye if they are not doing as told by these mother. That makes it a challenge to teach.

Fairness as i would say, keeps everything in order and the results are proof. The other PV school Ocean Palms does a good job but not a great job.

Submitted by a parent January 22, A handful of bullies in this school. Students are exposed to high levels of engagement in literacy instruction focusing on text complexity, vocabulary development and integrated writing. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology which is infused throughout the students' learning experiences. Our very talented and dedicated staff guide and support our learners to accomplish the standards set forth by Florida's Department of Education.

The recently adopted Common Core State Standards provide the direction of the curriculum. The CCSS include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills and align with college and work expectations. As a community of learners, we respect individual differences and acknowledge each child's unique contributions. We carefully guide instructional decisions and the development of every child through differentiated instruction.

Parent and community volunteerism is a vital part of our school's success. Our active PTO and business partners provide resources that enrich our facility and support our educational endeavors. It is through the unique collaboration of all school stakeholders that we are able to provide an engaging and positive learning environment for our students. The technology rich environment provided by our school empowers learners to process and communicate information and ideas.

Every student has the option to use personally owned laptops within the learning environment at school. Most of the students' textbooks are available online. Parents and students are continually informed on how to access these.

Additional electronic learning opportunities exist on the school website. Our students also participate in a number of school-wide service learning projects throughout the school year.

Our school also strives to create students who are lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Through the use of recycling projects and gardening we instill an awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. We incorporate and celebrate the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

And our campus boasts its own citrus grove and maintains various gardens including butterfly gardens. Additionally, describe areas for improvement that the school is striving to achieve in the next three years. Tiffany Cantwell, fourth grade teacher, was a finalist in the St. Johns County Schools in Prince leads up our senior volunteers in our Readers Aloud Program. Johns County Parent Volunteer Award in Our school wide recycling program is a model in our district.

During the past three years we have implemented content based models in the intermediate grades, and also incorporated Smartboard technology and CPS clickers in all learning environments. In the next three years we are faced with the challenge of the successful implementation of the Common Core standards in all grade levels and reducing the percentage of students in the lowest 25th percentile in both reading and math. In our first year of shifting to the CCSS, our trainings have focused on writing, text complexity and formative assessments.

We are requiring monthly formative writing assessments and have organized our media centers so that teachers have increased access to text they can incorporate with all grade levels and across all disciplines.

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Our teachers are utilizing more non-fictional text and are integrating writing into all curricular areas. Our teachers have been trained to evaluate text complexity based on the quantitative and qualitative measures of text. We have purchased Classroom Response Systems for quick formative assessment to pace instruction and support differentiation with instruction.

As the staff implements the Empowering Excellence in Educators EEE expectations for instructional staff, our focus will be on continued professional development in Marzano's teacher evaluation model.